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  1. Dec 2016
    1. I believe that education is a process of offering people tools – conceptual as well as technical – to understand their identities and possibilities and those of others within a structural framework that points to various paths of possible agency.

      Was thinking the other day about Bonnie's keynote at DigPedCairo - during the Q&A phase she had an off hand remark, something like - "perhaps the most important digital literacy is how one signals in a network". This is a continuation, I believe, of that idea. How we signal. How we read signals. What signals we send and/or receive.

  2. Jul 2016
    1. The three day experience of the #DigPed PEI Institute was an experience that I felt stretched all in attendance.

      "...stretched all in attendance" - very well put. It shows that no matter what you brought to the Institute, you grew in some way. You stretched yourself into some new spaces. Well put Mark.

  3. Apr 2016