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  1. Feb 2020
    1. How does Perma.cc work? You give Perma.cc the URL of the page you want to preserve and cite. Our software visits that URL, preserves what's there, deposits it into our collection, and gives you a unique URL (e.g. "perma.cc/ABCD-1234") - a "Perma Link" - that points to the record in our collection. You then can use that Perma Link in your citation to give readers access to a stable, accurate record of the source you referenced, even if the original disappears from the web.

      how does this compare to other web archive tools? is it really "permanent"? any disadvantages of this tool?

    1. This is a great entry way for researchers to self-learn concepts and key constructs from other fields, comes with easy-to-understand definition and important introductory publications on the topic

    1. Planning

      A very transparent way of author-reader communication, really give readers great anticipation. the whole website feels like a open-source project, with various media input (fan pic, character design, spotify play list)