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  1. Jan 2020
    1. here

      needs to be adjusted to not just link to 'here'

    2. here.

      needs to be adjusted to not just link to 'here'

    3. click here

      needs to be adjusted to not just link to 'click here'

    1. Customize, which we’ll come back to.

      When/where is this explained further?

    2. hello@hcommons.org

      update default email subject header to be: "Site Theme or Tool Suggestion/Request"

    1. If you’re creating a site for work that you only want to share with a small number of readers, you might choose to make it private

      Need to explain how to have people become registered users of a site in order to understand that option

    2. This is something that you can change later, so if you want to start your site privately before announcing it to the world, that’s an option

      Do we explain how to do this anywhere else?

    3. . It looks like this:

      need to update screenshot as the search engine question is different now

    4. One of the easiest things you can do on Humanities Commons is set up a site or blog. Humanities Commons allows two different types of sites: group sites and personal sites

      Explain more about how to use sites/why to use sites


      How can people disable Comments for the whole site? For individual pages/posts?

    2. MLA Commons

      Humanities Commons / the Commons

    3. software application

      (such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word)

    4. om Paragraph (the default font size) to Heading 1 (the largest font size).

      add note/text about how using headings appropriately is key for site accessibility and that the size and font of your site is not controlled by this tool bar but is instead controlled by the theme

    5. MLA

      remove 'MLA' and just say 'toolbar'

    6. at I’ve set that post to appear

      adjust to not be in first person since other documentation isn't in first person

    7. Web

      Is there a reason this is capitalized?

    1. plugins guide.

      This links to an MLA Commons guide

    2. here.

      Need to update text that's linked so it's not just linked on the words "here" (for accessibility reasons)

      This links to an MLA Support documentation page, not an HCommons one

    3. here.

      hyperlink text needs to be updated to not just 'here'

      Also, this links to an MLA Commons Help documentation page, not an HCommons one

    4. Follow the guidelines at the end of our Group Roles tutorial to help you determine how and when to invite other users.

      It would be nice if we didn't have to link to this other place for this info. When we modularize this content, it would be good to have a mini module for Site Users explanation

    5. the admin toolbar that runs across the top of your screen,

      Need to note that you need to click on 'Sites' and 'My Sites" from HCommons first, in order to see the black bar at the top of the screen. Or you need to go to the URL for the site and be logged into the Commons to see the black toolbar.

  2. Nov 2019
  3. Nov 2018
  4. Jun 2018
    1. 2009

      that's only 2 years after the first game was launched

    2. immersed

      are you immersed? What does immersion mean?

    3. The company employs a team of hundreds of artists, historians, writers, coders, sound designers and more to create these virtual places

      It would be interesting to visit the company to see how all these groups of people are set up and work together. How does collaboration work? Or are the different types of people/units just separated out and never talk?

    4. 2007

      That's not as long as I would have assumed. To me, they feel like they have been around for longer.

  5. Nov 2017
    1. Introducing Participatory Memory

      Is this an effective chapter title?!

    2. This table of contents page allows people to navigate the book both in a traditional fashion and through a network graph. Do you think this strategy is effective?

  6. Nov 2016