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  1. Aug 2023
    1. It is yet unclear whether use of content is covered under ‘fair use’ and will require additional licensing. For now, it seems that AI use is yet just another benefit to companies looking to license content from scholarly publishers. In turn, publishers may be able to increase their service offerings and add additional value to the companies, organizations, and governments that license their content. “As a matter of US copyright law, courts are more likely to rule in favor of copyright owners when licenses are available”, says Roy Kaufman, Managing Director, Business Development at Copyright Clearance Center.

      And how will this impact on copyright use law in countries like Australia where special libraries rely heavily on USA-centric publishers for academic best evidence? It's such a fraught conundrum and I expect there will be cases of "copyright breach" as a result of say Australian health libraries using content that to all intents and purposes is approved under US fair use but will be contested under fair dealing law, here. But... if this stuff is black boxed - how on earth can we even verify the copyright requirements behind LLM generated out puts?

  2. Jan 2015
    1. How interesting! It's the same in my family. Certain members will take as gospel, the opinions of the people they deem to have credibility, but eschew - and even satirically cauterize - the wisdom and factual evidence of people with the authority and knowledge.

      It's most frustrating. As for me, I try not to read comments. They just make me so angry!

    1. I have been worried for a little while now about the construction industry in Australia turning their apprentices (heavily subsidised by Govt) into "sub-contractors" once there is no more subsidy available when the apprenticeship is completed.

      It means that (often) young people are turfed into the business world with little business acumen, still treating themselves as "employees" of the company/tradesman who indentured their skills learning. Unable to negotiate their own income and terms because of limited financial planning skills.

      If apprentices are to be shoved into this world, they are doomed to fail unless they are provided with the adequate business governance learning and advice. Understanding their legal and fiscal obligations as a sub-contractor is vital and being able to say NO to companies who demand rights to monopoly over their contractual services is imperative.

  3. Nov 2014
    1. Perhaps a belief endures in these women that sidling up to men with power, rather than organising for it collectively, will yield individual gains.
    2. The recognition of feminism is that women exist at a social disadvantage to a history that privileges and resources men at their expense.
    3. ...and yet they really do believe that by pandering to the blokes, they'll be treated with respect and equality!