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  1. Apr 2021
    1. My surprise that no one is insulted by this is quickly overtaken by surprise that Venmo is condoning alcohol consumption among kindergarteners, the only group in America who is routinely asked, with educational toys like Leapfrog, to match short words with pictures.

      I appreciate what Barron is getting at here but I think he's taking an extremely contrarian stance to get at his point. Obviously Venmo is not condoning childhood alcohol consumption - a better and more nuanced take (which he alludes to elsewhere in the article) is that the conditions of modern life have prolonged adolescence for millennials (and generation z) - the traditional signifiers of adulthood are gone and the aesthetics of contemporary corporate app and internet design have adjusted to reflect this shift.

  2. Nov 2019
    1. Quand mon cavalier me serrait dans ses bras et m’appliquait contre sa poitrine, j’éprouvais une impression bizarre, qui ressemblait à un vertige d’estomac, mais que j’oubliais moins facilement. Rentrée à la maison, je me jetais dans le fauteuil de cuir, hébétée par une langueur qui n’avait pas de nom et qui me donnait envie de pleurer. Je pris prétexte de mon travail pour suspendre ces séances.

      Beauvoir éprouve un grand malaise vis-à-vis des rapports corporels (avec contact direct, comme en danse).

  3. Oct 2015
    1. civilization is a key cause of antagonism: 'society, in trying to pro- tect us from what we want (ultimately, an end to internal tension), instills in subjectivity a profound malaise, while providing "an occasion for enmity"' (Lane 2004, 28).2

      civilization is a major cause of discomfort and provides situations that influences humans to be or feel hostile towards someone or something.. ? Really..