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  1. Dec 2023
    1. To proceed, simply continue to the table of contents to find a list of the works exhibited, an "about the authors" section, and a comprehensive works-cited list

      The work is really simple and clear to navigate! Makes it even more fun to explore.

  2. Nov 2023
    1. liminality of the space has a real effect on their mind even though the choice was made in fiction.

      In what specific ways does the liminality of the space affect the player? Are the effects positive, negative, long-lasting or paradigm-shifting?

  3. Sep 2023
    1. The drama of suspenseful approach does not have to be tied to combat or to jack-in-the-box effects. It can also have the feeling of a determination to face the truth, to stare directly at the threatening beast.

      This immersion factor is why story is such a crucial part of games - they cannot allow for complete agency, or else these moments of thrilling or terrifying emotion would not naturally emerge

    2. The proliferation of interconnected files is an attempt to answer the perennial and ultimately unanswerable question of why this incident happened

      Would it be wrong to say that the reason that we find these stories fascinating is because we hope to see them answer the question? Any answer to a related question seems like it would help to quell our own anxieties about sudden violence in our own lives. How broadly does this extend to any type of navigation and gathering of information?