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  1. Jan 2016
    1. What’s more, both construction and automaking are solidly blue-­collar sectors. They employ millions of middle-class workers, who could be hurt by a transition away from home construction and auto manufacturing.

      With the change in marketing, jobs are seriously affected and could be part of the reason the middle class is disappearing.

    2. An RCLCO survey from 2007 found that 43 percent of Gen‑Yers would prefer to live in a close-in suburb, where both the houses and the need for a car are smaller.

      Even housing preferences have changed with the new generation, moving towards an urban/suburban area.

    3. But this generation’s path to home­ownership is fraught with obstacles: low pay, low savings, tighter lending standards from banks. Student debt—some $1 trillion in total—stalks many potential buyers as they seek a mortgage (or a car loan).

      Although research shows Millennials do want to buy, with today's economy they just can't afford to.

    4. the homeownership rate among adults younger than 35 fell by 12 percent, and nearly 2 million more of them—the equivalent of Houston’s population—were living with their parents, as a result of the recession.

      As far as buying houses, Millennials just can't afford to with their student loan debts.

    5. Cars used to be what people aspired to own. Now it’s the smartphone.”

      The ideals of older generations have changed from owning cars and houses to owning the latest smartphone.

    6. But tech­nology is allow­ing these practices to go mainstream, and that represents a big new step for consumers.

      With the new "sharing economy" consumers are opting out of malls and car dealerships and finding more affordable used goods online.

    7. The largest generation in American history might never spend as lavishly as its parents did—nor on the same things.

      Economists and businesses are struggling to target their products to Millennials due to a number of factors that have seriously changed the younger generations' spending habits.

    8. permanent generational shift in tastes and spending habits?

      Millennials have steered away from the normal investments of cars and houses and it's affecting the economy.

    1. torso, which was boned and rolled up with an extravagance of herbs—garlic, thyme, fennel pollen, pepper, rosemary, and double-ground sea sal

      Like an art

    2. We began.

      Cooking meat is like an art, and is tradition for many families

    3. I couldn’t imagine people eating it (neither the Maestro nor Teresa would touch it) unless they were very poor and without a refrigerator and hallucinating from starvation. The principal ingredient was old pork that had been aging in its own blood, sealed in a plastic bag.

      The stuff people do to meat is extremely disgusting

    1. the Express team had 70 wins and 9 losses

      That record is AMAZING. Those kids will be special.

    2. When he strikes someone out, he reflexively clenches his right fist — a celebratory gesture so small you have to pay attention to see it.

      That is a really good thing. I'm relieved that Jarrod isn't cocky and doesn't go overboard with celebration. Cocky isn't a good trait.

    3. Tim Petree describes Ben as having rescued Jarrod from what he calls "rec-ball hell." Taking the field with children who were just learning to play

      I totally agree. Ben did an amazing thing for Jarrod. If a kid is talented and naturally good, rec-ball is not for them. It is just for beginners and it seems as if Jarrod is beyond a beginner for his age.

    1. I've noticed that I'll comprise, to an extent, what I believe to be healthy over something I find flavorful. For myself, I tend to keep away from extremely sugary, cholesterol soaked, or sodium enriched foods.

    2. An idea popped into my head some years ago that people who eat whatever they want are foolish. As I contemplated it more and became more educated that isn't the case. Everything is a choice whether it be eating an entire pizza or watching your serving size as you eat broccoli it doesn't matter. Summing this all up, I myself enjoy having a lean figure and watch what I eat, but that isn't the case with everyone. Some people may eat chocolate cake all day for a week straight and they couldn't be happier. All about preference, not my own, but that's the rational I've concluded from my original thought.

    3. I never believe diets to be a "true to their word" kind of thing. I believe if you eat correctly you can be perfectly healthy, however everyone has their vices and comfort foods, myself included, that prevent this perfect health.

    4. The author has a valid point that you should be consuming food rather than a product that is claimed to be food. You tend to get nasty flavors and unforeseen consequences when you eat food products

    5. Reading the author's suggestion about how much meat someone should consume depends specifically from person to person. I myself need more protein in my diet because of how active I am.

    1. It turned out he had simply passed

      People can pass out for lots of reasons, considering their health. Growing up with family of smokers can affect your own health and also influence kids to believe smoking is OK.

    2. bound, terrified

      A parent getting hurt can be one of the scariest things for a child. Growing up for me my mom has always been skinny, so I have always been concerned about her health telling her to eat more. If something were like this, I would be just as freaked out as John.

    3. exceptionally calm demeanour he showed during emergencies

      Dads, or moms, can be very encouraging or helpful when they need to be. Whether its problems at school and you just need some motivation to keep going, or an injury happens and you need to be calmed. Parents know exactly what to say at the right times because they are the people who know you as a person the best. These are times that kids will remember about their parents the most.

    4. He was thinner than I had seen him in years.

      Going up with a sick parent can be hard. John worried about his dad like any kid would but the parents continue to do what they do, damaging their bodies and not thinking about what could happen to their kids.

    1. If you have no idea what male privilege is, there's a good chance you are currently benefiting from male privilege. That's how privilege works.

      People who are receiving fair treatment and benefits will never fully understand the struggle of those who are being unjustly treated. However, that doesn't mean men should ignore the feminism battle. It is still important for men to play a role in the feminism battle, as they unfortunately hold more power and have a more prominent voice in today's world. If they help women speak up, the strides toward equality could become much larger and faster.

    2. A lot of heterosexual men get very angry when women don't look the way they think women "should" look. But guess what? "Should" is not a thing.

      So true! There is no perfect answer when it comes to people. Everyone is different and these differences should be embraced and respected rather than discouraged. If society would stop presenting one type of woman, then maybe the male/female population would stop discriminating based on appearance alone.

    3. You either believe that women are people, or you don't.

      Contrary to popular belief, feminism is not about making women the "superior" sex, its about believing that women actually are human beings who deserve the same opportunities as men.

    4. Immigrant women exist. Trans-women exist. Entirely gruntled upper-middle-class white housewives exist. Sex workers exist. Third-wave feminism is the idea that women can and should define their own womanhood.

      I totally agree with this point - women should not be held to the same standard. Everyone is unique and has experienced different upbringings, experiences, and influences that shape their personality. Women's personal characteristics are all different, and many women are looked over because they don't fit society's perfectionist criteria. Affluent white women with slim figures aren't the only kind of women.

    5. Feminism is not a radical movement or a fringe movement or an embarrassment or a fraud. Feminism is simple. The "patriarchy" does "exist."

      Feminism is not a trend or just a political statement and people need to start realizing that feminism is an actual needed things in today's society. Feminism means a lot to many people, but people need to start realizing that the PATRIARCHY DOES EXIST!

    6. To identify as a feminist is to acknowledge that women are people, and, as such, women deserve the same social, economic, and political rights and opportunities as other styles of people

      This definition of feminism is largely unnoticed by many. Many individuals falsely believe that feminism equates to man-hating and "unladylike" behavior. Women shouldn't be pressured to present themselves a certain way to fit the stereotypes created by ignorant members of society.

    1. Should rebellion be crushed or encouraged? Should experimentation be treated or tolerated? That glum face, that failing grade – is it depression or self-pity, disability or simple disinclination?

      The author really understands what it is like to go through their teenage years. Not that most grown ups don't, however, the author is very accurately hitting the nail on the head with the internal and external struggles of adolescent high school years.

    2. They have their own clothes, customs, language, food, music and handshakes; they close their bedroom doors; they are the Mad Hatters of their own Wonderland, and they are at pains to reduce their parents to uncomprehending Alices.

      Honestly, this is pure poetry. The metaphor that is accurately describing teenage years is unique, and original. The diction is great, as it is friendly, yet still academic. The flow of the essay so far has been smooth, and easy to read. The voice of the author is amazingly strong; the metaphor being a strong example.

    1. Theheatisalltoofamiliar.InAugustittakeshoursforthedawnfogtobumoff.Theairislikewetwool

      I like the insight the author gives the reader about the weather in Illinois

    2. Thereareclearlyonlytwo.animal-rightsadvocatesinthisSwineBaril.

      the owners of these animals have no sense of compassion towards these creatures, they are purely business

    3. cottage-cheesish

      Gross visual.

    4. firstblackpeopleI'veseenanywhereonthegrounds.

      This says something about Illinois and the population that lays here.

    5. RonaldMcDonald's

      Ironic that Ronald McDonald was outside of a promotion tent for growing, when all McDonald's uses is unnatural and processed foods which are not grown nor will help anyone grow...

    6. they'reroaringwithlaughter.NativeCompanionhasherhandsonherhips,butshe'sgrinning.

      This part makes the author looks like he is the only sane person there.

    7. TherearetallKaopectate-coloredshacksthatsellIllinoisDairyCouncilmilkshakesforanoff-the-scale$2.50-though.they'remind-bendinglvgoodmilkshakes

      2.50 off the wall? Sounds like a good price in today's world

    8. BrokeinontheToss-a-Quarter-Onto-the-Platesgameand,got,like,transferredovertotheTilt-a-Whirlin'91.He,smokesMarlboro100'sbutwearsacapthatsays"Winston.

      This is an excellent description of one of the individuals the author met during the fair.

    9. Infact,theonlyothermalesintheroomwithoutmustachesandgolfshirtsarethelocalTyre-porters,fourofthem,allinsuits.Theyaresleek,sweatless,deeplyblue-eyed.Theystandtogeth-erupbythedais,whichhasapodiumandaflagandabannerreading"GiveUsa.Whirl"-t

      The use of metaphors gives the reader a more inside view on what is being see through the author's eyes. This one, in particular, helped me imagine completely what was in front of David.

    10. It'shardtodescribe-c-theatmosphereisthesameatalotofturalMidwestevents.

      It doesn't just happen with the atmosphere at events either- there's a ton of actions or things that people do that are agressively white. You see it and you know it's a white person thing. It's a culture, almost.

    11. Thehorseshavetighthidesandapple-sizedeyesthataresetonthesidesoftheirheads,likefish

      He makes the text very easy to visualize in my head what is going on.

    12. I'mreluctanttogoshirtlessbecausethere'dbenowaytodisplaymycreden-tials.

      It's funny that he isn't worried about what he will look like, but he is worried about his credentials

    13. tisover100degreesinthesun,easy

      I think this is the first time the author doesn't depict imagery to describe the heat in Illinois

    14. He,smokesMarlboro100'sbutwearsacapthatsays"Winston.

      I don't understand why he is comparing a cigarette brand to what his hat says?

    15. caveatemptor)

      Let the buyer beware

    16. Com,com,soy-beans,com,exitramp

      Im sure that anybody that has ever lived in Illinois can agree with this 100%

    17. Theyarejustintheagribusinessofweightandmeat

      The author implies that these "caretakers" of the animals only see them as business rather than the delicate living creature they are. But is that how they see the tourists too? Just as business and money to see their product without thinking about the feelings and treatment of these animals.

    18. Why does Wallace mention this in his piece? What is the significance to him that he specifically mentions the two kids, who happen to be black, in the group? What race are the other kids?

    19. Apparently this means Buyer Beware.

    20. Kidsarehavinglittleepilepticfitsallaroundus,frenziedwithaneedtotakeineverythingatonce.

      I also found this a bit humorous. Not only because of what he said, but because of how wildly descriptive it is. His diction definitely added to the humor.

    21. baldmenfartaudiblywitheffort

      This would be a good strategy to winning the arm wrestling.

    22. I enjoy this comparison very much

    23. ThisistheMidwest:nonachos,nochili,noEvian,nothingCajun.

      If this is an attempt at comedy, its a little inaccurate.

    24. Thentheoperatorstopstherideabruptlywithhercaratthetop,soshe'shangingupsidedowninsidethecage

      If the operator knew that girl is scared and what not, then stopped it while she is at the top and upside down, and that was me, I would be furious.

    25. Very nice description of the grounds, gives a good idea of how creepy it might be as well as giving a nice contrast to how it was earlier in the passage.

    26. TheZipperisthecolorofunbrushedteeth,withbigscabsofrust.

      Love this description.

    27. AmItheonlyonewho'sintouchwiththesexual-harassrnentelementinthis~holeepisode?

      I am surprised that his companion did not make a comment--I would have been embarrassed.

    28. Ican'tbelievepeopleeatthis.stuffinthiskindofheat.There'sthegreenreekoffriedtomatoes.

      he talks about it like he didn't expect to see all of the food there. like he was surprised...

    29. "CurlFries,"whicharepubic-hair-shapedandmakepeople'sfingersshineinthesun.

      I like the way he describes the greasiness of the fries

    30. ThereareLemonShake-Ups,IceColdMelonManbooths,CitrusPush-Ups,andHawaiianShavedIceyoucansuckthesyrupoutofandthencrunchtheice

      that is exactly what I would need in that hot weather.

    31. Anditisatleastninety-fivedegreesintheshade,anddueeastofLivestockthebreezeis,shallwesay,fragrant.Butfoodisbeingboughtandingestedatanincred-ibleclipallupanddownthepath.Everyone'spackedin,eatingandwalking,movingslowly,twentyabreast,sweating,shouldersrubbing,theairspicywitharmpitsandCoppertone,cheektojowl,aperipateticfeedingfrenzy.

      I would not be able to handle all of that. I get really anxious and irritable when it's too hot outside. And with all those people I would have a panic attack. All the different food smells would make me sick.

    32. Afamilyishavingtheirpic-turetakeninfrontoft

      Shows how America worships corporations like other countries worship religion.

    33. Idon'tknowhowkeenthesesullenfarmers'senseofironyis,butmine'sbeen:honedEastCoastkeen,andIfeellikeabitofanassintheSwineBam.

      It is refreshing to see how David shares his honest feelings of being informed of the lives of the animals.

    34. Trau-maticallypeckedonce,asachild,attheCham-.paignCountyFair,Ihavealong-standingphobicthingaboutpoultry

      I like how he gives a little backstory about himself, while also throwing in some humor at the same time. His voice really comes to light right here.

    35. AndtheyalltakeProzacandsticktheirfingerdowntheirthroattoooutthere.Theyoughttotryjustclimbingonandspinningandsaying,'Fuck'em.'That'sprettymuchallyoucandowithassholes

      Prozac treats depression, OCD, nervosa and panic attacks. They took it because they were probably nervous. Honestly, people who are rude are just going to stay like that. So in life, you can't let those people get to you.

    36. tossingminiaturebasketballsintoangledbasketsinsuchawayt

      All the games and rides reminds me of the taste of Joliet.

    37. his details of The Zipper and the mechanics that go into it are very well stated, and I can relate to the descriptions because I have been on this ride before

    38. AndtheyalltakeProzacandsticktheirfingerdowntheirthroattoooutthere.Theyoughttotryjustclimbingonandspinningandsaying,'Fuck'em.'That'sprettymuchallyoucandowithassholes

      He is kinda right about that. jerks will be jerks.

    39. panelreadingamotorcycle

      I am starting to see his humor more as he overly describes things, there are more jokes within the descriptions.

    40. ownershaveonrubberbootsnothingliketheL.L.BeanbootswornontheEastCoast

      He notices the subtle economic differences between East Coast Americans and pig farmers in the Midwest.

    41. Fifteenpercentofthefemalefairgoersherehavetheirhairincurlers.Fortypercentareclinicallyfat.

      Are these two sentences supposed to somehow lik to each other? Confused about this..

    42. awomanwho'dbeenhungupsidedownandogledwouldgetawholelotofotherwomentogetherandthere'dbethisfrenzyofero-to-politicalindignation.They'dconfronttheguy.Fileaninjunction.Themanagementwouldfindthemselves'litigating-violationofawoman'srighttonon-harassedfun.I'mtellingyou

      This statement is very true. While I do believe that you should be able to do what you want (forget about the haters) I do believe there is a certain point where if the line is crossed, action should/will be taken.

    43. Zipper'soperatorisagelessandburnt-brownandhasamustachewaxedtowickedpointslikeasteer'shorns,rollingaDrumcigarettewithonehandashenudgesleversupward

      Great imagery, basically your typical carnie

    44. pig'sscreamsandwheezes

      This reminds me of the time when I had to care for a dog that consumed rat poison; the dog was short of breath and was screaming in pain.

    45. Exceptwhytakeallthetrou-bletobreedandcareforandtrainaspecialani-malandbringittotheIllinoisStateFairifyoudon'tcareanythingaboutit

      I would definitely be asking this question if I was in the author's shoes. It seems that the owners are neglecting their animals and they just want to make a profit off of them. It brings great disappointment to me when I witness or hear about situations like this.

    46. thestrawbasketslooksoft,buttheirbottomsmakeasuspicioussteelysoundwhenhit.

      Describing your typical (rigged) carnival game

    47. Itsmellslikemachinegreaseandhairtonicdownhere,andthere'sal-readyaspoiled,garbagysmell.

      Great wording, easy to understand and know what he is talking about

    48. HelpMeGrowtentisdifferent-pine-greenandprickly-looking.Sol-idinvestigativebent-overjournalismrevealsthatitisartificial

      ~irony~ "help me grow" needs assistance with growth

    49. de-andimpressive

      depressive and impressive- this is a very good strategy to differentiate from other descriptions

    50. She'softhefemaleagethat'salwayssuffixedwith"-ish."

      those speaking of her do not want to be specific, instead they go broad-ish, most likely past her prime but still remaining

    51. Afterthehacksintroducehim,hespeakssanelyand,Ithink,well.

      Why would he think that the governor isn't sane? Just because he is fifty.

    52. I'malsotheonlypersonintheroominaTehirt.

      he is either under-dressed or does not care much about appearance, although he is most likely the best writer in the room (appearances are not everything!)

    53. Pretty ironic that the man talking to kids in an area dedicated to stopping parents from hitting their kids is under the influence

    54. AUGUST13

      I notices he jumped eight days to the opening ceremony. I wasn't aware how long fairs take to set up.

    55. Credentialsarejustalaminatedmugshotwithagatorclipforyourpocket.

      belittles the notion that credentials make for a "professional"

    56. IhavemyfirstmomentofcompleteEastCoastcynicism

      I'm a little confused, maybe because I don't live on the east coast.

    57. This is a great way of showing his cynicism of the event without sounding bad. It is pretty strange that the fair is putting on a show for the press.

    58. Twoofthekidsareblack,thefirstblackpeopleI'veseenanywhereonthegrounds.

      I don't get why the author has to mention their race if it doesn't come into play later on.

    59. There'sthattighteningqualitytotheair,likeit'sdrawingitself

      The author really focuses on describing what the environment is like around in or in a certain area. However, he is very accurate.

    60. Theprofessionalswinemenignorethepig

      Isn't this some kind of animal cruelty? I know after hearing that kind of sound the author describe, the pig is definitely in some kind of severe pain.

    61. Thefairspreadsitselfout,andvisuallyso.Themaingateisonarise,andthroughthetwosaggedhalvesofribbonyougetaspecularvan-tageonthewholething-virginandsun-glit-tered,eventhetentslookingfreshlypainted.Itseemsgarishandendlessandaggressivelyspecial

      The imagery used helps portray a vivid picture

    62. Onecow,whosefaceiseeri-lyreminiscentofWinstonChurchill's,

      Image Description That's Winston Churchhill's face

    63. bright-yellowpopcornthatstinksofsalt;

      captivating how he says the popcorn "stinks of salt". Surprises the reader by switching the sense of taste to smell.

    64. Cowmanuresmellswonderful-s-warmandherbalandblame-less-butcowsthemselvesstinkinarichbioticway,ratherlikeawetboot.

      it seems as if the author is saying the exact opposite of what every other individual would say. I think that cow poop smells disgusting.

    65. Itisnotjustpeo-pleyougetlonelyfor.You'realienatedfromthe'veryspacearoundyou,forherethelandisnotanenvironmentbutacommodity

      The author describes the land as not one of a home, but a workplace instead which is very interesting because people want a refuge from work but from here there's no escaping it. It's no wonder people want to get away as far as they can from Illinois.

    66. olfactory

      Olfactory means relating to sense of smell.

    67. Wewaveatthem;theywaveback;it'sabsurd:we'reonlygoing4mph,

      the way he states this adds comedy to the text

    68. Com:TouchingOurLivesEveryDay."

      almost literally, since in Illinois you are most likely to see corn everyday

    69. Notafedorainthehouse.

      He brings back the fedora that he mentioned earlier in the text

    70. Noanimalsyet,butthesmellsstillhangfromlastyea

      Reminds me of when I was little and always wanted to go to the petting zoo, how awful the smell was, nevertheless you always wanted to go pet the horse or sheep and nothing would stop you

    71. Thesoundisbothhumanandinhumanenough

      This is an interesting description because a human scream would make a normal person feel a pang of empathy while an inhuman scream would make a human's blood chill to the bone. By describing it as both, it creates a completely different reaction.

    72. Theairislikewetwoo

      The comparisons are used well and help the reader better understand the August heat

    73. TheHelpMeGrowprogram,whenyoudecocttherhetoric,isbasicallyastatewidecrisislineforover-the-edgeparentstocallandgettalkedoutofbeatinguptheirkids

      The way the author gives a no cares given, straight definition of programs, people and the surrounds, like this sentence here, really makes this type of writing stand out and hilarious

    74. NativeCompanion

      What is the significance of not giving his companion a name? Maybe it's to continue vibe that the author is not connected to this piece. Or maybe it makes the story generic.

    75. etc

      it would seem that this conversation would have been one where the author would not be listening to the lady's rant, however because of the facts he provided, he was actually intrigued enough to remember details

    76. This is intriguing to note because once the fair starts nobody would be able to imagine the fairgrounds only being half-prepared for the fair.

    77. heonlypersonintheroominaTehir

      Going off the lack of supplies the narrator talked about in the previous sentence, he also isn't dressed like all the others. Both of these examples show he did not come knowing it was such a serious matter.

    78. Animalscanbebought,emotionally.

      This seems to be the beginning of a comparison- maybe that humans cannot be bought emotionally?

    79. imaginecredentialstobeasmallwhitecardinthebandofafedora

      This is the image he is communicating if it does not make sense. Image Description He pictures credentials as the white things in the hat.

    80. handsoveradistressedswineandthenI'mgo-ingtogopounddownacomdog.

      Funny, yet upsetting

    81. Wetouristsgettoindulgeourten-deranimal-rightsfeelingswithourtummiesfullofbacon

      This is so true - society calls for the better treatment of animals but we continue consuming meat.

    82. havingrespiratorytrouble

      The author explains some of the animal treatment at the fair and this one swine was having respiratory problems, he goes on to talk about what they did to help.

    83. ThenitoccurstomethatIhadbaconyester-dayandamevennowlookingforwardtomyfirstcomdogofthefair.

      This is definitely true with so many people - they see the inhumane treatment of animals but continue to support the act by eating meat. It's a moral battle that so many people have.

    84. Twoofthekidsareblack,thefirstblackpeopleI'veseenanywhereonthegrounds.

      I've been in that similar situation where I went to a state fair a couple years back and i swear our small group of five were the only Hispanics there. I don't believe it is typical to see any other race in huge numbers to attend.

    85. skyisthecolorofoldjeans

      an unusual, but appropriate, comparison

    86. Ifeelenormousstress-thenauseoussmell,impotentsympathy,pluswe'rebehindschedule.

      I like that the author takes a different approach to the Illinois State Fair, focusing on details like the animals and their treatment rather than attending every small event.

    87. frontlawnforfivedollars.

      I know this is true because when my family went to the Iowa State fair, we parked in someone's front lawn and walked a few blocks to the fair grounds.

    88. Thecowalmosttipstheframeover,andtheownerpunchesherintheribs

      Always unfortunate to read about people torturing animals.

    89. (sosaysmydetailedmediaguide)"

      Was this part necessary? If so, it was more than likely to show the audience the author really did not care.

    90. tallestcoiffure
    91. Pigsmellisbothvomityandexcremental,likesomehideousdigestivedisorderonagrandscale.Maybeacholerawardwouldcomeclose

      The diction used by the author here gives readers a more accurate idea of the smell. Words like, "vomity," "excremental," "hideous," "digestive disorder," and, "cholera," make the reader realize the intensity of the disgusting smell.

    92. It.occurstomethatIoughttohavebroughtanotebook

      He must be a less experienced writer as he has forgotten a notebook to take notes.

    93. Astallionisamalehorse.

      This sentence seems oddly forced in there.

    94. esheerfact.ofthelandistobecelebratedhere,itsyieldsogledanditsstockgroomedandparaded.

      The land is where they live and work--it is their livelihood.

    95. velvet

      I like this word choice as it reminds me of the soft, warm hair covering a horse's face.

    96. Alotoftheseswinearefranklyhuge-sayathirdthesizeofaVolkswagen

      Again, the author uses comparisons to better convey the pig's size to the reader. This gives readers a more accurate idea and invited them into the reading.

    97. Thelandisbasicallyafactory.Youliveinthesamefactoryyouworkin.Youspendanenormousamountoftimewiththeland,butyou'restillalienatedfromitinsomeway.

      Interesting way to think of the midwestern area

    98. hehorseshavetighthidesandapple-sizedeyesthataresetonthesidesoftheirheads,likefish.I'verarelybeenthisclosetofinelivestock.Thehorses'facesarelongandsomehowsuggestiveofcoffins

      Very comparative that brings vivid images.

    99. lookundertheedgeofthefake-grassmatrevealstherealgrassunderneath,flattenedandalreadyyellowing.

      The author continues explaining how everything at the fair is either hot, drugged, country, or dead.

    100. up3oo-plus.acresonthenorthsideofSpring-field,adepressedcapitalof109,000whereyou.can'tspitwithouthittingaLincoln-siteplaque

      Illinois is filled with almost nothing but farm land and emptiness. Rather a dull place

    101. Ahugematofplasticartificialgrass.hasbeenspreadovertheknoll'srealgra

      The company Help Me Grow put artificial grass on top of the old grass to help attract customers.The author notices and even finds the real grass underneath the math of artificial.

    102. Ru-ralMidwesternerslivesurroundedbyunpopu-'latedland,maroonedinaspacewhoseemptinessisbothphysicalandspiritual.

      The author's reasoning of the fair's popularity makes a lot of sense. People in countryside communities throughout Illinois crave human interaction and they use this once-a-year festivity to engage in social interactions.

    103. RonaldMcDonald,voiceslurryaridmakeupcottage-cheesishintheheat,

      Interesting use of words, yet I can can still see what he is trying to portray (with imagery)

    104. Gover-norEdgarismaybefiftyandgreyhound-thin,withsteelglassesandhairthatlookscarvedoutoffeldspar.Heradiatessincerity,though.

      Everyone who Wallace describes recieves a backhanded compliment.

    105. Com:TouchingOurLivesEveryDay.

      this is kinda funny...

    106. Allthetoysaridplasticplay-groundequipmenthavesignsthatsay"Courtesy..of"andthenacorpo-ratename.

      All of this of course is just to promote that whatever they make or do has fine as long as they provide enjoyment to children. Corporations working endorsements to promote themselves. A little annoying with over advertisement.

    107. Hertragicflawishervoice

      I love how he describes Mrs.Edgar. Anyone else catch this?

    108. tiscloudlessanddry,butforehead-tighteninglyho

      It seems that he drives home how hot it is every paragraph.

    109. Lackingarealjournalist'skillerinstinct,I'vebeenjostledwaytotheback

      The author seems to be very honest about his lack of journalistic skills, almost being sarcastic in some parts. He gives the account of a normal State Fair goer rather than that of the press.

    110. isproudlyexcitedtohavetheopportuni-tytopresenttwocorporateguys,sweatingfreelyinsuits,whoreporttheexcitedprideofMe-Donald'sandWal-Marttohave'theopportunitytobethisyear'scorporatesponsors.

      sitting through a speech that was actually worded like this would make me want to pull my hair out.

    111. Idon't'wanttoasperse,.butRonaldMcDonaldsoundslikehe'sundertheinfluenceofsome-thingmorethanfreshcountryair.

      Nice subtle hint although not needed helps set what is happening around the Fair.

    112. Com,com,soy-beans,com,exitramp,com,andever

      I think anyone who lives in Illinois knows what corn looks like. Miles and miles of corn everywhere. No matter where you go, corn will be there.

    113. ShebeginstoemithisJJtoricaldata'atagreatrate-

      I know people who do this all the time, Like my mom i find my self tuning them out because they like to brag about how much they know about a topic.

    114. t.occurstomethatIoughttohavebroughtanoteboo

      at this point in the text im starting to sense that the author is realizing that he might have downplayed this fair a bit too much and is starting to realize that its a bit more of an event than he was expecting. which is kinda funny because i think we've all been there.

    115. orld'sFastestOne-MileDirtTrack

      Back to the point of racing I had said in a previous comment. They had a semi-truck equipped with a jet engine. Never ceases to amaze me at how people come up with entertainment.

    116. rses'odorssharp,cows'rich,sheep'soily,swine'sunspeak-able.

      Whenever I hear or think of butchery or poultry the unsanitary and grotesque facts and images of when the practice became mass produced also come to mind.

    117. tents

      I appreciate how detailed the author is in his reporting. His descriptive writing gives the reader the experience of being at the fair even though they're not.

    118. It'sstillaweekbeforethefair,andthere's-somethingsurreal

      Before he made it seem like the goings on of Illinois were nothing to make a big deal about, and now, his verbiage... with the word surreal,it makes it seem like hes a lot more excited about it.

    119. Sol-idinvestigativebent-overjournalismrevealsthatitisartificial.

      Nice use of what appears to be sarcasm.

    120. shirtlessguyswithtattoosandwrenchessloucharoundthem

      This is similar to when I was at Route 66 to watch cars race. Many people were just walking around shirtless all burnt from being outside to long.

    121. AugustcominIllinoisisastallasatallman.

      I really like how the author uses comparisons in this paragraph to establish the setting for readers. The imagery here is exceptional and very detailed.

    122. oldjeans.

      The author used a great comparison to classify the sky and bring upon a vivid image.

    123. heheatisalltoofamiliar.

      He's not afraid to share his opinion and I feel like he will continue to show this throughout the text.

    124. AugustcominIllinoisisastallasatallman.

      an obvious comparison but relays Wallace's casual tone

    125. Igrewuphere,justacouplehours'drivefromdownstateSpringfield.

      he is familiar with this Midwest presence, aware of environment

    126. I'veneverbeen'consid-eredpressbefore

      this is a first experience for him into a new field, this is significant, this is new

    127. Com,com,soy-beans,com,exitramp,com,andeveryfewmilesanoutpostwayoffonareachinthedistance-house,treewithtireswing,bam,satellitedish.Grainsilosaretheonlyskyline.

      I feel like every person in this room can relate to this to the point we can see the exact seen in our head because we have seen exact what he is stating

    128. Actually,Ihaven'tbeenbacktoIllinoisforalongtime,andcan'tsay-l'vemissedit.

      My grandparents moved away to Florida and haven't been back to Illinois since because of our harsh weather conditions

    129. Iimaginecredentialstobeasmallwhitecardinthebandofafedora.

      Nostalgic writer?

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      shows how popular it is becoming