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  1. Feb 2023
    1. These added elements form a frame for the main text, and can change the reception of a text or its interpretation by the public”. Blurbs are part of the paratext.

      Paratext can be more important than the text itself as it's used to frame or encourage the ultimate work. Paratext can be an inviting lobby that welcomes the guest in or scares them away.

  2. Dec 2022
    1. Body Paratext

      Embed quizzes, prompts, and asynchronous discussions in the middle of a video.

    2. Closing Paratext

      Ask students to prepare a very short, two to three sentence reflection or to make a one-minute video explaining what they learned.

    3. Introductory ParatextLet’s consider what might ease students into video-based learning. Imagine the students with the least and the most experience using educational videos. Keep in mind that students don’t have common expectations around how to use those videos. What kind of introductory text, video or activity might lead everyone into the assigned video without overwhelming them?

      The author provides several terms to describe how an instructor might prepare a student to view a video. * Technical paratext: Instructors might include title, length, linked source, and a summary of other activities. * Video hooks: An anticipatory set--an advance organizer or hook that helps to get student attention, activate prior knowledge, and prepare them. * Video framing: Similar to video hook; advise students to watch for certain themes. * Clear expectations: Make sure that you set expectations for what students are expected to do during the viewing.

    4. As I prepared to teach my first educational videography course earlier this year, I found that we lacked a common vocabulary for talking about how we design learning with video in mind. Since then, I’ve been advancing the term “video paratext” to reflect the myriad ways that we design educational guidance, prompts, activities or interactive elements to surround or be included within a video.I pulled the word “paratext” from the field of poetry translation because, personally, I love the “paratext” that precedes or follows a poem—or even interrupts it. At poetry readings in particular, I lean into the words that a poet shares before or after reading each poem. Paratext helps me connect with and make sense of the poem.

      Video paratext as a term to categorize the many ways that we design activities related to educational video. As the author notes, paratext precedes, follows, and often interrupts a poem. The same could be true of video.

  3. May 2019
    1. If these letters please, the dead has the merit; if they displease, I shall submit to the censure of having offered an unacceptable entertainment to the public.

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  4. Feb 2019