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  1. Mar 2017
    1. plagiarism can be minimised by appropriate design of essay questions, or student assessment generally

      Feels like the better way to go, and has added benefit of reducing the "disposable assignment" aspect. Grading is the elephant in the living room but shouldn't dominate.

    1. Presentation 8C1 (30 min): “Developing a Strategy for the Implementation of Learning Analytics at the University of Strathclyde” (Practitioner Presentation) by Ainsley Hainey, Howard Ramsay, Brian Green, Helyn Gould, Scott Walker & Michael Aherne

      LAK17 - attend

    2. Presentation 7A1 (30 min): “Implementation of Adaptive Learning for Automotive Examination Preparation at the British Columbia Institute of Technology Using Brightspace LeaP” (Practitioner Presentation) by Stephen Michaud & Lawrence Potyondi

      Practical roadblocks bedeviled adaptive LeaP implementation at BCIT e.g. logins for textbook

    3. Presentation 7C3 (20 min): “Using Data Visualizations to Foster Emotion Regulation during Self-Regulated Learning with Advanced Learning Technologies: A Conceptual Framework” (Short Research Paper) by Roger Azevedo, Garrett Millar, Michelle Taub, Nicholas Mudrick, Amanda Bradbury, Megan Price

      LAK17 - attend. Self-Regulated learning.

    4. Presentation 6C2 (30 min): “Evolving a Process Model for Learning Analytics Implementation” (Practitioner Presentation) by Adam Cooper

      attended friday LAK17 conf.

  2. Feb 2017
    1. </br>

      How about <br>? There's no <br> even in XHTML. In XHTML it was <br> ... HTML5 will grok <br> but <br> is norm.

  3. Jun 2016
    1. Hypothes.is

      Still not certain if one has to have phython program running on website the files live on in order for annotation via chrome plugin to work.