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  1. Apr 2018
    1. TREE-META compiler writing system.


    1. web-based knowledge media architecture, available through an Internet browser, that allows us, not only to publish compound documents with or without embedded services and tools into a world-wide shared repository like the Web, but also to reedit any compound documents available from such a shared repository, through direct manipulations, and through composition of new compound documents for local reuse and for publication to the shared repository.

      webble It looks document-centric and does not seem to be active Picture suggest a morphic influence reminding of the Live Kernel

    1. The way we code the web will determine the way we live online. So we need to bake our values into our code. Freedom of expression needs to be baked into our code. Privacy should be baked into our code. Universal access to all knowledge. But right now, those values are not embedded in the Web.

      bake values code

    1. By also concentrating on the repertoire hierarchy as an important object of study, we are alerted to the fact that even a tiny change to basic capabilities may propagate through the repertoire hierarchy to cause major changes in effective intellect.

      repertoire hierarchy

    2. Scrivener is a popular outlining tool used by writers.


    3. Writing a book is the art of “sitting down and putting a hundred thousand words in a cunning order” (Douglas Adams)

      cunning order

    4. Augmenting intellect with paper and pencil

      paper pencil

    5. Engelbart: "Augmenting Human Intellect"

      Augmenting intellect

    1. Unschooling starts with the belief that people are naturally curious, and that school drains us of our curiosity. We don’t need grades or tests to motivate us to learn how to walk or talk, and as toddlers we are endlessly curious and excited to explore the world. The process of schooling — that is, compulsory education dictated by teachers and backed by fear of punishment or embarrassment — demotivates us and keeps us from developing our capacity to set our own paths. RC provides a space that supports rather than hinders curiosity and self-direction.


    1. Resources can be assigned to tasks. Resources can have costs associated in the resources sheet. This results in costs per task for all assigned resources and costs per resource for all assigned tasks. A resource can be charged per hour (work) or per amount (material). A task can be allocated work hours. Summary tasks show the costs of its subtasks.

      Project Sheet

    1. RDFa Lite is a minimal subset of RDFa, the Resource Description Framework in attributes, consisting of a few attributes that may be used to express machine-readable data in Web documents like HTML, SVG, and XML. While it is not a complete solution for advanced data markup tasks, it does work for most day-to-day needs and can be learned by most Web authors in a day.


    1. Use the technologies and tools that are native to the Web.

      Web Research native Web

    1. Drop, our color picker for Mac, was our last hurrah

      Drop last hurrah

    2. We are building something that will revolutionize productivity for the next 40.

      revolutionize productivity revolutionize knowledge productivity

    1. the types above type 0 are further separated into orders. Thus for type 1, properties defined without mentioning any totality belong to order 0, and properties defined using the totality of properties of a given order belong to the next higher order. ... But this separation into orders makes it impossible to construct the familiar analysis

      separation into orders

    1. Quantitating the subtleties of microglial morphology with fractal analysis

      quantitating self-similarity scale invariance

    1. Type-Theoretical Semantics with Coercive Subtyping Zhaohui Luo Department of Computer Science Royal Holloway, University of London.

      Montague grammar is not fit for purpose

    1. Hackathons are great (and some of our coolest features started that way) but they are fleeting.

      hackathons fleeting

    1. We run all of Coda on Coda

      bootstrapping coda

    2. blends the flexibility of documents, the power of spreadsheets, and the utility of applications into a single new canvas.

      blend docs apps canvas

    3. Why do these tools insist on creating boundaries where we don’t need them — forcing us to choose between a document or a spreadsheet?

      boundaries tools

    4. we’re using documents as tools to run our teams.

      document tools teams

    1. users' autonomy will increasingly cede to their tool-makers.

      cede autonomy tool-makers

    2. our tools shape our thoughts.

    1. Members of the relationships object (“relationships”) represent references from the resource object in which it’s defined to other resource objects.

      Json api

    1. Client-first / serverless development.

      client-first serverless deployment

    1. The Social Web Protocols are a collection of standards which enable various aspects of decentralised social interaction on the Web. This document describes the purposes of each, and how they fit together.

      Social Web Protocols

    1. Linked Data Platform (LDP) defines a set of rules for HTTP operations on web resources, some based on RDF, to provide an architecture for read-write Linked Data on the web.

      read-write Linked Data

    1. 'The most dangerous thought that you can have as a creative person is to think that you know what you're doing,' explains Victor. 'Because once you think you know what you're doing you stop looking around for other ways of doing things and you stop being able to see other ways of doing things. You become blind.' He concludes, 'I think you have to say: "We don't know what programming is. We don't know what computing is. We don't even know what a computer is." And once you truly understand that, and once you truly believe that, then you're free, and you can think anything.'"

      know what programming

    1. Deprecate embedded graphs as an explicit part of the model, instead just include or reference a serialized graph.

      deprecate embedded graphs

    1. I realized that the past 20 years I worked on his dream without knowing about it

      worked dream

    1. But pop culture holds a disdain for history. Pop culture is all about identity and feeling like you're participating. It has nothing to do with cooperation, the past or the future — it's living in the present. I think the same is true of most people who write code for money. They have no idea where [their culture came from] — and the Internet was done so well that most people think of it as a natural resource like the Pacific Ocean, rather than something that was man-made. When was the last time a technology with a scale like that was so error-free? The Web, in comparison, is a joke. The Web was done by amateurs.

      computing pop culture

    1. I am serious about that if we don't forget this whole "money stuff" within years, we lose the chance to survive on this planet. Period.

      mondey stuff

    1. Fry’s first novel, but certainly not his first run at comedy, The Liar is worth a visit for those young at heart, and those who will appreciate a dose of tongue-in-cheek self-mockery:

      young at heart

  2. Mar 2018
    1. document is a combination of content and presentation

      content presentation

    2. self-contained linearization of knowledge

      self-contained linearization document

    1. systems providing documents containing embedded metadata must provide a mechanism that will extract that metadata as JSON-LD

      extract metadata JSONLD

    1. Adding the capability of tracking time can also be accomplished in a straight forward manner. So in the spirit of Meta-design, we can have a functional personal micro task planner and tracker

      planner tracker

    2. need to seek domain specific logic and processes.

      domain specific logic

    3. home grown embedded graph database.

      embeded graph database

    4. WikiNizer originally have been developed as Hybrid app for Android.


    5. Use full text search, even on a mobile device, without requiring internet access


    1. Jeff Rulifson

      bootstrapping at every possible leve built all our software with our tools programming system meta compilers they were compiler and programming

    1. we need to use our tools to bootstrap our understanding of what future tools can give us.  


    1. we need to use our tools to bootstrap our understanding of what future tools can give us.


    1. Profile pages are fully marked up using hCard, a microformat for programmatically embedding information about people, companies, organizations, and places in HTML and other markup languages.


    1. We must develop languages that prescribe the computational system as cooperating combinations of redundant processes.

      cooperating redundant processes

    2. both flexible and reliable.

      flexible reliable

    3. In the design of any significant system there are many implementation plans proposed for every component at every level of detail. However, in the system that is finally delivered this diversity of plans is lost and usually only one unified plan is adopted and implemented. As in an ecological system, the loss of diversity in the traditional engineering process has serious consequences for robustness.

      loss diversity robustness

    4. thinkers either decided not to be bound by certain ‘obvious’ methodological rules, or because they unwittingly broke them.

      methodological rules

    5. We need new ideas.

      need new ideas

    6. advisable not only to ignore the rule, but to adopt its opposite.

      adopt opposite

    7. It is both reasonable and absolutely necessary for the growth of knowledge

      reasonable growth knowledge

    1. Thus, a given object knows who created it, who owns it, who is allowed to access it, who is allowed to modify it, and how to back out changes.

      audit info

    2. There are various ways of specifying the behavior of modules, some of which are textual, but the "parsers" for these are of course modules as well and are therefore interchangeable. (This is very similar to Charles Simonyi's ideas for intentional programming, though Simonyi still wants to use these techniques for generating programs.)

      programs harmful simonyi

    3. there are no more "files". Every interaction one has with a computer changes the state of some module, and by default modules know how to render themselves non-volatile by storing themselves in what we would call a database.

      no files

    1. WordGrams from the sentences – Lenses to interpret the sentences » NTuples from the WordGrams – Lenses to interpret whole documents • HyperMembrane as a fabric woven from the Ntuples – Organizes statements read from literature into a kind of associative fabric, linked into a topic map

      wordgrams hypermembrane

  3. mathoverflow.net mathoverflow.net
    1. likely to generate discussion rather than answers.

      discussion vs answer

    2. There's no chit-chat.

      chit chat

    1. "it's a much more complex structure than a regular graph" Hypergraphs could be represented as ordinary graphs, if one represents each "hyperedge" with an additional ordinary node and ordinary edges which connect the new node with the nodes incident to "hyperedge". It makes me feel that hypergraphs aren't a strict subset.

      hyperedge additional node

    1. "it's a much more complex structure than a regular graph" Hypergraphs could be represented as ordinary graphs, if one represents each "hyperedge" with an additional ordinary node and ordinary edges which connect the new node with the nodes incident to "hyperedge". It makes me feel that hypergraphs aren't a strict subset.

      hyperedge additional node

    1. not everything needs to be gradually extended into six mutually incompatible versions of increasing bloat

    1. Imagine your great, great grand-children having a discussion with you long after you are gone.

    1. ”for all domains, there exists a language”.

      language oriented programming

    2. there exists an intention for all domain concepts. It also suggests that the special notations of a domain, like ∃ and ∀ in predicate logic, should be usable when expressing intentions.

      intention domain concepts

    1. reach knowledge workers everywhere

      knowledge workers

    1. reinventing productivity itself.

      reinventing productivity

    2. “domain specific” terms

      domain specific terms

    3. You would be “interacting with the documents” themselves rather than with apps as such.

      interacting documents

    4. interact with knowledge bases in general and heterogeneous distributed documents in particular.

      knowledge bases heterogeneous distributed documents

    1. reluctance to eliminate expert-level features.

      expert-level features

    2. muddling along is expensive, dangerous, and depressing

      muddling along

    1. Bush's vision for Memex is fulfilled in Qiqqa. See http://www.qiqqa.com/70557

      Check it out

    2. Bush (1967) stressed: “A revolution must be wrought in the ways in which we make, store, and consult the record of accomplishment. This need holds true in science, in the law, in medicine, in economics, and, for that matter, in the broadest subjects of human relations. It is not just a problem for the libraries, although that is important. Rather, the problem is how creative men think, and what can be done to help them think. It is a problem of how the great mass of material shall be handled so that the individual can draw from it what he needs-instantly, correctly, and with utter freedom.”

      individual draw memex

    3. This will contain all papers, references, tables, and the like, intimately interconnected by trails, so that one may follow a detailed matter from paper to paper, going back into the classics, recording criticism in margins. It will be so coded that new papers will immediately fit the pattern. Our Memex user can order a whole section of this record, to become his personal affair. And, as he reviews it he will add his own thoughts and comments as he goes, speaking them into the record. Massive records, such as those of the law and medicine, thus will become at last really accessible.”

      personal affair

    1. Consequently, we decided to extend our Topic Maps engine to provide a live view on RDF.

      live view

    1. RDF is a languages for expressing binary relationships between resources. Topic Maps is a language for expressing n-ary associations of members, each with its own role in the association.

      RDF Topic map

    1. , Neo4j can import and export RDF data. It looks like that's as far as Neo4j is willing to go though, by treating RDF as another data exchange format like CSV, albeit one that is clearly more powerful.

      import export rdf

    2. If you want to expose data so it can be easily consumed by other users, federated across different information systems, or linked by a third party system, it's a technology without many viable alternatives actually. The main area of use cases for GraphDB is where organizations manage highly valuable data.

      RDF federation

    3. people who write RDF software obsess over wording, not APIs."

  4. www.microsoft.com www.microsoft.com
    1. are authorising Microsoft to store your payment instrument and process payments with it

      store payment instruments

    2. Skype accounts, which are now Microsoft accounts.

      Nice trick

    1. When irreligion is prominent in the family, O Kåñëa, the women of thefamily become polluted, and from the degradation of womanhood, O descendantof Våñëi, comes unwanted progeny.PURPORTGood population in human society is the basic principle for peace,prosperity and spiritual progress in life.

    1. (“just for me”) while maintaining semantic interoperability with other CALO installations

      just for me semantic interoperability

    2. bootstrapping,7 we should develop using that which we are developing.

      real enough to do daily work

    3. semantically coherent view into the user’s life

      semantically coherent view

    4. 250 researchers and developers from 25 universities and companies are working on CALO.

      250 SRI

    5. develop an enduring per-sonal assistant that “learns in the wild,” evolving its abilities more and more through automated machine learn-ing techniques rather than through code changes.

      enduring personal assistant that learns

    6. ook at semantic integration of the tools with which we perform knowledge work.

      semantic integration knowledge work

    7. one that should be solved to one that must be solved.

      must be solved

    8. IRIS: Integrate. Relate. Infer. Share

      Jack Park, Adam Cheyer

    1. muxViz


    2. The model may have relevance for personal knowledge management \ education, scientific analysis of knowledge, and as a knowledge graph powering a knowledge engine. I'm motivated to, of course, map my own knowledge as I learn. Also, I would like to make a highly interactive program that allows an author to make optimal use of available knowledge when composing research.

      PKM knowledge engine

    1. prototyping of adjacent possibles


    2. software’s call-by-future


    3. open software to embody group intentionality

      eco intentionality

    4. enhanced cognitive exoskeleton

      cognitive exoskeleton

    5. refer to the Garden as a Knowing Garden, to highlight it as an active process to acquire knowledge, and to create new perspectives and organs of perception – information displays, control rooms and situational awareness – relevant to the Garden’s topics.

      knowing garden

  5. Feb 2018
    1. "The computer is a modelling machine not a calculator or a typewriter." – Douglas Adams

      universal modelling machine