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  1. Jan 2022
    1. require require('file_path') でluaファイルをモジュールとして読み込みます。Neovimの runtimepath ディレクトリ内の lua ディレクトリに格納されているLuaファイルを require で読み込めます。 例 init.vim lua require('plugins') ~/.config/nvim/lua/plugins/init.lua を読み込みます。 lua require('plugins.completion') ~/.config/nvim/lua/plugins/completion.lua を読み込みます。 lua require('plugins/completion') . or / どっちでもOKです。 . のほうがよく見ます。
  2. Dec 2021
    1. Web3 is best under­stood as a game, or a game of games. I don’t intend that as a dig: it’s a really good game! Vast and open-ended, deeply social, with lots of scores to tally … AND you can win real money?? I mean, that’s terrific.
    2. This message was emailed to the Media Lab committee. The assumed audience is subscribers who know roughly what Web3 is supposed to be, but aren’t sure what to think about it. (Here’s more about assumed audiences.)
    1. lit­tle plac­ards up top mak­ing it clear they are aimed at dif­fer­ent groups of read­ers. Those groups might overlap! They might also: not.
    2. the way they push back against the “context collapse” of the internet, in which every pub­lic post is, by default, addressed to everyone.
  3. Aug 2021
  4. Dec 2020
    1. Because Jamstack projects don’t rely on server-side code, they can be distributed instead of living on a single server. Serving directly from a CDN unlocks speeds and performance that can’t be beat. The more of your app you can push to the edge, the better the user experience.
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