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  1. Sep 2015
    1. structure can not be directly reconstructed


    2. MEANING is whatever the relevant idiom means.’

      double quotes

    3. his is basicallysimilar

      deleted. There is no "unbasic similarity"

    4. IQ is determined by dividing a score in an intelligence test (the mental age) by chrono-logical age.

      That sounds strange. Would that mean that 60yr old would get half the IQ of a 30yr old based on the same results to a test?

    5. with

      who suffer from

    6. The affected family members have intellectualand linguistic problems together with motoric problems with facial muscles


    7. that has problems with language


    8. For problems of sufferers of Williams Syndrome in the area of morphosyntax, seeKarmiloff-Smith et al.(1997). The discussion about Williams Syndrome is summarizednicely inKarmiloff-Smith(1998)

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    9. associated

      directly associate

    10. and those

      and from those

    11. FoxP2 also occurs in animals.

      but it might have no particular expression in animals, so that is not an argument

    12. with the facial muscles, dealing with non-linguistic tasks


    13. seeBellugi, Lichtenberger,Jones, Lai & George(2000) for a discussion of the abilities of people with Williams Syn-drome)

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