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    1. The role of the terminal emulator process is:

      Shows the relationship between a "terminal emulator" and a pseudoterminal, as alluded to in the intro:

      is a pair of pseudo-devices, one of which, the slave, emulates a hardware text terminal device, the other of which, the master, provides the means by which a terminal emulator process controls the slave.

  3. Mar 2021
    1. throughout white society are among the factors that led to Jim Crow and the triumph of Southern reaction at turn of the 20th century.

      The author ends by claiming that Lodge's bill was not the only thing that delayed African American rights, a common misconception to his article. By ending the article like this, the audience understands that the Lodge's bill was stopped by senators filibustering. Only in the previous article did the author establish how filibustering is harmful to the society and he once again brings this topic to let the public be more aware of this prevalent issue.

  4. Feb 2021
    1. free rein to twist the institutions of the American republic against its values.

      He ends with his purpose by contrasting the two parties. He praises the Democrats for their ability to stop this nonsense, and he gives an example of a hypothetical situation where Republicans are in control. However, from his diction and negative connotation, one can predict that that society would be dangerous for the public. Overall, he enforces that although Republicans are trying to suppress the voters from voting, the Democrats can succeed if extra support is provided.

    2. And if all this takes eliminating the filibuster,” Obama concluded, “then that’s what we should do.”

      This word filibuster is talked throughout the essay and how it is an impedance to enacting a law or right quickly. The author senses that the person reading this article is educated about political terms and therefore does not feel a need to clarify the term. Also, using previous knowledge, filibusters are one example of what the Congress uses to drag on the bill without coming to a solution. Therefore, the readers are aware that the author is taking a criticizing perspective on either the Congress or parts of the congress.

    1. We cannot and will not realize our full potential as a nation unless we have both parties working to forge a new sense of shared association that can enable a much more diverse America to journey together into the 21st century. Today, sadly, only one party is in that business.

      Friedman ties in his purpose once again at the end. He accentuates that the nation as a whole cannot develop or reach its full potential until the two political parties work together; until they both place importance to the diversity of the nation. This allows him to demonstrate that without change occurring in the Republican party, change cannot occur in the nation. He shows that the Republicans need to change and the parties need to work together to make nation better. He places emphasis to show that we are well into the 21st century and yet we are still not treating everyone equally, showing the importance of what his point of view is. Then he ends with a sentence that is almost demoralizing to emphasize that we cannot become diverse until the Republican party changes.

    2. Can you imagine how much healthier American politics would be if we had a center-right conservative party that was embracing diversity, inclusion, climate change mitigation, and common-sense health care and immigration reform — based on conservative, small-government, more market-oriented solutions — competing with a center-left party?

      He illustrates an image of a world where everyone is included. He forces the readers to imagine a world where politics was helping the people and not working against some of them. He shows how there would be changes within many of the topics and how the people would see an improved society: one that put the needs of the people at the highest.

    3. It tells you that there is a market for a center-right conservative party that appeals to today’s America, not yesterday’s. But is there such a party? It’s been suppressed.

      This is almost a call to action. He shows that there are people that are willing to make a change and have ideas that will benefit society, but they are being suppressed. Their ideas are not given importance and they are not being evaluated. Friedman shows that the time to act is now and that we need to do something to prevent this from occurring. He shows that there are people that believe in changes and that they need to become more prominent.

    4. Appealing to the grievances of a minority is easy. Is anyone surprised the Republicans keep choosing the easy path? If we want to revive American democracy, we have to close off that easy path for them once and for all.”

      Friedman highlights how the Republican party has been taking the easy way out. Instead of working to support the rights of the minority and get them more representation, the party is simply trying to deal with their grievances. He then asks a rhetorical question forcing the reader to really consider the impact of the Republican party. After giving various examples of what the Republican party has done and how they are really helping the nation, Friedman is able to emphasize their lack of change. He then brings up democracy, stating that if we want change, then we cannot allow them to have that easy path. Things that are worth doing and that are right for the people are hard, but in the end they are necessary.

    5. But instead of adopting that plan, the party doubled down on its old ways: It tried to gain and hold power one more time with a guy named Trump winking at white supremacy, defending Confederate statues and using every voter suppression trick in the book to protect a predominantly white Christian America.

      To develop his point of view further, Friedman brings up how in the past, the Republican Party was supposed to become inclusive to all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, and nationality. However, instead of doing that, the Party went back to white supremacy and stopped being inclusive. Through this, he once again emphasizes how our democracy has been breached. He brings attention to how everyone is not being treated equally and that change needs to come.

    6. My deer and San Francisco’s school board are local problems. The fact that one of our two national parties would stick with a leader who dispatched a mob to ransack the Capitol in hopes of overturning our last election is an acute national problem — a cancer, in fact.

      Now he ties them all in together. But his main point is Trump's administration. He states that deer and the school board are local problems, but the Republican party is national, making it much more influential. By making this small distinction, Friedman brings attention to how Trump's actions affect our country as a whole. This allows him to establish how Trump's administration is negatively affecting the country. To support this, he references the mob that ransacked the Capitol, demonstrating just how harmful their actions were. He even goes on to compare it to cancer, accentuating that this is no small thing. By specifically comparing the political party to cancer, he is showing the readers that this is not just bad, but it is dangerous. By slowly introducing the party's incompetence by comparing it to deer, then showing how Trump could do anything, and then comparing the party to cancer, Freidman effectively demonstrates his point of view to the audience in a way that is hard to deny.

    1. Donald Trump refused to treat the coronavirus pandemic as a challenge to overcome with leadership and expertise. Instead, he made it another battle in the culture wars, from whether you wore a mask to whether you remained away from public places. He spent more time trying to racialize the virus for cheap points — calling it the “China virus” and the “kung flu” — than he did giving guidance to the American public.

      Donald Trump is a famous politician who was the President of the United States. By describing Trump and even using quotes from him, he utilizes with what the audience already knows and then connects it to his claim. This improves the author's credibility as he is providing many examples of different esteemed individuals to assert his claim to the audience and make them understand the government's role in a crisis.

    2. What do you get when you add a sudden surge of demand to an equally sudden loss of capacity? A crisis, whose roots lie in a decade’s worth of deregulation and cost-cutting, of an energy “independence” that has left the state at the mercy of the elements.

      The author is asking a rhetorical question and answering it immediately. He is doing this not only to clear one of the audience's questions regarding the consequences of Texas situations, but also to make the government officials more guilty for leaving Texas in this situation.

    3. Texas is blessed with multiple sources of energy, such as natural gas and oil and nuclear, as well as solar and wind. But … our wind and our solar got shut down, and they were collectively more than 10 percent of our power grid, and that thrust Texas into a situation where it was lacking power on a statewide basis.

      Rather than taking charge of the action, the governor blamed the fault on the renewable energy and claims that he did the best possible thing he could do for the country. This once again develops the author claim as this now emphasizes that the author wants to criticize these officials for not only ignoring the crisis as a whole, but also blaming the crisis on other people or things.

  5. Jan 2021
    1. A Svelte component that monitors an element enters or leaves the viewport/parent element. Performant and efficient thanks to using Intersection Observer under the hood. Can be used in multiple projects including lazy loading images, infinite scrolling, playing/pausing the video when in the viewport, tracking user behaviour firing link pre-fetching and animations and many many more.
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    1. This is twitter. What is its purpose? It is a general-purpose electronic communication medium on the Internet, accessible via web and apps, comprising a high-volume global stream of written thoughts of people, attached with pics, gifs, links and audio- & video-embeds.

  8. Jul 2020
    1. As mentioned earlier in these guidelines, it is very important that controllers assess the purposes forwhich data is actually processed and the lawful grounds on which it is based prior to collecting thedata. Often companies need personal data for several purposes, and the processing is based on morethan one lawful basis, e.g. customer data may be based on contract and consent. Hence, a withdrawalof consent does not mean a controller must erase data that are processed for a purpose that is basedon the performance of the contract with the data subject. Controllers should therefore be clear fromthe outset about which purpose applies to each element of data and which lawful basis is being reliedupon.
    1. The surprising truth about what motivates us

      MIT Study Mechanical skills: larger reward leads to better performance Cognitive skills: larger reward leads to poorer performance

      Pay people enough to not think about money, it is no longer a factor

      Autonomy/Mastery/Self-Actualization If want engagement, self-direction is better Atlassian, work on whatever you want for 24 hours Allow learners to guide their own learning

      Mastery--we want to get better at stuff because it's satisfying; people have jobs, and for free people do lots of hard work; challenge, mastery and making a contribution: purpose motive

      We are purpose motivated and want to be self-directed

  9. Jun 2020
    1. NHL Plans Move to Small-Group Training, Reopening Practice Facilities as Phase 2 of Return <div class="inner-container"> <img src="https://api.time.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/nhl-return-coronavirus.jpg" alt="Philadelphia Flyers left wing James van Riemsdyk (25) skates with the puck during the first period of an NHL hockey game against the Washington Capitals in Washington on March 4, 2020." title="Philadelphia Flyers left wing James van Riemsdyk (25) skates with the puck during the first period of an NHL hockey game against the Washington Capitals in Washington on March 4, 2020."> </div>

      The purpose of this article is to inform and entertain.

    1. Your research is complete. In one field you planted soybeans several weeks earlier than normal and managed them through the season. It paid off in higher yield. Now you’re ready to plant more early beans. “Early planting can be very successful — if you plan ahead,” says Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie. Take these steps:

      Content is focused on news, trends, products, or development of the specific field or industry.

  10. May 2020
    1. In this textbook, we’ll cover theconventions of writing, and we’ll alsocover some of the resources available toyou as a CNM student

      The purpose of the textbook is inform college students attending CNM, the resources available to them and to educate the conventions of writing.

    2. In Part One of this textbook, we covered collegewriting at CNM, and reading strategies that will helpyou succeed in different disciplines. As reading andwriting go hand-in-hand, we will now turn to the stepsyou can take toward effective writing, also known asdeveloping a writing process.

      This is the conclusion to Part one of the textbook, and it includes the purpose for all the Chapters. This also brings us to what we will see next in Part 2 of the textbook.

    3. in high school, teachers generally focus on teaching you to write in avariety of modes and formats, including personal writing, expository writing,research papers, creative writing, and writing short answers and essays for exams.Over time, these assignments help you build a foundation of writing skills. Incollege, many instructors will expect you to already have that foundation

      The purpose of this chapter is to inform the reader that the way you used to write in high school is going to just be the foundation and assignments are going to be different going forward.

    4. College instructors are familiar with the ups and downs ofwriting, and most universities have support systems in place to help students learnhow to write for an academic audience. The following sections discuss common on-campus writing services, what to expect from them, and how they can help you.

      One of the goals for this chapter was to inform students that if they needed help there are resources available for them at CNM

    5. we will discuss another important strategy:college reading. Two important steps of reading at the college level includeconsidering your writing situation and developing strong reading strategies.

      The purpose of this chapter is to educate students on how to develop strong reading strategies that will help with other classes and writing.

  11. Mar 2020
    1. As part of our preparedness we have a “whole house” generator, which is the size of a nuclear submarine but more expensive.

      This statement reveals how people have spent much money and time preparing for the hurricane, but the simile undercuts the heavy subject with humor. The author's purpose could be to provide comic relief in a time of fear and panic, a way to distract those in Florida from the hurricane.

    2. We NEVER eat lentils. I am not 100 percent sure what a lentil is. I do know for a fact that not once has anybody in our household ever said, “You know what would be great for dinner tonight? Lentils!” But at the moment we have roughly a 45-year supply of lentils on hand.

      This anecdote provides comic relief to the serious situation with Irma. It describes a reaction that many have to impending disasters, which is stocking up on food they usually would never eat. This is a relatable example told in way that lightens the situation by making it seem more funny.

    1. No, I’m not crying. I just stepped on a Lego.

      Uses humor to keep his audience grateful for what they have as parents and grandparents instead of focusing on time and age

    2. That’s what’s different about being a grandparent. You know how fast the days go by.

      Barry reveals that grandparents are much more aware of how little time they have left with their grandchildren as opposed to parents and their children. Gets a bit dark, but Barry lightens the mood a bit at the end while remaining sentimental.

    3. One of the best parts of grandparenthood, I think, is seeing your kids handle the awesome, sometimes terrifying, responsibility of raising their kids.

      Barry explains one of the best parts of being a grandparent, seeing your children become good parents and knowing that you raised them to be good parents.

    4. ranging in size from French fry down to molecule.

      Barry provides facts the way a child would. Does he do this to emphasize the impact his grandchildren have had on him and how they make him take things less seriously?

    5. When I was young, during the Cretaceous period

      Barry addresses his age in a humorous and light-hearted way to detract focus from the growing age of grandparents but instead focus on the experiences they get to have and all they should be thankful for.

    6. Literacy Day, Star Trek Day and Iguana Awareness Day

      Barry includes other holidays to briefly take the importance away from Grandparents Day so that he can then describe why Grandparents Day is so important and is much more celebrated in comparison to the other silly days.

    7. The question is: Why? We already have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Anybody who’s a grandparent already falls into one of those categories, right? What’s so different about grandparenthood?

      Barry's purpose is to explain the importance/significance of Grandparents day by explaining why grandparents should be celebrated, and not just as a parent of their own children. Barry wants to reveal the differences between being a parent and being a grandparent.

    8. What we need is Stop Sign Awareness Day, or Your Car Has Turn Signals For A Reason Awareness Day, or It’s Not A Great Idea To Celebrate Festive Occasions By Shooting Your Gun Into The Air You Moron Awareness Day.

      Barry uses funny yet relatable and serious examples of what kind of days need to really be celebrated to emphasize that holidays like Iguana Day and Star Trek Day are unnecessary, but Grandparents Day is very special and important in comparison. He explains that Grandparents Day are as important as his unreal examples.

  12. Feb 2020
    1. Motor and Deano have starkly contrasting coaching styles.

      Barry develops stark contrast between the two coaches regarding their personalities and coaching styles, but then follows this up by saying "But they're both great coaches, and I love them" (Barry). Readers can infer that Barry possibly uses this contrast to convey that not all coaches are the same, just like how no two soccer dads are the same. He does this to convey that all soccer dads, no matter their personalities, deserve recognition for their devotion to supporting their daughters and being at their games.

    2. We’ve watched a million games from our folding chairs on the sideline. We’ve been rained on more than a Vietnamese rubber plantation. We’ve cheered our girls when they won, and we’ve hugged them when they lost

      Barry is emphasizing the sacrifices and hard work that he has put in as a soccer dad to support his daughter in order to acknowledge all soccer dads that make a commitment to their daughter's love of soccer and their ability to grow from it. Readers can discern that the subject/topic of this article is not simply soccer dads, but it is the love, support, and sacrifice that they give for their daughters and how they need to be recognized for this on Father's Day.

    3. We’ve been through a lot together: We’ve driven countless miles to games and tournaments, and we’ve spent many nights in hotels with questionable hygiene standards

      Barry is emphasizing the sacrifices and hard work that he has put in as a soccer dad to support his daughter in order to acknowledge all soccer dads that make a commitment to their daughter's love of soccer and their ability to grow from it. Readers can discern that the subject/topic of this article is not simply soccer dads, but it is the love, support, and sacrifice that they give for their daughters and how they need to be recognized for this on Father's Day.

  13. Jan 2020
    1. On TV, the professional Explainers, having failed spectacularly to predict what just happened, pause for a period of somber and contrite self-reflection lasting close to 15 minutes before they begin the crucial work of explaining to the rest of us what will happen next.

      Barry warns his audience to blindly follow/listen to the news and other sources of information.


      Barry uses real world issues, such as Trump explaining his interactions with women, to push the audience to look in the mirror and see if what he's describing about Trump also describes them, such as reflecting/projecting your issues onto others.

    3. The North Korean government insists that these items are intended for “medical research.”

      Although Barry greatly exaggerates throughout his column, he is still warning readers to not trust everything they hear and read. Perhaps his style of writing and twisting truths is meant to show readers how writers often tell truths in their own way to manipulate beliefs.

    4. Harambe, who instantly becomes way more revered on the internet than Mother Teresa.

      Pushes the audience to question their own values. Barry wants the audience to face their own flaws.

    5. A Trump spokesperson, speaking on condition of anonymity, says that the Trump campaign “will not speculate on Mrs. Clinton’s health,” adding that “she obviously has some terrible disease.”

      Barry frequently attacks the hypocrisy of others, revealing negative sides to people some may favor and pushing the audience to acknowledge hypocrisy in their own lives and society as a whole.

    6. Republican leaders are quick to note that, while Garland appears to be qualified, his name is an anagram for “Rancid Lark Germ.”

      Conveys how the two political parties dislike each other, and how this aversion blinds them from acknowledging the accomplishments and qualifications of others.

    7. chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz states that “the DNC is scrupulously neutral in the contest between Secretary Clinton and the senile Commie fart.”

      Barry attacks hypocrisy in society.

    8. even though they are both physically attractive.

      Attacks our value of looks and attractiveness, and reveals that they are not the defining part of a person or relationship.

    9. In a fad even stupider than “planking,” millions of people wasted millions of hours, and sometimes risked their lives, trying to capture imaginary Pokémon Go things on their phones, hoping to obtain the ultimate prize: a whole bunch of imaginary Pokémon Go things on their phones.

      Conveys the idea that people place too much importance on the small things and that sometimes what we see as a huge part of our life isn't actually that big of a deal. Barry uses humor to develop a piece of writing like satire, where he portrays human values in comedic descriptions and comparisons to reveal how trivial they really are.

    10. shot a 78-year-old man in the face, only to be exonerated after an investigation revealed that the victim was an attorney.

      Barry's tone is facetious while talking about serious matters, exposing how wrong things are and exemplifying how society often accepts these wrongs and makes excuses for them.

  14. Dec 2019
    1. It’s hard to see beyond the “small here” and the “short now,” especially if you live in a favored place and time. That’s why so many of the really important things do end up on the plates of non-profits. That’s why a time like this, when the bubble is bursting, is a great time to see how important it is to think about the big picture, and what matters not just to us, but to building a sustainable economy in a sustainable world.
    1. Using the browser field in package.json allows a module author to clearly articulate which files are innapropriate for client use and provide alternatives.
  15. Nov 2019
    1. It is used to expose internal data from within a render prop component for making it accessible to other components within the render prop component's composition.
    1. These four things lead to a near total loss in the intended utility of integrated/functional tests: as the code changes make sure nothing is broken.
    1. Whereas Webpack bundles all our JavaScript source code files into one bundle (including custom configured build steps), Babel enables us to use recent JavaScript features that are not supported by many browsers yet.
  16. Sep 2019
    1. . i have my foot on the pedal

      This is meant to say that he is the person that takes charge of his life and no one else. Also, by not using capital letters at the beginning of the sentence(s), it allows it to seem more intimate and less professional, scripted.

    2. my mom hugs

      The purpose of the poem is to portray the life of a Mexican immigrant in The United States and the relationship with his mom

  17. Jul 2019
    1. [21]  The Tax Court found that the object, spirit and purpose of section 84.1 was correctly identified in Descarries v. Canada, 2014 TCC 75 (CanLII), [2014] D.T.C. 1081: an anti-avoidance rule “to prevent taxpayers from performing transactions whose goal is to strip a corporation of its surpluses tax-free through the use of a tax-exempt margin or a capital gain exemption.” (reasons, paragraph 67).
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    1. Groups that foster connected learning have shared culture and values, are welcoming to newcomers, and encourage sharing, feedback and learning among all participants

      Teaching our students to be open with others' differences is important when setting up their learning environment. We need to have a safe space for every single one of our students no matter who they are.

    1. communicating

      See Locke's second function of language: "for the communicating of our thoughts to others" (817). Although Locke is skeptical as to language's ability to accurately communicate these thoughts, apart from civic discourse. But Astell is referring here to meaning related to "those Truths."

  20. Dec 2018
    1. NewsNightly NewsMeet the PressDatelineMSNBCTODAYSearchSponsored ByHalf of women in STEM have experienced gender discrimination at work, study finds Share this —U.S. newsHalf of women in STEM have experienced gender discrimination at work, study finds An Assistant Professor of Genetics and Developmental Biology works on stem cells.Spencer Platt / Getty Images filemps._execAd("interstitial");Breaking News EmailsGet breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.SUBSCRIBEJan. 9, 2018 / 2:26 PM CST / Updated Jan. 9, 2018 / 2:26 PM CSTBy Elizabeth ChuckHalf of all women working in science, technology, engineering and math have experienced gender discrimination at work, according to a new study released the day after a disgraced Google engineer filed a lawsuit claiming white conservative men are the true victims of Silicon Valley.James Damore was fired from Google after writing a 10-page memo citing women's "neuroticism" as a reason there are fewer female workers in high-stress jobs at the search giant. The lawsuit he filed Monday argues that Google was so overly concerned with filling gender and racial quotas that it was hurting male employees as well as potential male employees.Video Will Begin In...3Fired Google engineer James Damore defends his manifesto about diversityAug. 10, 201702:34But a study out on Tuesday from the Pew Research Center, which polled more than 4,900 workers in the U.S., found that in the traditionally male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), only 19 percent of men said they had experienced gender discrimination at work, versus 50 percent of women.mps._execAd("boxinline");In certain STEM subsets, the proportion of women reporting discrimination was even higher: 78 percent of those who work in majority-male workplaces reported gender discrimination, followed by 74 percent of those working in computer jobs.Even outside of STEM, the numbers were high, with 41 percent of women in non-STEM jobs saying they've dealt with discrimination, the Pew study found."The challenges that women in STEM face often echo the challenges of all working women," said Cary Funk, lead author of the report and Pew's director of science and society research. "What the study does is take a broad-based look at the issues facing the STEM workforce. I think they really speak to the complex issues surrounding diversity in the workplace."The Pew study, which was conducted last July and August, before Hollywood's sexual misconduct scandal led to a national reckoning, also polled women on sexual harassment. Both groups were equally likely to say they had experienced sexual harassment at work — 22 percent.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,1,false);Both groups were less likely than their male counterparts to think that women are "usually treated fairly" when it comes to opportunities for promotion and advancement.RecommendedVideo Will Begin In...3Penny Marshall, famed actress and comedian, dead at 75Video Will Begin In...3Actress Penny Marshall dead at 75Damore's viewpoint, both in and outside of Google, is disputed. Google faces a separate suit filed by three women who allege the company pays women less than men for similar work and gives them less opportunity for promotions, bonuses and raises — a claim Google denies.Stephanie Newby, the CEO of Crimson Hexagon, an artificial intelligence company that provides consumer insights based on publicly available data, said she was "not at all surprised" by Pew's findings.In 2004, Newby founded Golden Seeds, an investment firm that provides capital to women-led businesses. At Crimson Hexagon, she said she has made a point of hiring and promoting qualified female candidates after seeing first-hand the challenges that women entrepreneurs and women in male-oriented jobs face.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,2,false);"We need environments where women can thrive, not be cornered about how they look or have to think about the kinds of things that make them worry about being different or trying to prove themselves, because so much energy can be expended on that instead of getting the job done," she said. "I think it provides a competitive advantage for us that we have women in senior positions."by Taboolaby TaboolaSPONSORED STORIESNationLandlines Are Disappearing with This Increasingly Popular OptionNationUndoExperianWhat is Alternative Credit Data?ExperianUndoby Taboolaby TaboolaSPONSORED STORIESDroneX ProThis $99 Drone Might Be The Most Amazing Invention In 2018DroneX ProUndoMy Smart Gadgets19 Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going To Sell Out This YearMy Smart GadgetsUndoUSA TodayMilitary Dad Comes Home To Unexpected ReactionUSA TodayUndogo.gadgetspost.com23 Cool Products Flying Off Shelves These Holidaysgo.gadgetspost.comUndoMicrosoft AzureHere’s What Makes An Azure Free Account So Valuable...Microsoft AzureUndoGadgets PostThe 19 Best Products Of 2018 RankedGadgets PostUndoTactical WatchMilitary Watch Everybody in United States is Talking AboutTactical WatchUndoTact WatchFinally. The Smart Watch Every Man In United States Has Been Waiting For!Tact WatchUndoU.S. newsSenate passes sweeping criminal justice reform billThe House is expected to take up the Senate version of the bill at a later date before sending it to the president.Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell speaks during a news conference on negotiations to avoid a partial shutdown of the federal government on Capitol Hill on Dec. 18, 2018.Michael Reynolds / EPABreaking News EmailsGet breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.SUBSCRIBEDec. 18, 2018 / 8:02 PM CST / Updated 8:38 PM CSTBy Rebecca Shabad and Phil HelselWASHINGTON — The Senate passed a huge criminal law reform bill on Tuesday night, seizing on bipartisan support for the broadest set of changes to federal crime statutes in a generation.A rare coalition of conservatives, liberals, activists, prosecutors and defense attorneys — spanning the political spectrum — pushed senators to pass the "First Step Act" by a final vote of 87-12.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,3,false);The House is expected to take up the Senate version of the bill at a later date. The House passed a similar version of the bill back in May by a wide margin, 360-59.President Donald Trump announced in November that he backs the legislation.Supporters of the bill claim that changes passed in the Senate would make America's criminal justice system fairer, reduce overcrowding and save taxpayer dollars — much to the benefit of drug and non-violent offenders.The bill would not affect state prisons. It only covers federal prisoners, who make up less than 10 percent of America's prison population.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,4,false);Trump quickly jumped on Twitter to hail the bill’s passage, and said "America is the greatest Country in the world and my job is to fight for ALL citizens, even those who have made mistakes.""This will keep our communities safer, and provide hope and a second chance, to those who earn it. In addition to everything else, billions of dollars will be saved. I look forward to signing this into law!” the president tweeted.Durbin: Kushner 'very important partner' in passing criminal justice reform billDec. 18, 201802:44The Senate bill overcame late obstacles by Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and John Kennedy, R-La.RecommendedSchool district police officer hit and run caught on cameraMcConnell convinced government shutdown won't happenCotton railed against the First Step Act as a "jailbreak" and said too many crimes were being included to allow prisoners consideration for early release.mps._execAd("boxinline",0,5,false);Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, in urging senators to reject an amendment sponsored by Cotton, said “this law is centered towards those people that are the least violent people that are in prison already," and that “we’re only going to help low-level offenders.""Let's see if we can keep our bipartisan coalition together, to pass a bill that the president said that he is ready to sign," Grassley said. The amendment was defeated.A major provision of the bill gives judges more leeway to diverge from strict mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders with criminal histories.House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., tweeted after the Senate vote: "Criminal justice reform is about giving more Americans a chance at redemption. The House looks forward to sending it to the president to become law."Rebecca ShabadRebecca Shabad is a congressional reporter for NBC News, based in Washington.Phil HelselPhil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.David K. Li and Frank Thorp V contributed.MORE FROM newsAboutContactCareersPrivacy policyTerms of ServiceSiteMapAdvertiseAdChoices© 2018 NBC UNIVERSAL

      What is our praxis here? What do we advocate for here? The whole article is just stating problems.

  21. Nov 2018
    1. This is a set of notes that the students in HGED 575 Organization and Administration at Iowa State University created to start to think about guidelines for how student affairs professionals should/could interact with student protest movements. Their is no specific protest movement that is the focus of these guidelines, so students were encouraged to imagine a scenario where they might agree or disagree with the aims of a student protest movement. Our eventual goal is to create a living document that could help practitioners think through the particular challenge of being an institutional agent whose work involves cultivating student leadership and student activism.

  22. Oct 2018
    1. to find specific changes in EEG in persons with three types of criminal behavior without psychiatric history in comparison to healthy controls.
    1. To establish the link betweenfrontal lobe dysfunction and violent andcriminal behaviour, based on a review ofrelevant literature.
    1. Aim of this research was to determine whether differences in clinical picture of psy-chopathy (on the basis of which subtypes of psychopathy are identified) reflect differences in pathology of personality organization (integration)



    1. we anticipated that homicidedetectives would outperform senior detectives, who would outperformtrainee detectives, who would outperform police
    2. In the current study, the accuracy of four distinct groups of police person-nel was examined.
    3. he importance of investigativeexperience is premised on the quantity of experience being correlated withprofiling performance.
    4. the unex-pectedly poor performance of the police deserves further examination
  23. Aug 2018
    1. If the dominant medium advantages processes that are fast, multi-task oriented and well-suited for large volumes of information, like the current digital medium, so will the reading circuit.

      "If the dominant medium advantages processes that are fast, multi-task oriented and well-suited for large volumes of information, like the current digital medium, so will the reading circuit. " I'm not sure this is accurate. This is saying that the medium changes us, when it is our purpose that changes us. Do I find myself skimming more? Yes -- and reading faster than ever-- but then finding other information to verify, evaluate, and analyze based on what I need to know to understand.

  24. Jul 2018
    1. By mosaic, we mean that time is often simultaneouslyinhabited by multiple types of interaction that are forced to form a coherent whole. Unlikeconcepts like multi-tasking(doing multiple tasks ‘at once’) or polychronicity(a reported preference for doing multiple tasks at once) [44], mosaic timerefers to the negotiated merging of multiple social spheres into a layered or fitted set of simultaneous interactions

      Definition of mosaic time. Counters the idea (ideal?) of single purpose time.

      Is negotiated not imposed.

      Does not include multitasking or polychronicity.

    2. We call this prevailing temporal logic ‘circumscribed time.’ We use this label to highlight the underlying orientation to time as a resource that can, and should, be mastered. A circumscribed temporal logic infers that time should be harnessed into ‘productive’ capacity by approaching it as something that can be chunked, allocated to a single use, experienced linearly, and owned. In turn, the norms of society place the burden on individuals to manage and ‘balance’ time as a steward, optimizing this precious resource by way of control and active manipulation.

      Description of the elements of circumscribed time.

    3. Aligned with chunk-able time is the assumption that each chunk of time, or its particular gridded arrangement, is allocated to a single purpose.

      Definition of single purpose time.

      Design implication: How does single-purpose time align or conflict with multitasking and/or blurred task types that overlap home vs office, personal vs professional.

    1. Digital literacies are not solely about technical proficiency but about the issues, norms, and habits of mind surrounding technologies used for a particular purpose.

      I like that he mentions a purpose for the use of technology. Technology as a tool to serve a specific purpose, not just to pass time

  25. May 2018
    1. Thus, leaving the whole of this broken-down state in the creation, you can see the creating of ages in Christ, by Christ, through Christ, according to God's eternal purpose that all things should be summed up in Him; not just the "all things" of our little life, of our little day, of our individual salvation, but the "all things" of a vast universe as a revelation of Christ, all being brought by revelation to the spiritual apprehension of man, and man being brought into it. What a Christ!

      In my humble view, we do belittle and reduce Christ when we only speak of his being our redeemer. Of course its a fact that apart from his redeeming capacity there is no way we fallen humans can ever understand anything of spiritual matters. But its so true that our redemption is a great priority for God but I believe it is NOT the paramount purpose of God. Its striking to note that when the Holy Spirit describes the 7 fold glory of Christ, redemption is one of the last things that is mentioned. What a Christ!

  26. Apr 2018
  27. classes.alaska.edu classes.alaska.edu
    1. First, we explore the interface between ethical research and the wider agenda of achievingsocial justice for/with children. Second, we highlight the ways in which research takes placewithin the context of broader social and personal relationships. Third, we highlight the needfor researchers to understand, respect and incorporate appropriately local ethos in order to notonly bridge the gap between formal ethical standards/guidelines and informal ethical practicesbut also promote participatory ethics

      Main Purpose/Argument, Thesis

  28. Jan 2018
    1. “God is not about time. He is about purpose.” Think about it. God is not bound by time as you and I. He created time within the span or space of eternity. However, God is bound by purpose, His purpose, and the purpose He set forth from eternity involves leadership.

      True, to a point. God pursues his purpose within time and history. In Christ he did bind himself to time. His plan is carried out within history, the timeline of divine sovereignty. He rules over time and purpose and carries out his will according to his calendar.

  29. Nov 2017
    1. To give to every citizen the information he needs for the transaction of his own business. To enable him to calculate for himself, and to express & preserve his ideas, his contracts & accounts in writing. To improve by reading, his morals and faculties. To understand his duties to his neighbours, & country, and to discharge with competence the functions confided to him by either. To know his rights; to exercise with order & justice those he retains; to choose with discretion the fiduciaries of those he delegates; and to notice their conduct with diligence with candor & judgment. And, in general, to observe with intelligence & faithfulness all the social relations under which he shall be placed.

      I found these specific objects of primary education to be quite important to the standing and image the school wanted and still wants to portray. It addresses the purpose of the University to create better more intelligent citizens for Virginia and the country. However, to me it seemed somewhat ironic due to the University’s background. It reveals earlier in the article that University's location was chosen based on its centrality to the white population in Virginia. This statement clearly implies a bias against non-white Virginians, even though the listed purposes of the University and what it hopes to impart to its students in this report depicts a different message. It paints a picture of in which the students utilize their higher level education to behave morally, accepting, self-aware, and faithful to social relations and knowledge. Does this mean these standard morals don’t apply to non-white Virginians? The irony highlights how the purposes of the University can be interpreted in different ways, either as a way to serve the white people in order to “preserve [their] ideas” of bias and superiority. Oppositely, the students could use their newfound knowledge to “improve [their] morals” and work to bring about change in society by education others ethics and equality.

  30. Sep 2017
    1. we attempt to spell out here the likely consequences of the explosion of a single terrorist nuclear bomb on a major city, and its subsequent ripple effects on the rest of the planet.
    1. My focus on Charlotte Lucas resonates with recent critical trends that depart from the assumption that the novel’s telos, particularly as revealed in the courtship plot, is the representation of personhood through characterological depth and interiority

      One of the main purposes of the article. Moe sets out to oppose, or at least challenge, previous readings of the novel (and is thus her placement within a scholarly discourse), to reconsider how actions of "characterological depth and interiority" are formed within the courtship plot, and how it is impacted by cultural modernity. She does this through a reading of Charlotte Lucas.

    1. Hedgehogs, however, are slow and steady, and people often overlook them because they're quiet and unassuming. But, unlike the fox, they are able to simplify the world and focus on one overarching vision. It's this principle that guides everything they do, and helps them succeed against all odds.
    1. But knowing what your ikigai is not enough – all of these people put their purpose into action, says Buettner. Researchers stress that ikigai can change with age. For anyone whose work is their reason for living, this will come as a relief as they approach retirement and begin the search for a new ikigai.
    2. Matthews says that ikigai will likely lead to a better life “because you will have something to live for”, but warns against viewing ikigai as a lifestyle choice: “Ikigai is not something grand or extraordinary. It’s something pretty matter-of-fact.”
    1. reasonable expectation that it will be utilised

      Does the constitutional right to privacy envisage the purpose limitation principle? Does it only apply to state/private parties acting on behalf of state or for purely horizontal relationships as well?

  31. Jul 2017
    1. The teacher as designer is similarly constrained. We are not free to teach any topic we choose. Rather, we are guided by national, state, district, or institutional standards that specify what students should know and be able to do. These standards provide a framework to help us identify teaching and learning priorities and guide our design of curriculum and assessments

      These standards do guide a teacher planning/goals, but the focus shouldn't be solely on the standard than the concept that is to be understood so that students can transfer it to other areas. Yes, it's standard driven but you want results.

      I do understand that the standard are in place for a purpose. Highly qualified educators and specialist have collaborated to set these standards. Be mindful to know your students and not just push standards into them to say that you went over them, but they don't comprehend and can't transfer them. What was the purpose?

  32. Apr 2017
    1. This book is intended as an introduction to a new way of looking at knowl-edge as a shared resource, a complex ecosystem that is a commons—aresource shared by a group of people that is subject to social dilemmas.

      a resource...shared by a group... subject to social dilemmas.

      a new way of looking unlike law profs or economists or philosophers or ...anyone. What is the worth of another way of looking? Can't say yet, but is there a hierarchy of ways, some better than other, some subservient to others because inferior?

  33. Feb 2017
    1. succeed by convincing juries

      Blair-"Whenever a man speaks or writes, he is supposed, as a rational being, to have some end in view; either to inform, or to amuse, or to persuade, or, in some way or other,"

  34. Jan 2017
    1. performed

      Though a fairly basic analysis of rhetoric, I love the use of the word "performed" here; it suggests an activeness about rhetoric.

      "Perform" originates from an old French (fornir) meaning "to provide." While the purpose of rhetoric may be allusive, I think this root suggests that rhetoric (as a performance) ought to provide something notable for the audience. This suggests there ought to be some degree of substance to rhetoric; rhetoric must be justified. Rickert's implication that plaques and beads serve a purpose beyond abstract fashion is an example of rhetoric as a self-justifying act.

    1. We don't necessarily do an injustice to the diffuse history and conceptual promiscuity of the term by giving a single answer.

      While offering a single answer to this question may appearing limiting, a basic study of rhetoric will tell you that the single answer is necessary as that is the rhetorical form that is demanded.

  35. Dec 2016
    1. You want your reward to give you greater awareness, greater affinity with life and a greater sense of your value and purpose in the world--not the value and purpose that you invent for your own delights, but the value and purpose that are intrinsic to your being here. This value cannot be exhausted. It will not leave you and will only grow as greater attention, time and energy are devoted to its expression and experience.
    1. First, you will find that this quality of relationship will come to you as you have something important to do in life. People who are actively engaged in life do not have to go searching for relationship. This is a fact. If you have found something truly meaningful to do in this world that it is natural for you to do
    2. There are things you must apply yourself to very specifically because there are two aspects to life: There are concrete accomplishments and there is Mystery. You must approach both. Mystery opens you to a greater assistance than you could provide for yourself and saves you from condemning circumstances. Applying yourself to tangible things enables you to reclaim your self-respect and to build a foundation that is sound and firm. That is what personal growth is for-to build a foundation for Knowledge. What other value does it have? The person you are attempting to improve will be shed like a garment when you leave. As you become stable, then you can represent something greater. Without Knowledge, you are still profoundly confused and subject to miseries. Without purpose, meaning and direction, your life is still a desperate event.
    3. to be a student of Knowledge, allow your life to have its mysteries. Do not try to explain everything and justify everything. Knowledge will emerge within you once you have chosen that this be your life. You will become less certain about particulars and more certain about your purpose, meaning and direction. Then you will begin to find freedom from anxiety and ambivalence, and that is the greatest gift of all because a life without anxiety or ambivalence is completely rendered into the world.
    4. to be happy and to have meaning in the world, you must concentrate on developing Knowledge and allow it to contribute itself where it knows it can be of the greatest benefit. This will fulfill your need for relationship and community.
    5. Developing Knowledge is a major theme in all of our discussions. Knowledge, relationships and communication permeate all true activity, true development and true progress. They give rise to your spiritual nature and destiny.
    6. If you are with the world's evolution, you will comprehend what needs to be done by you individually, and you will not condemn the world for its inevitable course. There are many people who think, "I want the world to be fun for me, and I hate the world because it is not fun for me! I will not be happy until the world is fun for me!" So, you have another miserable person in the world, blaming the world for being itself. You are the architects of the next century. The results of your labors will be experienced by your offspring. That is how each generation builds for the next.
    7. eople did not come here on vacation. Vacation is when you go Home. Then you lie on the beach-if there were a beach! No, you came here to work, to experience and to contribute. That is why your stay here is so brief.If coming to the world were a holiday, you could come for hundreds of years, but it's not a holiday. If you think it's a holiday, you will feel empty because life here cannot give you what you had before. The world does not possess the reality of your Spiritual Family, and so the intimacy and integration that are absolutely natural in your former state cannot be duplicated here completely. Yes, the world can be lots of fun, but only for those who are contributing because they are enjoying their own presence in the world. The world is bringing forth the value that they have brought with them. This is entirely natural and is no sacrifice.
    1. What is annotation as a genre? I think what he observed in the annotations was a wide range of reader responses, some highly engaging, others less clearly so.

      This question seems like it should be more specific to disciplines. What is annotation in the legal world? How about for scientists? For beginning readers?

      If I'm annotating a text to make meaning, that's different than if I'm a prof annotating a historical text to provide relevant background. The two notes have only their "noteness" in common, I'd say.

  36. Nov 2016
    1. there can be a bond that is deeper than the personalities involved and stronger than any divergent interests or orientations. This is something that transcends personal realities and has purpose and direction. This is something that is not created by the people involved but is something that they discover together. It is a discovery, and yet it is a discovery with a purpose. It is here to do something.
    2. Not everyone is meant to be in marriage-that is between husband and wife. That is not the appropriate expression of marriage for everybody. However, a relationship based upon Knowledge, recognition and purpose is meant for everyone. When you have experienced that, you will realize that your life is greater than your personality. It will be an experience that will be very confirming for you. Out of this relationship will come devotion, which is the highest expression of love in the world. Devotion is a quality that is very rare. It is not to be confused with obligation or bondage of any kind. It is a free gift that is essential to give.

      Translator's note: cf. EN "marriage" : PT "amarrar" 'to tie, to bind'

  37. Oct 2016

      Notice these headings.

      Does it remind you of other sources? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_power

      What does that tell you about the type of source?

      If this were your topic, how might you use these headings and sections to help your research?

    2. Supportersofwindenergyalsopointoutthatfargreaternumbersofbirddeaths—millionstotensofmil-lionsyearly—occurbecauseofpes-ticides,attacksbydomesticandferalcatsandcollisionswithwindows,ac-cordingtoFishandWildlifeServiceestimates

      Does the author represent multiple sides?

  38. libguides.colorado.edu libguides.colorado.edu
    1. As long as private, regional projects keep getting stymied-and as long as Clack's vision for a national system remains hypothetical-that will continue to be true.

      What does the ending tone tell you about the author's perspective and purpose?

    2. This hypothetical grid recalls the interstate highway system championed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950s.

      Author draws connection between current issues and past issues. Is he building towards a specific perspective?

    3. A spokeswoman for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas subsequently explained, "The wind died out. That happens."

      The author does not include a citation. What does that tell you?

    1. Why we still don’t understand the social aspects of wind power: A critique ofkey assumptions within the literature

      What does the title tell you about the author's purpose?

    2. The five key assumptions which will be critiqued are:1. The majority of the public supports wind power.2. Opposition to wind power is therefore deviant.3. Opponents are ignorant or misinformed.4. The reason for understanding opposition is to overcome it.5. Trust is key
    3. may provide useful references forfuture debates relating to new or emerging energy technologies.

      Does this suggest any way you might use this research and analysis?

    4. has aimed to draw critical attention to keyassumptions underpinning the extant literature relating to publicattitudes and responses to wind power

      Author restates purpose of the paper.

    5. The literature relating topublic attitudes and responses to wind power is well-establishedand the assumptions identified within this literature haveimplications for how the technology is discussed in policy andpractice fields. Ultimately it impacts on how the technology isdeveloped and how opponents to its development are perceivedand responded to.

      What does this tell you about the author's purpose?

  39. Jul 2016
    1. Page 15

      Rockwell and Sinclair on the importance of staying up-to-date on commercial developments in text mining and text-handling:

      we are practicing thinking in the humanities while the way people read, the tools of reading, and information privacy and organization are shifting around us. These shifts matter. If we continue to treat textuality as a subject, we need to understand how text can be mined.

  40. Jun 2016
  41. screen.oxfordjournals.org screen.oxfordjournals.org
    1. as been under-stood that the task of criticism is not to re-establish the ties betweenan author and his work or to reconstitute an author's thought andexperience through his works and, further, that criticism shouldconcern itself with the structures of a work, its architectonic forms,which are studied for their intrinsic and internal relationships. Y

      Thinking of new criticism here

  42. Apr 2016
    1. The opportunities are boundless,

      Wearable are something that I think are huge for the future. This article does an excellent job in showing what some of the features that can be sued with them are. It goes into the health industry and analyzes some of the pros and cons that come with wearables. This will help me in evaluating wearable technology in the more general term other than physical fitness.

    1. study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that just one-quarter of American youths currently engage in the recommended amount of daily physical activity.

      Having only a quarter of the youth in the nation participating in the recommended amount of physical activity is a reason that I am doing this topic how wearable technology. This should be a much higher percentage.

  43. Feb 2016
  44. rubenaf.weebly.com rubenaf.weebly.com
    1. purpose

      I get a sense of your purpose. I wonder if you might define your audience just a bit more, for your writerly sake :)

  45. sammiecurtin.weebly.com sammiecurtin.weebly.com
    1. I will keep y'all posted while working with these kiddos.

      I appreciate that you're speaking to me as an audience. This is also giving me a sense of how you will use this site right now (purpose), to check in and consider the road to your first position as you move through the st. ed's program.

  46. Jan 2016
    1. In this post we hope to both expand their definition of what annotation can be and inspire them to experiment with new ways of doing it

      purpose of article--a call to action.

  47. Nov 2015
    1. Do not misunderstand me. To know Who You Are, What You Are, and that You Are Where It’s All Happening is, indeed, Divine Fulfillment of Purpose. It is to be One with God. It is to flow with the Divine Energies. It is to be One and in Harmony with the Great Works of Divine Intelligence. BUT, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL!

      It is incredible yet simply as it is....

    2. I cannot make myself any clearer than to say: Paul, do not waste your time with heady trips of greatness, of holiness, of grand purpose, of fulfilling a Divine Purpose in the universal scheme of things that is outside or other than “simply existing.“ Existence is all of those things, but it is nothing “special.“ It is only by comparison with ignorance that that which is “normal” can seem special, and you will weaken yourself greatly if you indulge in such nonsense! This had better be a fundamental point in your awareness of what is happening here, or you will lose the Value.

      "It's no big deal" so to speak, it's all happening at once, always has been, it's not special, it's just becoming conscious of what is truly true always...

    1. PAUL: Thank you. How does Substance relate to health? RAJ: Health is the constituting Wholeness of Being, the Orderliness, Integrity, Indivisibility and, therefore, the Perfection of all Conscious Being. Being omnipotent in Its ability to fulfill Its Intent or Purpose, there is no delay or obstacle to that fulfillment. It is this unimpeded Omnipresencing of Substance which constitutes Supply in what is called health or Wholeness.

      "Health is the constituting Wholeness of Being, the Orderliness, Integrity, Indivisibility and, therefore, the Perfection of all Conscious Being."

      "Being omnipotent in Its ability to fulfill Its Intent or Purpose, there is no delay or obstacle to that fulfillment. It is this unimpeded Omnipresencing of Substance which constitutes Supply in what is called health or Wholeness."

    1. RAJ: The pink chrysanthemum stands as the radiant beauty of Itself as though there is no other thing going on. The image, as you see it, symbolizes the absolute disregard for the supposed existence of any other thing, purpose, or concept outside of Its purpose of radiating Its fullness, Its beauty—the fact that it is a glorious pink chrysanthemum. Being is that way. It radiates Itself, and there is no other than It.

      The pink chrysanthemum is a symbol for living Life to its fullest and to Shine Forth the abundance and beauty of your Being no matter what is demanding that you find another purpose.

      This is what it means to Love Thyself!!

      Holy Shit Batman, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!! (...forget this world, forget this Course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.)

    1. RAJ: That is a wise approach. it is only as you are fulfilling the Purpose of your Being that true progress can be made—not by attempting to fulfill the intellectually-developed ideas and concepts which you have come up with.
  48. Oct 2015
    1. The Fourth Dimension is the Governing dimension, as you are beginning to discern. There is only one thing going on, and every aspect of that one thing is perfectly harmonizing—literally the Music of the Spheres in concert—in the unfoldment of Divine Purpose.

      It's all happening at once.

    1. Existing as a material being in a three-dimensional environment is exciting, challenging, scary, but never Satisfying because it is literally to live as though One is out of One’s Mind. It is not the ultimate purpose of Man, or Being.
  49. Sep 2015
    1. do we focus on creating students who are ‘job ready’ for today, or who are ‘entrepreneurially spirited’ for the world which is likely to be on their doorstep within the next twenty years?
  50. Jul 2015
    1. In this business letter sending information

      What is the purpose of this sample letter? Try to answer this question and propose some tags in the response to characterize such purpose

  51. Sep 2014
  52. ebooks.adelaide.edu.au ebooks.adelaide.edu.au
    1. They are three-intellectual training, casual encounters, and the philosophical sciences.
  53. Feb 2014
    1. Functions of case briefing A. Case briefing helps you acquire the skills of case analysis and legal reasoning. Briefing a case helps you understand it. B. Case briefing aids your memory. Briefs help you remember the cases you read (1) for class discussion, (2) fo r end-of-semester review for final examinations, and (3) for writing and analyzing legal problems.

      Briefing a case helps you understand it and acquire skills of:

      • case analysis
      • legal reasoning

      Case briefing is good for:

      • aids memory
      • class discussion
      • end-of-semester review for final exams
      • writing and analyzing legal problems
  54. Jan 2014
    1. In a judicial opinion, the judge explains her ruling and the reasoning behind it. At its heart, an opinion is similar to a scholarly essay or even a short story. However, like any genre, the judicial opinion has some unique and unusual characteristics.

      The purpose of a judicial opinion is to explain the ruling and the reasoning behind it.

    1. Academic publishers have inverted their whole purpose for being; they used to be vehicles for the dissemination of knowledge in the most efficient way possible. Today they are useless choke points in the distribution of knowledge, even taking advantage of their positions to demand fees.
    2. There was a time when securing a contract with an academic publisher meant that the work would receive the widest audience possible.
  55. Nov 2013
    1. One might invent such a fable, and yet he still would not have adequately illustrated how miserable, how shadowy and transient, how aimless and arbitrary the human intellect looks within nature

      metaphor with the purpose of "perspective"