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  1. Apr 2023
    1. If the target resource does not have a current representation and the PUT successfully creates one, then the origin server MUST inform the user agent by sending a 201 (Created) response. If the target resource does have a current representation and that representation is successfully modified in accordance with the state of the enclosed representation, then the origin server MUST send either a 200 (OK) or a 204 (No Content) response to indicate successful completion of the request.
  2. Mar 2022
    1. The while(true) is not a problem because the loop contains sleep 0.5 which relinquishes half a second of CPU time in each of the loop's iterations. Because of that (and the lightweightness of the xsel command invocation which comprises the other part of the loop), the CPU resources taken up by the loop will be exceedingly tiny even on the slowest of Ubuntu machines.
  3. Dec 2021
    1. Cryospheric and hydrological changes in combination with socioeconomic changes are threatening downstream water security (Drenkhan et al., 2019; IPCC, 2019). Glacial melting impacts river discharge and the availability of water in areas downstream and change in runoff pattern of rivers draining from the glaciated catchments (Table 4). Hydroelectric power generation depends completely on water availability, and any variability in flow pattern of rivers can have far-reaching consequences for energy security of the country. Available hydrological simulations indicate reduced rainfall and shrinkage of glacier, thereby leading to shortage of water supply for power generation and irrigation particularly in highly glaciated basins (Gautam et al., 2013). The increasing drought frequency combined with other environmental degradation has already affected the livelihoods particularly of smallholder farmers.


  4. Nov 2021
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  6. Dec 2020
    1. Everything Lives in GitWith a Jamstack project, anyone should be able to do a git clone, install any needed dependencies with a standard procedure (like npm install), and be ready to run the full project locally. No databases to clone, no complex installs. This reduces contributor friction, and also simplifies staging and testing workflows.
  7. Jul 2020
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