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    1. Fexeel ba kër gi bañ ñàkk alkol.

      Veille à ce qu'il ne manque pas d'alcool à la maison.

      fexe+el (fexe) v. -- search/seek by all means.

      ba -- the (?).

      kër gi -- house; family.

      gi -- the (indicates nearness).

      bañ v. -- refuse, resist, refuse to; to hate; verb marking the negation in subordinate clauses.

      ñàkk v. / ñàkk bi -- vaccinate / vaccine (not sure exactly how this fits in the sentence if it's even the right translation -- perhaps it has to do with surgical alcohol rather than drinking alcohol).

      alkol ji -- (French) surgical alcohol. (I'm certain this is also used for the type of alcohol you drink -- but sangara is probably the most used term).


  5. Feb 2021
    1. Greene went on to say, "If it weren't for the Facebook post and comments that I liked in 2018, I wouldn't be standing here today and you couldn't point a finger and accuse me of anything wrong."

      Sure... blame Facebook!

      I'll bet dollars to donuts that she doesn't vote to regulate Facebook in any way during her tenure.

    1. The "World Population", "Born with No Access to the Gospel Today", "Deaths without Christ Today" counters are sobering.

  6. Aug 2020
    1. more roof ventilation is usually better.
    2. Space attic vents evenly and mark the locations by driving nails up through the shingles (Photo 1).
    3. Mark the roof venting locations from the attic, where you can see the rafters and avoid placing roofing vents over them.
    4. Place all the roof vents on the same side of the roof. If your roof peak runs parallel to the street, put them on the backside, where they’ll be less prominent.
    5. Grab a flashlight and inspect your attic during the winter. If you see dampness or frost, you need better roof ventilation and some attic vents.
    1. 18:00: Wishes he did insulation on the roof instead of bottom of attic, because having lightly-insulated 55-degree AC ducts going through 150-degree hot attic is energy inefficient

    2. 5:00: To eliminate dead corner, use "Magic corner" instead of lazy susan.

    3. 15:00 hardwood floors

    1. 1000 soft house less than R40 no air sealing needs 7 sq feet of vent 3-1/2 on the roof that’s 504 sq in that’s 10 of those square flat vents or 260 inches of ridge vent. Show less Read more 1 year ago (edited) 2

      1000 soft => 1000 sq ft ?

    2. It is near impossible to get the attic and roof sheathing temperature the same as the ambient outdoor air temperature, due to the radiant heat from the sun. You would need three or four 1500 cfm power ventilators to come close to achieving that goal, at that point you'd be using enough electricity to run a central a.c. unit. Proper depth and type of insulation will do more than any amount of ventilation.
    3. Wide rafters are 24" inch centers, narrow are 16" centers. He used narrower size (used in 16 centers) instead of wider size (not shown) baffles (for 24s). Unfortunately, as is, any blown-in insulation can now go down on either side of the narrower baffle and block the soffit slits necessary for air entry. Should have bought the wider size baffle that fits rafter-to-rafter, preventing any blown-in insulation from clogging the soffit entry slits. Costs a few cents more...
    1. Attic fans work great and sure DO reduce electric bills
    2. A powered exhaust fan will not work without proper soffit venting
    3. As others have said, I think this works better with one fan as an intake, and another an an exhaust to keep the pressure balanced.
    4. Bummer, incorrect and completely inaccurate information regarding attic fans. At least in a dry and hot climate. The more attic ventilation the better. It will extent the life of your roof and WILL decrease your attic temperature.
    5. Any mod or installation if treated as an individual component is a scam. Contrary, a properly balanced and engineered system is beneficial. Attic fans do work, as long as they're incorporated into the ventilation ... as a system.
    6. For me the attic ventilation temp difference of 145 to 110 is significant. I don’t know if you think that is significant but for us it certainly makes a difference in comfort for us. PS Over the thirty years in our home I have replaced the attic fan motor twice. The total cost of those motors was less than 100 dollars over those 30 years. During one season when we didn’t have the ventilation fan running we had a roughly $45-$50 per month increase in our electric bill. (The bill went from $190 to approximately $240 per month). From an energy perspective I guess that is not a lot of money but from a comfort perspective and level of A/C required it seems like a good return in the long run.
    7. I don’t think that I can agree with you about the benefits of a powered attic fan. I live in Springfield, Virginia and I have actually measured a 30-35 degree difference in the attic temperature when that powered ventilator is running as opposed to when it is not running. I have had a comprehensive energy analysis done on my home and I know for a fact that my attic ventilation is not sucking air from our second floor into the attic.
    8. there is a reason us HVAC people if we run into a house that has no ventilation in the attic and equipment is there, we will pull a salvage furnace blower and put it on a gable vent and turn it on for 5 minutes before staying up there for longer periods.
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    1. The White House has argued that the Democratic impeachment inquiry is illegitimate because Trump did nothing wrong and there’s nothing to investigate, but each new piece of information—much less federal indictments—makes that harder to sustain.

      incorrect. the WH argument is that the full house has not voted on the impeachment inquiry, meaning the WH team has no power to question witnesses or subpoena documents. in both the Nixon and Clinton impeachments, a full vote was taken by the house, ensuring the president's rights were guaranteed.

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    1. Parsonage

      A church house provided for a member of the clergy. A rectory or vicarage" (OED).

    2. Parsonage

      "The church house provided for a rector...the house of any beneficed member of the clergy of the Church of England; the residence of any minister of religion" (OED).

  13. Feb 2019
    1. Ahxello - Forever

      I love this song! A perfect example of uplifting, progressive house.

  14. Nov 2018
    1. For house staff in internal medicine, the introduc-tion of hospitalists may mean a greater likelihood ofbeing supervised by attending physicians who arehighly skilled and experienced in providing inpatientcare. House staff have long enjoyed a certain amountof autonomy, because many of their faculty supervi-sors have been relatively unfamiliar with moderninpatient care. Such autonomy may be diminishedwith the new approach to inpatient care. Althoughthere is bound to be transitional pain, we believethat the potential for improved inpatient teachingwill more than compensate for it. Moreover, thischange will help answer public calls for closer andmore effective faculty oversight of house staff andstudents.34
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    1. Burlington-House

      Burlington House originally began as a private residence on Picadilly Street, London, in 1664. In 1704, it became the home of Richard Boyle, Third Earl of Burlington, who became a famous architect in the Palladian style. Burlington died in 1753 and passed his home on to his son, Lord George Cavendish. Either he or the Third Duke of Portland occupied the home when John Almon worked across the street.

      This is the facade of Burlington House as it still stands today. The courtyard is open to the public, and many of the wings contain exhibition galleries from the Royal Academy.

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    1. 2introduction of any bill in the house, othe

      bill process

    2. o introduce a bill in the house of representatives, a

      introduce bill

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    1. If you were a forward-thinking individualist in 1800s America, building an eight-sided abode was a great way to show it.

      I always wanted to live in an octagonal house...

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    1. allwritingishauntedbyinnumerablespecters-thoughts,writings,images,events,feelingsofothersofwhichImayormaynotbeawar

      And haunted by prejudice/expectations, as we see with Woolf's Angel of the House who seems to represent the looming patriarchal expectations of gender.

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    1. The Angel in the House.

      (Please forgive all the bullet points, but hypothes.is was not cooperating with my formatting. The options were either this, or to have the poem become one long paragraph)

      • Excerpt:
      • Man must be pleased; but him to please
      • Is woman's pleasure; down the gulf
      • Of his condoled necessities
      • She casts her best, she flings herself.
      • How often flings for nought, and yokes
      • Her heart to an icicle or whim,
      • Whose each impatient word provokes
      • Another, not from her, but him;
      • While she, too gentle even to force
      • His penitence by kind replies,
      • Waits by, expecting his remorse,
      • With pardon in her pitying eyes;
      • And if he once, by shame oppress'd,
      • A comfortable word confers,
      • She leans and weeps against his breast,
      • And seems to think the sin was hers;
      • Or any eye to see her charms,
      • At any time, she's still his wife,
      • Dearly devoted to his arms;
      • She loves with love that cannot tire;
      • And when, ah woe, she loves alone,
      • Through passionate duty love springs higher,
      • As grass grows taller round a stone.
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    1. parsonage

      "The church house provided for a rector. Also (in later use): the house of any benefice member of the clergy of the Church of England; the residence of any minister of religion" (OED).