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    1. canting

      "The action of tilting, sloping, turning over or about" (OED).

    2. cozening

      "To cheat, defraud by deceit" (OED).

    3. plaguy Rogue

      Alternate spellings: Plaguey, plagie "Of the nature of or relating to bubonic plague or any other plague-like disease;" also a pestiferous idle vagrant or vagabond (OED).

    4. Earl, nor Marquess, nor Duke,

      Earl: "Anglo-Saxon England: a man of noble birth or rank, esp. as distinguished from a ceorl or freeman of the lowest class" (OED) Marquis: "a nobleman ranking below a duke and above a count" (OED) Duke: "In some European countries: A sovereign prince, the ruler of a small state called a duchy" (OED)

    5. Nonconformist−Parsons

      A clergyman who (especially after the Act of Uniformity of 1662) who is separated from the Church of England; another way to say a Protestant Dissenter (OED).

    6. Conventicles

      "An assembly, a meeting; esp. a regular meeting of any society, corporation, body, or order of men" (OED).

    7. art of Legerdemain

      A book of magic called Hocus Pocus, or the Whole Art of Legerdemain by Henry Dean, first published in London in 1722 (Library of Congress).