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    1. Oyster−Woman

      A woman who gathers, cultivates and/or sells oysters.

      Oyster-women were associated with bawds, whores, and beggar women that took part in a 1637 riot in a church that made so much noise that it drowned out the service. They were described by a royalist newspaper as a carnivalesque mob.

    2. Tom Bell

      Thomas Bell (fl. 1573–1610) was an English Roman Catholic priest, who later denounced the faith and became an anti-Catholic writer and persecutor.

    3. censorious

      censorious (adj.) - severely critical, judgmental, condemnatory

    4. Wag, an arch Wag

      Wag (n.) - a joker, mischievous person

      arch Wag (n.) - an extreme joker

    5. Bill Ignoramus

      Legal term also called a bill "not found." Meaning there is insufficient evidence of charges brought forth - the indictment is dropped and the accused is released.