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  1. Feb 2018
    1. Initiateddecades ago by the open source movement,

      maybe more the free software movement for the philosophical purposes

    2. Technology has always taken inspiration from na-ture.

      I might say Technology has always taken inspiration form our understanding of Nature.

    3. reinforcing autocratic r

      already technocratic before Internet etc.

    4. ese ap-proaches approaches focus

      Two times approaches

    5. avor of distributed systems of delegation andtechno-mediated collective organizations

      Not sure if it is a wish or a prognostic for our future

    6. cience and technology

      scienceS and technologieS

    7. helped

      not only help, deserve also

    8. analysis

      Not clear what you want to say

    9. nd thus canbe studied from this lens, mainstream neoclassicaleconomic theories are generally not grounded intophysics.

      not really clear (sentence structure)

  2. Oct 2013
    1. If we want to understand how social structures, let alone put ourselves in a position to take control of them (that is, to “reassemble” them) we must dispose of the assumption that the local is explained by the global, and start tracing the process by which the local GENERATES global structures


    2. Traditional sociologists start with a macro-scale entity or force–”society” or “culture”–that they then use to explain myriad local interactions.

      Bruno Latour reassembling the knowledge