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  1. Sep 2016
    1. The P. tetraurelia MAC genome [1] was assembled from 13× Sanger sequencing reads from different insert size librairies of strain d4-2 DNA. Strain d4-2 only differs from strain 51 at a few loci.

      SRA accession ERR138952

    1. 90,000 tiny introns (between 20 and 34 nt in length)
    2. MIC and MAC determination during the P. tetraurelia sexual cycle

      def. maternal: recipient of gametic nucleus

    1. Paramecium IESs are unique sequence elements between 26 and 882 bp in length
    2. hypothetical pathways for scnRNA-mediated recruitment of the endonuclease in Paramecium

      nucleotide modifications: possibly 6mA

    3. The “genome-scanning” model, as envisioned in Paramecium

      subtraction of MAC RNA from MIC small RNA = targets (IES) for excision

    4. Nuclear dimorphism and DNA rearrangements in the ciliates Paramecium tetraurelia

      tetraurelia: imprecise repeat v precise (splicing-like) IES excision