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  1. Jun 2018
    1. Mr. Shanker argued that charter schools could help reinvigorate the twin promises of American public education: to promote social mobility for working-class children and social cohesion among America’s increasingly diverse populations.

      Twin Priomise

    2. Sixty percent of the school’s students scored high enough on exams to be admitted to four-year colleges, compared with 27 percent of students nationally

      wonder if other factors might have had influence

  2. May 2018
    1. Practicing designers in the design professions are always faced with new challenges and have tools for approaching the constant change of the marketplace. For example, how can you make a portable cup that keeps a beverage hot but protects your hand from heat?

      asking how can this be improved and how can you find solutions to problems

    1. Another hurdle, though: Students really didn’t have much, if any, of a knowledge base of how to take their sketched designs and transform them into a file downloadable for 3D printing.  The solution: Tinkercad. 

      This seams to be the application of choice. It provides a community, resources, teacher and student help.

    2. Students excitedly worked together, solved each others problems, and made suggestions to each other of how to improve their designs.

      This shows how students do have the skills to troubleshoot and work together as a large team. I also see Vygotsky's ZPD here.

  3. Apr 2018
    1. Tinkercad is a simple, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone.

      Above are tabs for learn and teach. what is also interesting about this software and community site is how they work to help teachers incorporate this platform into the classroom in simple ways.

    2. No design experience required. You don’t need to know CAD to make and 3D print awesome 3D models – just check out some of the user-generated designs below! See more in our Gallery.

      This explains what makes this different from most 3D printing software. TinkerCAD employs the use of a community which helps to establish a massive database of user created 3D images which can be printed. Some of these items include historical artifacts and machines which a teacher can use to bring images or text to life for their students

    1. Looking back, I learned just as much as my students about trial and error, problem solving, and design thinking.

      shows how teachers still need to learn just as much as students do at times.

    2. Engineering History: 3D Printing in a Middle School History Class

      This article outlines one teachers experience in incorporating 3D printing into his classroom.

    1. Finally, the overall process of 3D manufacturing has a steep learning curve

      As per this source, this might not be true. As noted in the link, students helped other students to solve and trouble shoot problems with designing in TinkerCAD, which is an important skill in itself.

    2. They do not see how 3D technologies can be directly connected to the study of the past.

      When I think about high school history courses I tend to think about two things, one being how can we teach students in multimodal ways about the past and two, how can we show pathways to future careers in this field. When technology has allowed researchers to develop new ways to study the past we now see how technology has become so important to the history classroom. Lucy, the famous Australopithecus afarensis species was scanned so researchers could print copies of her structure to study.

    3. Teachers have a complicated relationship with technology in schools.

      Understatement. But this helps to show how teachers can be uncomfortable with thinking outside of the box when finding ways to incorporate technology into course where teachers have shown a tendency to rely on traditional ways of teaching.

    4. Three-dimensional printers are machines that construct physical objects from 3D digital content

      Helps in explaining the basic fundamentals of what 3D printing is.