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  1. Oct 2020
    1. This study explores teacher beliefs and technology integration by giving a select group of teachers questionnaires about beliefs. The study group was chosen from teachers already involved in a project for the U.S. Department of Education and they taught elementary school. Results showed that the more sophisticated beliefs, the more student-centered the teaching, and the more likely it was that teachers used technology to enhance learning. Research about changing teacher beliefs is presented, indicating that teachers need to be given experiences before they will be able to change beliefs held. This study focused on elementary teachers and it would be interesting to see the same study conducted on teachers in higher education. 8/10

    1. Can ABC Lead to Sustained 123? The Medium-Term Effects of a Technology-Enhanced Adult Education Program

      This paper explores how technology integration contributes to learning gains. An example from an experiment in Niger showed that gains still existed after several years. The experiment used mobile phone intervention in groups of participants in 113 villages in Niger. Participants demonstrated medium learning gains and increased mobile phone usage after the program but did not gain observable socio-economic outcomes. The study had no control group and some participants dropped out during the study. This study explored technology integration with a population lacking exposure to technology. 8/10

    1. 3 Cool Tech Tools to Consider for the Digital Classroom

      This article discusses methods of integrating technology in an online learning environment. It gives examples of using Adobe Spark, Quizlet, and Remind for an online instructor as well as reasons why the tools should be used. This comes from the Faculty Focus site which has short, to the point articles about current topics. It was easy to search for topics about technology integration though none of the articles are as content-heavy as journal articles. 8/10