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  1. Sep 2022
    1. I can relate to that, yes. We don’t need ‘too smart’ cities. Instead we need human-centric ones. It should not be about the technology itself. It’s more about the services that are provided and enabled by the technology. We sometimes get excited by technology, but it’s a means to an end.

      Human-centric cities

    1. . In a city that is known for experiencing ‘four seasons in one day’, including extreme heat, the design focuses on creating a district that is green and cool in summer, but also well prepared for extreme rainfall and flooding. Existing underground drains are being combined with green depressions or catchment areas that also serve as public parks

      catchment areas for rain like parks

  2. Jan 2021
    1. Note that algorithm design is programming language and paradigm neutral. Thus,algorithm design may be further distinguished fromcoding, which is the process ofrealising a design in a specific programming language.

      What if the algorithm uses recursion, instead of an iterative approach?

  3. Apr 2020
    1. he ratings are calculated with the following formula: (hits(PL,SE1)/hits(SE1) + ... + hits(PL,SEn)/hits(SEn))/n where n is the number of search engines used.

      Calculation of TIOBE rating

    1. European cities are enjoying the cleanest air they’ve had in, well, virtually forever, as air pollution levels fall drastically as a result of confinement.

      decrease in pollution levels

  4. Sep 2019
    1. The survey resulted in 921 page views and 458 participants completed at least one question of the survey. Complete surveys were available from 419 respondents. Twenty-seven respondents reported that they were not responsible for submitting and/or formatting manuscripts for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and were excluded from analysis. A further 20 respondents were removed as outliers with implausible responses. The final analytic sample included 372 respondents. Table 1 shows the summary demographic characteristics of these participants.

      Study population: 419 complete survey results

    2. In summary, we estimate the cost of formatting a peer-reviewed scientific publication at US$477 per manuscript, or US$1,908 per person, per year. We hope that this quantification, although suggestive and not definitively conclusive, will bring more attention to the costs associated with formatting for scientific journals and will help to encourage more flexible formatting practices for publications, at least at first submission, as well as more recognition of the burden of formatting by employers and funding agencies.

      Cost of formatting a peer-reviewed scientific publication

  5. Feb 2019
    1. Other issues addressed by the resolution include the need of adequate counselling and support for intersex people and their families, measures to end the stigma and pathologisation intersex people face and increased funding for intersex-led civil society organisations. During the debate which preceded the voting, the members of the European Parliament almost unanimously spoke in favour of the resolution and emphasised that “human rights violations experienced by [intersex people] are significant” and that “there is nothing unhealthy about being intersex”.  Minister Delegate George Ciamba, in his statement for the Romanian presidency, confirmed that “extending the right to equal treatment to intersex people is entirely within the spirit of our common European values and of our common campaign for inclusiveness”.


  6. Nov 2018
    1. the higher education world is a world of freedom: freedom to innovate, freedom to create, freedom to dream and freedom to share”.

      Higher education is a world of freedom.

    2. Freedom of intramural expression means that teaching personnel is not only allowed to teach according to their knowledge, but that they can take part in the administration of their institutions. This is supported by the freedom of extramural expression, which gives teachers the capacity to share their research outcomes and disseminate the knowledge acquired.

      participation in activities to share research outcomes.

    1. Researchers now typically engage in a range of ‘questionable research practices’ in the hunt for the glory of publication, with such conditions leading to mental health issues in a higher proportion than any other industry.  

      'publish or perish' culture creating mental health issues.

    1. “Going Green” is initially an expensive and time-consuming process that is difficult to achieve if either the organizational/political will or strong capital is missing

      Going green is expensive

    2. It often skips over resident engagement, and uses a “smart one-size-fits-all“ template that results in frustrated residents and planners alike.

      smart one-size fits all approach frustrating residents.

    3. that is inclusive, dynamic, and as complex as the interconnected challenges we face, let’s first examine how we got here.

      need for creating inclusive, dynamic cities that promote innovation

    1. First trials show that the search interface of Microsoft Academic returns relatively few but very accurate results. This is due to its semantic search engine, which leverages entities associated with a paper (e.g. fields of study, journal, author, affiliation).

      Lesser and accurate search results: thanks to semantic search engine.

    1. At the same time, we now have several years of experience launching and running new and innovative publications in broad fields. For example, PeerJ – the Journal of Life & Environmental Sciences covers all of biology, the life sciences, and the environmental sciences in a single title; whilst PeerJ Computer Science is targeted towards a more well-defined community. In 2013 we also launched a preprint server (PeerJ Preprints) which covers all the areas in which we publish; and we have developed a comprehensive suite of journal and peer-review functionalities.

      New journals released by PeerJ

  7. contractfortheweb.org contractfortheweb.org
    1. Build strong communities that respect civil discourse and human dignity

      Collaboration and connectivity

    2. Ensure everyone can connect to the internet

      Ensure connectivity and privacy

    1. GraphQL is being used in production by a variety of high scale companies such as Airbnb, Atlassian, Audi, CNBC, GitHub, Major League Soccer, Netflix, Shopify, The New York Times, Twitter, Pinterest and Yelp. GraphQL also powers hundreds of billions of API calls a day at Facebook.

      Usage of graphql by companies

    1. “Identity is the very basic principle of freedom.”

      Identity is the very basic principle of freedom

    2. “Visibility is a priority for LGBTI communities in every region,” Madrigal-Borloz told the Blade.

      Importance of visibility

    1. The QualiChain project, involving KMi’s Blockchain, Knowledge and Learning group, has been

      decentralised verification of qualification

    1. GITenberg vise notamment à permettre de renseigner de la façon la plus riche et collaborative possible les méta-données des livres, afin d’alimenter qualitativement les catalogues de bibliothèques qui souhaiteront y puiser, en plus du grand public.

      Gitenberg: collaboration + open source (github + gutenberg)

    1. To ensure that research findings are shared widely and are made freely available at the time of publication, Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have today (Monday) joined cOAlition S (opens in a new tab) and endorsed the principles of Plan S.

      First charitable funders to join Plan-S

    1. Open Science has the potential to make the scientific enterprise more inclusive, and bridge North-South divides in research,

      Open science towards reducing the north-south divide

    1. Research resources are specialist resources used for research purposes, and can include anything from research facilities housing specialized equipment (laboratories, observatories, ships, etc.) to digital repositories; and from museums and galleries to field stations that house physical collections. Identifying which resources were used to create research findings improves research rigor and reporting, and increases transparency.

      Different categories of research resources: from physical to digital

  8. Oct 2018
    1. For me, this Locals and Tourists project symbolises the way people move around software systems. Software can be learned like a place. You can move around it how you see fit, and inhabit corners you like. You can see other people in it, and follow, copy, like, ignore, and meet them.

      Softwares are like places

    2. (Oates noted that the group of administrators on Wikimedia Commons is internationally diverse, but not so much in terms of gender; this affects, for instance, the selection of featured images.)

      diversity required in the selection of featured images

    3. Oates soon realized navigating Wikimedia Commons and finding interesting materials is challenging. She noted how the category system used to organize and tag media files on Commons is confusing and hides—not shows—the richness of content there.

      Problems with the category system making it difficult to search relevant information

    1. academic poster is a form of knowledge communication which explodes the boundary walls of academic convention, opening up a space for alternative forms of expression

      Academic poster as alternative forms of expression

    1. ScholarLed is a consortium of six academic-led, not-for-profit, open access book publishers that was formed earlier this year. Individually we comprise Mattering Press, MayFly Books, meson press, Open Book Publishers, Open Humanities Press, and punctum books, and collectively we are seeking to develop powerful, practical ways for small-scale, academic-led Open Access presses to grow and flourish in a publishing landscape that is changing rapidly. We want to make sure that change is for the bette

      Open access book publishers

    1. Immediate Open Access publication by the journal or book publisher without payment of a fee. Copyright is retained by the author and permission barriers are generally removed. OBP fits this description.

      also called 'Universal' OA

    1. Naturally, there are scholars researching and professionals analyzing. But there are also attentive parents wanting to know more about school trends, active commuters seeking out transit statistics, concerned citizens looking for crime data and curious children hunting for dog license registrations. By including folks who we might refer to as “non-technologists” in this dialogue, we help to encourage a more holistic and approachable conversation.

      Growing interest among people for open data

    1. The money saved from APCs and journal subscriptions is spent to create Diamond Open Access journals that are funded under transparent funding calls to support journals that want to move to a Diamond Open Access model, perhaps by a procedure similar to research funders’ current calls for research proposals.

      Source of income for diamond access journals

    2. National and transnational funding organisations in Europe together support journals directly, known asDiamond Open Access, and neither authors nor readers pay APCs or subscriptions.

      Diamond open access: neither authors nor readers pay APC

    3. In the absence of an alternative to APC-based Open Access, society journals that had been built on subscriptions start to disappear,

      Impact on subscription based journals

    4. researchers and scholars from lower-resourced institutions within Europe, not to mention scholars from less-affluent countries, struggle to publish in the Open Access journals.

      Focus on lower-resourced institutes on being unable to pay the APC

    5. cenario A is what we regard as one of the worst possible outcomes, representing a serious threat to the fundamental values of scientific excellence, integrity and freedom. Scenario B presents a much better outcome of Plan S, one that we would recommend as a realistic way forward while at the same time safeguarding the fundamental values of scholarship.

      Two possible scenarios

    6. Plan S as a bold step that has the potential to be a game-changer in making European science open and setting an example globally on how publicly funded research is published, in particular its requirement that the copyright remains with the author and that licences adhere to the Berlin Declaration.

      Support that authors must retain the copyright

  9. idyll-lang.org idyll-lang.org
    1. A toolkit for creating data-driven stories and explorable explanations.

      Markup language for creating data driven stories


      An input mechanism to use ingressive speech-based input where a microphone is placed closed to the lips and the words are dictated (like a whisper, but with microphone close to the lips)

    1. Mr. Hawkins says cortical columns handle every task in the same way, a sort of computer algorithm that is repeated over and over again.

      cortical columns:like a computer algorithm that repeats over and over again

    2. figure out how the brain works and then reverse engineer it.

      Reverse engineering the brain

    1. The rights statements fall in three categories: Statements for works that are in copyright, statements for works that are not in copyright and statements for works where the copyright status is unclear.

      Rights statement

    1. Do neural networks dream of semantics?

      Neural networks in visual analysis, linguistics Knowledge graph applications

      1. Data integration,
      2. Visualization
      3. Exploratory search
      4. Question answering

      Future goals: neuro-symbolic integration (symbolic reasoning and machine learning)

    1. Use CROWDLAAERS Search to explore any URL featuring Hypothesis annotation.

      Get statistics related to annotations

    1. They pose a great opportunity for Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia to work efficiently, even as they are flooded with new edits.

      Bots contributing to new edits.

    1. of Wikibase for historical research early on.

      Wikibase for historical documents

    2. Rhizome, an arts organization

      Wikibase for GLAM

    1. Intelligent agents the vision revisited

      Memex, 1945 (for storing individual memories) License + societal norms + interoperability

    1. Learning Expressive Ontological Concept Descriptions via Neural NetworksMARCO ROSPOCHERTheRoadLessTraveledTransforming a sentence into an axiom

      Building ontology from text: transforming a sentence into an axiom.

    1. The reproducible research community focuses on the fourth layer, the project-specific software.

      Current focus of reproducibility is on the project-specific level

  10. dockerpedia.inf.utfsm.cl dockerpedia.inf.utfsm.cl
    1. RDF linked dataset that stores the information about Docker images

      RDF dataset of docker images

    1. nterpretqueriesdirectlyusingacompositionalsemantics–Theapproachthatweadopt

      Use of computational semantics to interpret queries.

    1. For these queries, we extracted triple patterns,each triple pattern of the query is executed as a SPARQL construct query andproduces a fragment that we split into two sub-fragments. Sub-fragments arerandomly distributed across the clients, each client hosts at least one fragment

      Use of SPARQL construct queries for creating fragments.

    2. First, data exchange between browsers has to be optimized when adata source is revisited to optimize the traffic. Second, intermediate results couldbe streamed on the semantic overlay networ

      Future works: optimization and streaming of of intermediate results.

    1. Solid: Linked Data for personal data management Tim Berners-Lee & Ruben Verborgh DeSemWeb2018, 8 October 2018 Solid: Linked Data for personal data management Tim Berners-Lee Ruben Verborgh The Solid ecosystem enables you to use the apps you n

      Decentralised application using Solid for personal data management

  11. losd-data.staging.derilinx.com losd-data.staging.derilinx.com
    1. Linked Open Statistical Data Hub

      catalog of datasets (for open statistical data project)

    1. Population preferences through Wikipedia edits

      Analysis of Wikipedia Edit history

    1. WikiAtomicEdits: A Multilingual Corpus of Wikipedia Editsfor Modeling Language and Discourse

      Corpus of edit history (comments)

    1. Lightweight Multilingual Software Analysis

      Multilingual: multiple programming language

    1. Science Stories: Using IIIF and Wikidata toCreate a Linked-Data Application

      Stories from multiple sources

    1. Wikidata is a multilin-gual project, may stifle user participation on the platform

      Effect of bots on user contributions.

    2. Bots generate new content massively. However, most ofthis content is likely to be never seen not checked by anyhuman user.

      Page views analysis?

    3. Bots import large numbers of statements from a smallnumber of sources, leading to a lack of diversity of theknowledge they produce [6

      Limited number of diverse sources