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  1. Jan 2017
    1. doze

      My partner and I interpreted this word differently--she as a daydream state, me as that state between waking and sleeping, where dreams occur. The question might be, how much control over the shifting sequence of images is implied by the term "doze"? To what degree is this conscious? More importantly, why does this particular state of emotion bring up these particular images?

    2. Our moods

      Who is included in "We"? The narrator seems to mean "humans." I like the way this shift to second person plural shifts the reader's focus from a judging mode (of Dodo) to a self-reflective mode, because it builds puts the narrator, reader, and character in the same place. But is it also presumptuous and thus risky to depict this phenomenon as universal? The narrator uses this technique a lot, and it makes me wonder who her "ideal reader" is--who is the reader that the text constructs?