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  1. Aug 2019
    1. three types

      I think the best way to go about remembering these 3 types are by breaking down the name itself. Apical derives from apex, which can refer to the farthest edge or tip of something (roots and stem tips). Lateral is a direction of movement, usually side to side (increased thickness). Intercalary refers to being inserted between other parts, areas/places, or things, in this case between leaf blades and nodes. Hope this helps.

    2. Meristematic tissue cells

      Would it be safe to think of this as a plant version of stem cells since they are undifferentiated?

    1. cycads.

      A very interesting and ancient group of plants.

    2. Their seeds are not enclosed by a fleshy fruit

      I've also heard of gymnosperms being refered to as "naked seeded" plants since their seeds are open to air.

    3. leaflets

      A leaflet is a component of a compound leaf resembling an individual leaf. Each of the leaflets and the central midrib pictured actually comprise one leaf of the locust tree.