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  1. Mar 2022
    1. the typical floor size of a U.S. classroom is about 1,000 ft2 (93 m2) and with a volume of about 8,000 ft3 (227 m3)

      Typical U.S. classroom size

  2. Feb 2021
    1. Here are some of the sorts of things you may want to consider when you are trying to assess how to organize your content.

      Things to consider for prioritization

    2. Why can’t we caption all of this content?


  3. Jan 2021
    1. The new “two-step flow” of media information and opinion is no longer a flowfrom one personto another, but rather, fromInternet-embedded or smart-phone transmitted audio/videofeedsto a licensed radio or television operation.The small portable camera or phone can transit inplaces where the mainstream networks do not have access or permission to set up. Private individuals transmit photos and streaming video that permit secret, hidden suppression of and assault upon protesting citizens to be made fully public. Fact-checking can be carried out by people on the ground almost immediately after reported events. Instantaneous news can be gathered even without broadcast media’s uplinks.

      Social media as flow through to news networks

    2. If confrontational dramas are played out before cameras, they are accorded significance and cultural importance by viewers in their very specularity and “newsworthiness.”

      symbolic behavior in front of the camera - staged to gain significant attention and therefore take on cultural importance because "newsworthy"

    3. Competent agitators generally move through the strategies from the least to the more and more disruptive; likewise, agents of control try avoidance before suppression, etc.

      so competent agitators follow the progression.

    4. progressivisttheory of communicative instrumental and symbolic behaviors was not predictive,2but rather based on a conception of communication competence.

      Not predictive. Presumes communication competence.

    5. rhetorical strategies for agitation:

      So these are in order. A linear progression of rhetorical strategies for agitation, starting from the least forceful to the most forceful. And there are similar rhetorical strategies for control that also escalate in force.

  4. Nov 2020
    1. Citations & NoodleTools

      Noodle Tools! Follow this link to get to this useful tool that helps you research, quote, paraphrase and cite your sources, organize your paper and create an annotated bibliography.

  5. Apr 2020
    1. Click on Shared DrivesWhen in google drive Shared Drives is directly under My Drive on the left hand sideSelect the correct drive (ie: Academic Content Biology) and double click on it

      please don't let ordered lists restart their numbering - very confusing to remember where you are if you're going between these instructions and a window where you're editing a Google Site

      Try SHIFT+Return (inserts a line break) instead of Return (starts new list item)

    2. two-step process.

      the two steps should be nested under this heading

      So if "Adding links to files" is a h2 with two steps, then make each step as a h3 (with instructions) underneath

    3. C

      No need for a list with one item in it

    4. if

      If only one nested item, just combine it with the previous list item

    5. Open the site for editing

      Use/model good HTML heading structure - should only be one

      on the page

    6. While we have provided a link to a video, please be aware that the video will cover some topics that should not be used for GCC Academic Sites.

      Please be aware the video provided covers some topics that should not be used for GCC Academic Content Google sites:

    7. Shared Drive

      The last official word from District was that we should not use Shared Drives. I know that's unofficially changed. Be ready for people to ask about this.

    8. site. All content that is being used on the site

      your site, the site - which site? The Academic Content site or their public-facing GCC "Content 2.0" site?

    9. is being provided because GCC has a slightly different

      replace with "explains" - active verbs wherever possible

    10. google

      Consistency: capitalize "Google"

    11. Edit an Academic Department Site

      Should this be the main heading for the page? Also keep terms consistent: Academic Content

    12. has gotten

      just "has"

  6. Nov 2019
    1. It took me a year or more to realize that I was saying one buzzwordy thing to mean a lot of explicit, less confusing things that readers do when grappling with a text.

      I love this. I think folks in higher education make a habit of using buzzwords that confuse what they could say more directly.

    1. This makes me think shrines to birth sites should also be possible, and would also mark the boundary between life and death.

    2. This is a really Western thought. Indigenous people might argue that all natural landscapes are sacred spaces.