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  1. Mar 2021
    1. better world through my teaching and enlightenment

      It reflects a much deeper insight into the joy of my teaching. I see teaching as a noble profession that can inspire young people to make a better world that is not broken up into fragments. I truly believe proper education of digital literacy is fundamental to bring social change through improving universal access to online resource and through understanding the value of empathy and responsible use of social media.

    2. The Joy of Teaching

      This article is about my professional reflection of teaching. I talked about what makes me most excited about teaching, my preferred teaching methodology and future aspirations.

  2. Feb 2021
  3. www.literacyworldwide.org www.literacyworldwide.org
    1. he discuss

      Discussions are very important for keeping students engaged. Very often I find the students bringing in different perspective if they are given the opportunity to feel free to speak their minds. However, using technology alone cannot foster discussions. It is important to identify few students who are willing to share ideas, then others can join in to discuss.

  4. www.literacyworldwide.org www.literacyworldwide.org
    1. Engaging in Reading, Authoring, and Community Through Virtual Literacy-Casts

      This is a very insightful article that contains valuable tips for making an online class interactive. The participants of the class were quite diverse ranging from school students, parents, teachers and graduate students. The takeaways from their more than 50 sessions having 60 to 80 students are as follows: 1. sessions can fail if proper control on participants microphone, screen name edit capability and WiFi access devices, 2. Once the participants are muted encouraging them to through ideas on the chat room and later reading aloud some of the chat comments to all the participants helps, 3. If the teaching and online class management tasks are shared with participants as co-hosts, the class can collaborate more, 4. if the detail lesson plan is shared in advance, the students have a better idea when certain teaching items will be delivered and can prepare better, 5. encouraging the participants to write and share blogs through sending invitations can help, 6. creating an engaging community among the participants can boast the over all class engagement significantly.

  5. www.literacyworldwide.org www.literacyworldwide.org
    1. technical proficiency but about the issues

      Very often the case is that children are encourage to build their technical proficiency in the digital world. One thing that is missing from this approach is the emphasis on building Digital Intelligence (DQ) which is a set of competencies based on moral values. more details and a comprehensive framework for developing, assessing and integrating DQ into digital literacy curriculam can be found at https://www.dqinstitute.org/dq-framework/#digital_intelligence.

  6. Nov 2020
  7. www.literacyworldwide.org www.literacyworldwide.org
    1. Digital literacies

      It is important to remember that the new generation are developing digital skills at a much earlier age when their mind is not developed enough to have digital literacy i.e the meta knowledge, meaning and context of the information they are digesting. The consequence is that they are not getting habituated to filter mis information that continuously manipulates them. #LiDA101