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  1. May 2018
    1. at least two more sources

      Should we add a reminder to cite sources like the language in XP 2: "then CITE the source by copying and pasting the URL next to your quote"?

    2. the four guides

      Can we just say "the guides you will find when you click on this link"? Again, the numbers kind of tripped me up.

    3. 3+ pieces of work

      "3+" kind of tripped me up. Maybe say "Choose 2 or 3 samples that you want to study more"

  2. Feb 2018
    1. The committee did not discuss HCR1, a similar resolution that prompted debate during a hearing on Tuesday. That resolution, sponsored by Rep. Ray Ward, R-Bountiful,

      HCR1, Rep. Ray Ward, R-Bountiful

    2. The House Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee voted 8-3 to favorably recommend HCR7 to the full House of Representatives,

      HCR7, Rep. Rebecca Edwards, R-North Salt Lake.

    1. the greatness of this nation when she opened her doors to welcome refugees and immigrants

      As an immigrant yourself, does this issue hold any personal significance for you?

    2. defend

      how do we defend the Dreamers?

    3. We need an effective and humane immigration system

      What is that?

    4. I had the opportunity to pray with many of the young people from our parish communities affected by this decision

      About how many young people from parishes do you think this affects?

    5. the past few months also have been marked by our failure as a nation to unite around the one cause that should bring us together, that is, the fate of Dreamers, or the young people who qualify for the DREAM Act

      Some of these "young people" go to Judge.

    1. psychological well-being was found to be lower in years when teens spent more time on screens and higher in years when they spent more time on non-screen activities -- with increases in screen time typically occurring before happiness levels declined.

      Research Jean Twenge found a relationship between lower psychological well-being and screen time.

    1. gun-show loophole

      info about the "gun show loophole" Description

    2. Love would like to see a repeal of the Dickey Amendment, which prohibits the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from researching gun violence

      Here's some background information on the Dickey Amendment: Description)

    1. unhealthy levels of social media usage

      I'd like to know what research Daniel Floyd is referring to. The article never cites the actual research studies.

    1. How did the story of panicked listeners begin? Blame America’s newspapers. Radio had siphoned off advertising revenue from print during the Depression, badly damaging the newspaper industry. So the papers seized the opportunity presented by Welles’ program to discredit radio as a source of news.

      An earlier example of fake news

    1. Some teens may be feeling sad and turn to the Internet for much-needed support. Others may find that the Internet increases feelings of sadness or loneliness.

      Does social media use cause depression? It's complicated...

    1. n fact, even Theodore Roosevelt's first proclamation of the roughly 1,200 acre Devil's Tower in Wyoming was controversial.

      Wyoming history professor takes issue with this claim in this article: https://www.eenews.net/stories/1060058704#annotations:D2S-BBEGEeiDoGP3XSm6_Q

    1. The administration shrank Bears Ears National Monument, a sprawling region of red rock canyons, by 85 percent, and cut another monument, Grand Staircase-Escalante, to about half its current size.
    1. T he Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition proposes a U.S. Presidential National Monument designation under the Antiquities Act of 1906 to protect historical and scientific objects in Southern Utah. The area encompasses 1.9 million acres of ancestral land on the Colorado Plateau. We propose that the most appropriate and effective management strategy is Collaborative Management by the Tribes and Federal agencies.

      The BE Inter-Tribal Coalition proposes a 1.9 million acre area

    1. For example, as I reported earlier this year, Yellowstone National Park plans to go 4G. The National Park Service, which is working with AT&T and Verizon to improve service in remote areas, insists the update won’t detract from the park’s environmental integrity.

      There is a push to make wild places connected

    1. Hundreds of thousands of acres of land will be more vulnerable to looting, vandalism

      This article is mostly about reasons why Native Americans want Bears Ears protected.

    1. the Antiquities Act

      One argument seems to be that President Obama abused his powers under the Antiquities Act.

    2. recommendations

      This article gives some of the rationale for why the current administration shrunk Bears Ears

    1. social presence

      defined as the "students' ability to project their personal characteristics into the learning space."

  3. citeseerx.ist.psu.edu citeseerx.ist.psu.edu
    1. shared portal model.

      What made this model different from the linked classroom model was that the online participants were seen as a mosaic of individual webcams aggregated on the display rather than appearing as a group of participants in a single room. Figure 7 shows the view seen both by the local classroom and the online students. In the top center is a view of the local classroom. Surrounding this image are videos of various online students who were physically scattered around the country. The white box at the bottom of the display is the instructor’s computer that had at this point been reduced in size in order to maximize the view of online students. Since the online students were represented as sharing a single display in the classroom, we referred to this model as the shared portal model.

    2. tech navigator;

      The idea of assigning a student in the class to monitor the online students:

      This student would be in a position not only to observe how the technology performed under real class conditions, but would also be able to lend real-time technical support and troubleshooting. This role became later known as tech navigator. Tech navigators have come to play an integral role in the implementation of synchromodal classes.

    3. GoToMeeting, a

      GoToMeeting, an Internet-based video conferencing tool that allowed up to six video signals and up to 25 audio signals in a meeting at once....

      simpler to use, offered comparable quality, and was dramatically cheaper. GoToMeeting cost us as little as $250 per year using a webcam and audio devices, which combined, cost us less than $500.

    4. Polycom

      the system cost just over $10,000 plus an annual maintenance agreement that cost over $1,000.....

      One of the very useful features of Polycom is the support for multiple cameras at each location (two in our case) as well as the ability for local and remote participants to pan and zoom those cameras, making it relatively easy to zoom in on the instructor or individuals, or to view the class as a whole.

    5. linked classroom model.

      there was a single speaker/microphone for the group at each location. Local participants could see and talk with each other; they could also be seen and heard by participants at the other location,

    6. echnology in the hybrid learning classroom

      image showing some of the hardware used in this setup

    1. best practices

      Some ideas to consider when creating learning activities in hybrid (or synchromodal) environments. Mostly from the perspective of presenters.

    1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to ambient (outdoor) air pollution causes 3 million premature deaths around the world each year, largely due to heart and lung diseases
    1. We are aware of two important air pollution bills in the pipeline for the 2018 legislative session that the UCC supports. HB 101, sponsored by state Sens. Patrice Arent and Curt Bramble, would mandate emission testing on diesel vehicles in all counties that have emission testing programs. A House Bill sponsored by Steve Eliason, titled “Zero Emission Vehicle Program,” would increase consumer access to electric vehicles and ultimately reduce their cost by requiring that a percentage of new vehicles shipped to Utah dealers be zero emission vehicles.

      Two bills at the Utah Legislature this session: HB 101 - emission testing for diesel vehicles; Zero Emission Vehicle program.

    1. The idea is grandiose yet simple: decarbonise the global economy by extracting global-warming carbon dioxide (CO2) straight from the air, using arrays of giant fans and patented chemical whizzery

      Hadn't heard of this before. The idea makes sense for places that have a lot of air pollution, like Delhi, Shanghai and even places in the U.S. like Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

    1. direc-tional motivation (the desire to justify conclusions that align with priorbeliefs

      Directional motivation is a key concept. I think we all have a little bit of it in us (similar to "confirmation bias), especially when thinking about politics. Making students aware of this is an important step – as is being aware of it in my own thinking.

    2. when motivated by accuracy goals, ‘‘[Individuals] expendmore cognitive effort on issue-related reasoning, attend to relevant informa-tion more carefully, and process it more deeply, often using more complexrules’

      Getting students to take on an accuracy motivation stance is the goal. Those kinds of thinking routines have to take place often and over time if they're going to stick though

  4. Nov 2017
    1. Third, get social media companies to stop enabling the manipulators. Require them to deploy their technological and marketing prowess to protect their consumers, and make it costly for tech companies to allow their platforms to become launching pads for antidemocratic aggressions.

      This seems to be at odds with the section of this article above 'A Grass Roots Revolt Against Fake News' where Nossel argues: "Asking Facebook and Google to aggressively police falsehoods isn’t the answer either; it would give those two huge corporations even more say than they have now over what Americans see and read."

  5. Jun 2016
    1. Today, the world is in the midst of an extraordinary outpouring of scientific work on the mind and brain, on the processes of thinking and learning, on the neural processes that occur during thought and learning, and on the development of competence

      One of the areas that I've become interested in is how we learn when reading print vs. reading on screen. One book I've read on the subject is Words Onscreen by Naomi Baron about how technology affects the way we read.

  6. Feb 2016
  7. Jan 2016
    1. feel that you are men of genuine good will and that your criticisms are sincerely set forth

      Aristotle would call this ethos

    1. I feel that you are men of genuine good will and that your criticisms are sincerely set forth

      he's establishing what Aristotle would call ethos

    1. government of, by, and for the people

      at least the third direct or indirect reference to Lincoln

    2. to imitate the hatred and violence of tyrants and murderers is the best way to take their place


    3. That’s strength.  That’s leadership

      Changed it to "That's American strength. That's American leadership."

    4. Approve this agreement

      tepid applause

    5. carpet bomb
    6. cut carbon pollution more than any other country on Earth


    7. Health care inflation has slowed

      I'd like some data to support this because my health care costs have gone up a lot this year

    8. we should recruit and support more great teachers for our kids

      no argument there, but what does this support look like?

    9. dogmas of the quiet past

      from Lincoln's 1862 message to the Senate and House: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=29503

  8. Jul 2015
    1. Roger Penrose
    2. Einstein imagined himself as a photon, and described not only what he saw, but what he felt in his body (Root-Bernstein, 2003)

      Empathy is sometimes passed off as a touchy-feelie thing that only takes place in non-STEM classes, but I'd say if this kind of thinking is good for Einstein it may be worth trying in all classes.

    3. Found Functions,
    1. Policy, in this context, refers to the formal laws, regulations, rules, and guidelines that govern schools

      This is the level to think about your wicked problems. From the wicked assignments page on the MAETy1 website: "Your objective, as a Think Tank, will be to examine the wicked challenge, and to identify strategies, approaches, and technologies that could present viable options worth pursuing at a policy level."

    2. 56 experts

      Who are these experts?

    3. Who are these experts?