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  1. Mar 2024
    1. “white male homogeneity”

      or even more specific cis-gender white male homogeneity or cisheteropatriarchy

      Does cis-gender white male homogeneity act in ways (cuckoo-like) similar to how narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths can act when brought to power in society? (Though obviously at much larger percentages of the population.) What are the long term effects?

  2. Dec 2020
    1. In summary, an opportunist's career advice is: ignore OKRs, switch projects well before the consequences of your decisions can be measured, act happy and easy-going, package bad news as appeals for slow systemic adjustments, don't make anyone look bad, perform rituals with enthusiasm, grow headcount faster than baseline, let work invent itself, follow management fashions, avoid acute failures, believe this sincerely.

      This also reads exactly like the modus operandi of the sociopath and serial killer H. H. Holmes described in Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City.

  3. Jul 2016
    1. “counteranthropomorphism”—the tendency we have to remove the humanity of people we can’t see

      Speaking of which… (The byline is particularly interesting given this news item and discussion.)

  4. Oct 2015
    1. It’svery hard, by the way, to find people who are veryungrateful. In fact, if you look throughout thehistory of ideas, you see in-gratitude being excoriated as a vice, you know, it’s oneof the worse things people can say about you that you’rean ungrateful person. In some cases it really representssociopathy, or anti-social behavior because reciprocity is such a universal norm, thatwhen people do good things for us we do good thingsin return. We don’t return harm for good andso it’s unusual to find an ungrateful person,