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  1. Apr 2016
    1. The opportunities are boundless,

      Wearable are something that I think are huge for the future. This article does an excellent job in showing what some of the features that can be sued with them are. It goes into the health industry and analyzes some of the pros and cons that come with wearables. This will help me in evaluating wearable technology in the more general term other than physical fitness.

    1. cost $175

      While this price may seem high, I think it is a reasonable amount for the features that this band has.

    2. Features

      Some of the features that I think are amazing is the activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and the ambient temperature. Living in Texas the heat here can get dangerous if exposed for too long without proper hydration. Having parents informed to the kind of temperature their kid is exposed to can be very helpful in making sure they are safe.

    3. “My mission in creating this wearable was to come up with a device that would be fashionable and fun for children while allowing their parents to keep a pulse on their safety while they are apart. The Paxie band also tracks activity to encourage healthy and active lifestyles.”

      Not only can wearables be used to tracking fitness and encouraging physical activity, parents can use them to help monitor where their kid is and making sure that are safe and out of harms way. However, making sure that the kids keep these devices on is an obstacle that the parents will have to hurdle.

    1. sports teams such as the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins are supporting the initiative.

      The support of big sports teams in huge in getting the kids motivated and others aware of how effective this program is and in turn maybe getting more youth involved.

    2. will use UNICEF Kid Power fitness bands—which display how many steps they’ve taken and points earned—to monitor their physical activity. Program supporters are then converting the points they accrue into monetary donations toward the purchase of packets of therapeutic food, a specially-designed protein and vitamin-rich peanut paste—for kids in malnourished communities.

      This is what I love about this initiative. Not only is it encouraging youth to participate in more physical activity, it is going to provide malnourished kids with food.

    3. study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that just one-quarter of American youths currently engage in the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

      Having only a quarter of the youth in the nation participating in the recommended amount of physical activity is a reason that I am doing this topic how wearable technology. This should be a much higher percentage.

    1. Eliminate boredom by minimizing repetition for students • Increase students’ independence, motivation and class participation

      I think these two go hand in hand and are important because if a student is "bored" of the content that the teacher is trying to convey then the students will give minimal participation and feedback when the teachers asks.

    1. I think the third trend is not to be looked over. Making sure you have someone there to both support and encourage you can have a huge boost in finding ways to learn and succeed.

    1. use it as is or modify to suit your needs. Or create your own

      Adding or modifying someone else's PLE would be easiest for me in identifying what learning environment I best work in. Either way, creating something that fits your PLE is what will make it personal and unique.

  2. Feb 2016
  3. arianarvillegas.weebly.com arianarvillegas.weebly.com
    1. I

      I see that you have your name on your homepage but maybe some people will browse by it or not know that it is your name so maybe you can state it here! Great page by the way!

    2. The two pictures you have posted are great! They give the audience a sense of who you are and where you come from!

    3. it is my goal to help build this foundation for young minds.

      This is a great goal to have! However, who are you trying to share this with (ie. what audience are you trying to reach)? Maybe you can expand on this.

    4. volunteering for years at my brothers' elementary

      This is great because it lets me know what kinds of experiences you have.

  4. jackymumford.wordpress.com jackymumford.wordpress.com
    1. “A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils”

      Great quote! Helps share your view on being a teacher.

    2. post-baccalaureate

      Maybe you can share what other academic degrees you have to let the audience know more about your educational career!

    3. my love of history

      You can grow on this statement by sharing how you came to love history and who your inspirations are!

    4. I want to share my experiences pursuing my dream of teaching history.

      Great! Now the audience knows what to expect when visiting your website!

    5. The design of your website is easy to ready with a simple black background and white font which I like. The picture you posted also shows great personality!