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  1. Jan 2021
    1. republicanism

      Here it is again!

      (Obviously my objection is not to the republic as a form of government. It's to the fact that adoption of this language in schools would transform small-r republicanism into big-R Republicanism. Linguistic propaganda if not defined.)

    2. republic

      Here beginneth a vast number of references to small-r republicanism, which is never defined. This is a case of language mattering. The US has a republican form of government, of course, but repetition of language can be, and in this case, is, an ideological refrain. "republican" is one of two notable cases here.

  2. Mar 2020
    1. basic infrastructure

      Each and every word of this can be debated upon.

      What comes under basic infrastructure?

      • I presume everyone thinks about high investment hard infrastructure like roads, rail networks, fibre optic and electric lines, airports etc.

      • Are public schools and colleges included?

      • Are medicare and social safety nets counted as basic infrastructure?
      • Is defining criteria of intellectual property and granting patents counted?
      • What about public transportation?
      • Funding early scientific research?

      Or do we expect all of these to be funded through charity?