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  1. Aug 2021
  2. Apr 2020
    1. SXSW, Bu Yıl Filmleri Mailchimp ile Yayınlıyor 34 yıldır her sene düzenlenen SXSW, bu yıl etkinliğin iptal edildiğini duyurdu. Nedeni ise tüm dünyanın gündeminde olan COVID-19. Fakat South by Southwest filmlerin gösterimi için Mailchimp ile birlikte alternatif bir yol sunuyor.
  3. Mar 2017
    1. Corporate thought leaders have now realized that it is a much greater challenge to actually apply that data. The big takeaways in this topic are that data has to be seen to be acknowledged, tangible to be appreciated, and relevantly presented to have an impact. Connecting data on the macro level across an organization and then bringing it down to the individual stakeholder on the micro level seems to be the key in getting past the fact that right now big data is one thing to have and quite another to unlock.

      Simply possessing pools of data is of limited utility. It's like having a space ship but your only access point to it is through a pin hole in the garage wall that lets you see one small, random glint of ship; you (think you) know there's something awesome inside but that sense is really all you've got. Margaret points out that it has to be seen (data visualization), it has to be tangible (relevant to audience) and connected at micro and macro levels (storytelling). For all of the machine learning and AI that helps us access the spaceship, these key points are (for now) human-driven.