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  1. Aug 2020
    1. An Apple spokesman said the company welcomed in-app advertising and wasn’t prohibiting tracking. Apple was simply requiring each app to obtain users’ explicit consent to track, the spokesman said.

      hell yeah !

  2. Jul 2020
    1. Colleges That Change Lives is a college educational guide originally put together by longtime student advocate and former New York Times education editor Loren Pope.[1] It was first published in 1996, with a second edition in 2000, a third edition in 2006 and a fourth edition in 2013. It addresses college admissions in the United States.
    1. hmm. So it adds more fees to the buyer, buy allows him to buy in an all-cash market ? How long can an all cash market hold on ?

    1. If they offer it, it must be based on a relationship of trust no ? Would that be a good indicator of good values on the part of the lender ?

    1. “Up north you’d collect lightning bugs and you’d watch them and then you’d let them go again,” Gail said. “I thought it was really cool. I mean, you are looking and trying to figure out how they fly and how that little light works.”

      Isn't curiosity how you fall in love with something or someone ?

    2. Ed says rescuing people is easier because they can tell you what’s wrong with them.

      How interesting that rescuing animals is harder than rescuing people

    3. So inspiring!

    1. Essentially, we will make it worth your while, trust us. We've got the people and have done it before ( hmm..not in this way you have not). We will take advantage of you being in different parts of the world to include field visits and community building and hey, we'll even let you do it part time so you can balance this and a full-time job. How do you do that ? Well..tbd. But we will charge you the same.

      What's missing is technology and quality of production. They have made an amazing education experience with the Shackleton expedition, but if its zoom, and not a custom platform, with VR built into the experience natively, is it really at the cutting-edge ?

    1. What about the availability of attention on the other side ? Does have field visits locally, possibly alone, counter the fact that most learners do not have a study or home office ? Or is the a trigger for altering homes to have them. ?

    1. Might shame be the underlying mechanism driving these responses or simply a de-conditioning because of having been a monoculture for too long ? Secularism develops when we bump up against and understand people different from ourselves, like in India. If India was only Hindu's we would feel racially comfortable, and then racially insulated and finally racially disconnected. Someone challenging an Indian racially would then create the same bewilderment as white fragility. As if bring Indian was itself the problem,

      1. Cognitive Ecology : knowledge exists in mind-body-world systems
      2. Edgar Dale's cone of learning : we remember 90% of what we do
      3. Maria Montessori and embodied education
      4. Marking in choreography
      5. National Headstart Association
      6. Inactive cognition : massive increase of speed of learning
  3. May 2020
    1. If students are floundering and failure is not productive, by all means step in. But also feel free to allow yourself wait time before you do.

      Use daily checkins or office hours to understand who is floundering and needs help. Also assign project leaders per team ( can change weekly to ensure even power distribution ) who is responsible for keeping an eye on who is struggling.

    2. Try curating these resources before, during, and after a unit. Work with students as well to create a culture where the answers are everywhere.

      Create a living list of learning resources that is kept updated by the learners

  4. Apr 2020
    1. I think the developer community and the education community need to walk down this road very hand-in-hand," he says. "Then we can start bridging social classes and removing all of these barriers to education."

      The need for a citizen curriculum creating / sharing platform that is designed according to rules or guiderails that create quality and engagement.

    1. Competition exists when there is comparison, and comparison does not bring about excellence.

      Disagree. It does once you master the "Inner Game" the way John Galway explains it. Competition then is your ally to find the best version of yourself. To do things you did not think you could because your opponent helped you bring this out of you. And so it is in Aikido and value of a good opponent.

    2. n all our schools the educator and those responsible for the students, whether in the classroom, on the playing field or in their rooms, have the responsibility to see that fear in any form does not arise.

      Or we know how to face fear directly, rather than avoid it. Master fear.