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  1. May 2016
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    1. phaetons

      "A type of light four-wheeled open carriage, usually drawn by a pair of horses, and having one or two seats facing forward" (OED).

    2. perturbation

      "Anxiety; mental uneasiness" (OED).

    3. coxcomb

      "A fool, simpleton (obs.); now, a foolish, conceited, showy person, vain of his accomplishments, appearance, or dress; a fop; ‘a superficial pretender to knowledge or accomplishments’" (OED).

    4. parsonage

      "The church house provided for a rector. Also (in later use): the house of any benefice member of the clergy of the Church of England; the residence of any minister of religion" (OED).

    5. wild–fowl

      "A wild bird, or (usually) wild birds collectively; chiefly applied to those caught for food, game birds (now esp. of the duck and goose kinds)" (OED).