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  1. Nov 2023
    1. in portland we've legalized the 00:12:50 transformation of street intersections into public squares as many as any residential neighborhood wants all of them if they like and then the streets that connect the intersections together are all available now for being recreated 00:13:02 and you are able to put things in this space between the sidewalk and the curb and between the sidewalk and your property line 00:13:15 free of charge and free of permit so really what you might say liberalized the community right of way to be reinvented based on the initiative of local residents who are right 00:13:32 there
      • for: question - ordinances for street intersection transformation

      • question: ordinances for street intersection transformation

        • how easy is this to do in other cities around the world? Check with city officials.
        • cars obviously still have to get to homeowner's garages so this does not stop automobile traffic
    1. Otherwise we’d be second-guessing ourselves at every moment: Who is deciding to buy a house or have a child? FV: That’s right. Every decision would be suspect. So evolution has designed you so that you just want to hurry on with your solidified self. That is what the sense of being a separate organism is all about.
      • for: self awareness of no-self, adjacency - evolution - no-self - Fransisco Verella, quote - Fransisco Verella, quote - evolution - solidified self, question - awakening to no-self

      • quote: Fransisco Verella

        • Evolution has designed you so that you just want to hurry on with your solidified self. They is what the sense of being a separate organism is about.
      • date: 1999

      • comment

        • Verella claims evolution has designed us to have no self awareness of no-self, the origins of the self.
        • even this phrase seems like an oxymoron 'self awareness of no-self!'
      • question
        • how would a less complex, more primitive life form even have self awareness? What does that mean biologically? At that most rudimentary level, I suppose it would mean sensory feedback signals,
      • question
        • Does this imply that (emotionally or affectively) awakening to your origins of self leads to second guessing ourselves as well? From observation of the behaviour of awakened individuals, this does not seem to be the case. Rather, authentically awakens individuals appear to be associated with much higher levels of wisdom and compassion, which would seem to confer evolutionary fitness
    1. C'est pourquoi l'étude des comportements des usagers est à ce point essentielle pour l'entreprise, qui peut ainsi répondre à leurs besoins, voire les anticiper.

      Est-il question ici des publicités ciblées et des cookies ou parle-t-on ici d'autres manières de traquer l'activité des utilisateurs?

    2. En effet, tous deux ne sont plus que des acteurs parmi d'autres du processus éditorial, qui s'élargit considérablement.

      Par ailleurs, plusieurs acteurs sont tout de même mobilisés dans le processus de l'édition papier. Est-il vraiment question d'une réalité nouvelle, ou bien s'accentue-t-elle simplement?

    1. you can train them it has memory you can train it you can take a a trained one and a naive one and fuse them they 00:39:24 they'll fuse together and then the memory sort of propagates and the naive one will now remember you know have the memory that that the other one had um no nerves no no brain um single cell
      • for: Michael Levin - slime mold experiment, question - new theory of consciousness from a single cell

      • question

        • is it possible that a theory can be constructed to explain consciousness from the behavior of a single cell organism such as a slime mold?
    1. the answer to the question what is experience is rather simple my experience is made of the sensations 00:10:43 feelings emotions thoughts and actions that i live instant after instant
      • for: definition, definition of experience, question, question - what is experience?

      • question : experience

        • what use experience?

      definition: experience - it just the sum of the sensations feelings emotions thoughts and actions that i live instant after instant

    1. white categorisation should be critically debated, as the term ethnicity is socially constructed,and people may have multiple identities.

      this is a wonderful point as those deemed white in the Uk I wonder are actually white or white presenting with different ethnics backgrounds. Especially since this is based on self identification.

    1. 12. Building Blocks

      What do you predict are the building blocks that author Tough is writing about in this chapter?

    2. In reality, though, many schools and school systems look at students who are struggling in those areas and instead think: How do we discipline them?

      Based on your SL experiences, do you agree that most schools prioritze discipling rather than helping kids to attach, bond, deal with stress, and self-regulate?

    3. 13. Discipline

      Why do you predict that author Tough is starting our consideration of helping to build necessary skills and mindsets with a chapter on DISCIPLINE?

    4. Which means that when children arrive in kindergarten without these foundational skills, there are often few resources in place to help kids develop them, and school administrators are often at a loss to know how to help.

      What are the FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS that author Tough is referring to?

    5. hat creates more stress, which often feeds into behavior problems, which leads, in the classroom, to stigmatization and punishment, which keeps their stress levels elevated, which makes it still harder to concentrate — and so on, and so on, throughout elementary school.

      How do we break this doom loop?

  2. Oct 2023
    1. de composant remplaçable

      que voulez-vous dire par "en disposant de composant remplaçable"?

    2. chaîne, système, forge

      Pourquoi les mots sont-ils barrés ?

    1. Performing optimization in the latent space can more flexibly model underlying data distributions than mechanistic approaches in the original hypothesis space. However, extrapolative prediction in sparsely explored regions of the hypothesis space can be poor. In many scientific disciplines, hypothesis spaces can be vastly larger than what can be examined through experimentation. For instance, it is estimated that there are approximately 1060 molecules, whereas even the largest chemical libraries contain fewer than 1010 molecules12,159. Therefore, there is a pressing need for methods to efficiently search through and identify high-quality candidate solutions in these largely unexplored regions.

      Question: how does this notion of hypothesis space relate to causal inference and reasoning?

    2. Applications of symbolic regression in physics use grammar VAEs150. These models represent discrete symbolic expressions as parse trees using context-free grammar and map the trees into a differentiable latent space. Bayesian optimization is then employed to optimize the latent space for symbolic laws while ensuring that the expressions are syntactically valid. In a related study, Brunton and colleagues151 introduced a method for differentiating symbolic rules by assigning trainable weights to predefined basis functions. Sparse regression was used to select a linear combination of the basis functions that accurately represented the dynamic system while maintaining compactness. Unlike equivariant neural networks, which use a predefined inductive bias to enforce symmetry, symmetry can be discovered as the characteristic behaviour of a domain. For instance, Liu and Tegmark152 described asymmetry as a smooth loss function and minimized the loss function to extract previously unknown symmetries. This approach was applied to uncover hidden symmetries in black-hole waveform datasets, revealing unexpected space–time structures that were historically challenging to find.

      This seems very important, even though I only understand half of it. My question is, can similar approaches be used to apply to planning in complex domains or to meaning and truth in language?

    3. Another approach for using neural networks to solve mathematical problems is transforming a mathematical formula into a binary sequence of symbols. A neural network policy can then probabilistically and sequentially grow the sequence one binary character at a time6. By designing a reward that measures the ability to refute the conjecture, this approach can find a refutation to a mathematical conjecture without prior knowledge about the mathematical problem.

      A nice idea to learn a formula of symbols which can be evaluated logically for truth. But do they mention more general approaches such as using SAT solvers for this task? See Vijay Ganesh work.

    1. quels sont les moyens dont dispose le Centre Départemental de ressources pour la prévention des violences sexuelles et de la maltraitance dans la mise en mot de la parole du mineur
    1. I don't understand the distinction between quality and state.

      Now that I mention it, neither do I. What's the difference between a quality and a state?

    1. imagine a world of unenclosable carriers in which consumers are empowered to reinvent incentive structures that encourage the existence of the nutrition they actually want
      • for: question - unencloseable carriers

      • question: unencloseable carriers

        • what can they do for food supply system?
        • they can allow consumers to invent an incentive structure based on healthy nutritious food
    1. Where is the discussion section, and what are the next steps with this research?

    2. Do we know what the outcomes of singing and lyrical music is, it seemed to mainly talk about instrumental

    3. What causes neuroplasticity and neurogenesis? Because even though music stimulates those areas, if it's not over a prolonged period, what would cause that?

    4. What are the long term effects of this? Do they have to keep up with the therapy to keep the results, or are the impacts long lasting.

      I saw there was a couple studies that said the effects lasted into a 1 month checkup, but I didn't know if that was the behavioral impact, or also physiological?

    5. PTSD shows hyperactivity in the amygdala, so how does music stimulation help if it's already hyper stimulated?

    6. This study specifically mentions Chinese and Western music as being effective, do you know if they tried other types of music to prove they weren't as effective, or are these the only they tried?

    7. Most studies use music that "contains simple repetitive rhythms, low pitch, slow tempos, harmony, and lack percussive instruments and vocals"

      Story and Beck (2017) reported classical music as a coping tool that helped regulate emotions, but only used percussive instruments (xylophones, maracas, indian bells, tone bars, etc.)

      Are differences in effect tied to the instrumental medium?

    8. Paper mentions the difference that different styles and genres of music have on individuals: ex: western and country are sedative, while chinese classical reduced anxiety and postoperative pain

      Is your research taking genres into consideration when looking at your results?



  3. Sep 2023
    1. 20th volume

      When will this be released? What does forthcoming mean in the Law Library?



    1. Unspecified

      Patients with a race value, but it is not useful for analysis. I am considering this missing if we have unspecified. Do you want me to keep it like that?

    1. How are the potentially selfish interests of individuals overcome to form mutually dependent cooperative groups? We can then ask whether there are any similarities across transitions in the answers to this problem.
      • for: key question, key question - multi-scale competency architecture, MET, major evolutionary transition
    1. we were once just physics all 00:02:27 of us were not just in an evolutionary sense but really in a developmental sense and you can watch it happen in front of your eyes so from that perspective i think developmental biology is is uh you know it's why i switched from doing computation in in sort of silicon medium to computation 00:02:40 and living media but i am fundamentally interested not just in questions of cells and why they do things but in morphogenesis or or pattern formation as an example of the appearance of mind from matter that's really right to me developmental biology is the most 00:02:53 magical process there is because it literally in front of your eyes takes you from from matter to mind you can see it happen
      • for: question, question - hard problem of consciousness, question - Micheal Levin - Michel Bitbol

      • question

        • What would Michel Bitbol think of what Michael Levin claims here?
        • What does Michel Bitbol think about Michael Levin's research and the hard problem of consciousness?
    1. The epoche is always performed and we don't know it. We don't realize it. 00:19:42 This was said, for instance, by Michel Henry. But maybe even more strikingly by Jean-Paul Sartre in his book, The Transcendence Of The Ego
      • for: epoche - Jean Paul Satre, epoche, question, question - epoche - symbolosphere, Jean-Paul Satre - Nausea
      • paraphrase
        • Jean-Paul Satre
          • The Transcendence of the Ego
          • Nausea (book)
        • both the subject and object are cocreated and emerge simultaneously
      • definition start
        • Bitbol calls this "symmetrical effort"
      • definition end
        • it takes symmetrical effort to
          • extract invariance from experience (objectification and object permanence)
          • stabilize an experiencing pole (construction of self)
        • when some event causes
      • example: epoche
        • reading a book on history
        • you suddenly realize there is no past, no medieval events, just black marks on paper (or on a screen)
      • question
        • Is realizing the epoche the same as realizing the symbolosphere?
    2. according to Husserl, the epoche is dramatic. It's something that changes suddenly your state of consciousness. It's not something cheap. He says, phenomenology implies a complete 00:17:02 self-transformation which can be compared to a religious conversion. You see things completely differently when you have performed an epoche. This epoche is radical. It's immediate and so on.
      • for: adjacency, adjacency - epoche - enlightenment, epoche, question, question - epoche and enlightenment

      • adjacency between

        • epoche
        • enlightenment
      • adjacency statment:
      • question
        • Is epoche the same as an enlightenment experience?
        • Did Husserl develop any techniques or trainings in epoche?
    1. better health, better security, better economy, secure job, better... Simply a more modern, attractive life.
      • for: Johan Rockstrom - wellbeing economy, wellbeing economy, green growth, degrowth, question, question - Johan Rockstrom - green growth or degrowth?
      • question
        • Does Johan Rockstrom advocate for a green economy or degrowth?
        • He would seem to be arguing for green growth as degrowth, if not done extremely carefully, can result in a drop in wellbeing.
        • How does he see this taking place when the elites perceive that they have the most (at least materially) to give up? Is there a contradiction here?
    2. So all of these are necessary wedges to add to have a chance of delivering 1.5, if you assume, what I think my IPCC colleagues would call an orderly phase out of the fossil fuel economy. But, of course, I would like to turn that around to say, well let's take an Earth system perspective on this, 00:22:02 and just look at the tipping points, the buffering capacities, how the planetary boundaries are doing, and build it up from that perspective. And then you end up with the result that shows that the budget is gone.
      • for: more aggressive target, question, question - fossil fuel phase out
      • comment

        • the current approach sets a target of 1.5 Deg C to reach,
        • the science needs to continuously update the policy.
        • Unfortunately, this means our target will need to be LESS THAN 1.5 Deg C
      • question

        • if there is no budget left anymore, that puts politicians in a bind in how to achieve an orderly phase out.
        • nobody seems to have the answer
        • what do we do?
    3. people generally don't recognize is that forest across the planet has responded in a tremendously helpful way 00:16:29 by absorbing roughly 25% of carbon dioxide from our fossil fuel burning. And we generally talk about this as a positive. "Isn't that fantastic!" But, in reality, it's a stress response.
      • for: carbon sinks, carbon sinks - oceans, carbon sinks - forests, stats, stats, forest carbon sink, stats - ocean carbon sink, question, question - when do carbon sinks turn into carbon sources?
      • stats

        • forests are absorbing 25% of carbon dioxide emissions
        • oceans are absorbing 50% of carbon dioxide emissions
        • these are stressing these carbon sinks
      • question

        • how much longer can they absorb without unintended consequences playing out?
    4. these are not represented in the models, they're not in the global carbon budget estimates, they're not in the IPCC.
      • for: carbon budget - underestimate, IPCC - underestimate, 1.5Deg C - underestimate, question, question - revise 1.5 Deg C target downwards?
      • highlight

        • the 1.5 Deg C target does not account for cascading tipping points. In fact the cascading tipping point research is not accounted for in any of:
          • current climate models
          • global carbon estimates
          • IPCC
        • the implications are that the carbon budget is even smaller than the current number.
        • the implications are that 1.5 Deg C is not the threshold we should be aiming for, but even less. We are now at 1.2 so it has to be 1.3 or 1.4.
      • question

        • Given the underestimates, should the target actually be revised downwards to 1.3 or 1.4 deg C?
    1. multiscale competency architecture of life
      • for: definition, definition - multiscale competency architecture of life, multiscale competency architecture of life, superorganism, MET, major evolutionary transition, question, question - multiscale competency architecture
      • definition: multiscale competency architecture of life
      • paraphrase

        • The multiscale competency architecture of life is a hypothesis about the scaling of cognition, seeing complex system-level behaviors in any space as the
          • within-level and
          • across-level
        • competition and
        • cooperation
        • among the various
          • subunits and
          • partitions
        • of composite agents (i.e., all agents).
        • The generalization of problem spaces beyond the traditional 3D space of “behavior” into other, virtual problem spaces is essential for understanding evolution of basal cognition.
        • Living things
          • first solved problems in metabolic space, and evolution then pivoted the same kinds of strategies to
          • solve problems in
            • physiological,
            • transcriptional, and
            • anatomical space,
          • before speed-optimizing these dynamics to enable rapid behavior in 3D space.
        • Since every cognitive agent is made of parts, it is essential to have a theory about how
          • numerous goal-seeking agents link together into
          • a new, larger cognitive system that is novel and not present in any of the subunits.
      • comment

      • adjacency between:
        • multiscale competency architecture
        • superorganism
      • adjacency statement

        • The concept of multiscale competency architecture is a useful one for considering and organizing the effects of Major Evolutionary Transitions (METs) over evolutionary timescales.
        • It links and locates the normative scale in which human consciousness exists to the lower scales of cells and subcellular life below, and to society as a social superorganism above.
        • it shows that each human INTERbeing / INTERbeCOMing is not isolated, but is part of a multiscale nexus / gestalt
        • I've incorporated this into my SRG presentation.
      • question

        • is there research on signaling mechanisms exist between different levels?
          • in another part of the paper, there is discussion of gap junctions as a way to cohere individual cells into group functionality
          • in particular, is there a way for humans consciousness to communicate with lower levels of its body? ie. to tissues, cells or subcellular structures?
        • Could the Bodhisattva vow be extended not only at the level of the social superorganism of groups of individual multicellular beings, but also downwards in the multiscale competency architecture to all the trillions of cells and microbes that inhabit each multicellular planetary body?
          • if it can, it can be interpreted as taking care of your body through
            • healthy exercise
            • healthy sleep
            • healthy diet
            • healthy thoughts and emotions
            • no self-harm
            • self love but not conceit
        • what are the exact biological and evolutionary mechanisms that allow for coherence of individual organisms at the various levels of the multiscale competency architecture and can they be extended to apply to the scale of humans within a social superorganism scale?
        • could love be another word for care drive that applies to all the different scales of the multiscale competency architecture?
        • do feelings of love and compassion propagate downwards through the multiscale competency architecture and find analogous expression in the appropriate spaces?
      • reference
    2. gap junctions
      • for: gap junctions, multicellular cohesion, multicellular unity, MET, major evolutionary transition, group to individual, group glue
      • comment

        • gap junctions play a critical role in cohering a group of cells together
        • hence they might be considered a kind of "cellular glue" which fosters evolutionary fitness by incentifying individual organisms to beneficially socially interact with other individual organisms
      • question

        • do gap junctions play a role in major evolutionary transition (MET)?
      • adjacency between

        • gap junction
        • cancer
        • MET
        • individual to group
      • adjacency statement
        • gap junctions may play a role in major evolutionary transition, enabling individual cells to unite into a group, leading to the evolution of multicellular organisms. Investigate and do literature review to see if this is the case.
    3. Given that intelligent behavior does not require traditional brains [16,18], and can take place in many spaces besides the familiar 3D space of motile behavior (e.g., physiological, metabolic, anatomical, and other kinds of problem spaces), how can we develop rigorous formalisms for recognizing, designing, and relating to truly diverse intelligences?
      • for: key question
      • key question
      • paraphrase
        • Given that
          • intelligent behavior does not require traditional brains, and
          • can take place in many spaces besides the familiar 3D space of motile behavior, for example
            • physiological space,
            • metabolic space,
            • anatomical space, and
            • other kinds of problem spaces,
          • how can we develop rigorous formalisms for
            • recognizing,
            • designing, and
            • relating
          • to truly diverse intelligences?
    1. We propose a novel relativistic theory of consciousness in which consciousness is not an absolute property but a relative one.
      • paraphrase

        • A common thread connecting both extremes of dualism and illusionism is that both assume that phenomenal consciousness is an absolute phenomenon,
          • wherein an object O evinces either property P or ¬P.
        • We will show that we need to abandon this assumption.
        • The relativistic principle in modern physics posits a universe in which for many properties an object O evinces either property P or ¬P with respect to some observer X.
        • In such a situation, there is no one answer to the question of whether object O has property P or not.
      • question

        • how does this argue against the privacy of phenomena?
        • it argues against it in the sense that it isn't needed. What is interpreted as private is simply the experience from one relative frame of reference.
    2. In order to solve this paradox, we need to explain two aspects of consciousness: How there could be natural phenomena that are private and thus independent of physical processes (or how come they seem private), and what the exact relationship between cognitive content and phenomenal consciousness is.
      • for: key question, key question - hard problem of consciousness
      • key questions
        • how could there be natural phenomena that are private and thus independent of physical processes
          • or how come they seem private?
        • what is the exact relationship between cognitive content and phenomenal consciousness?
    3. The zombie has functional consciousness, i.e., all the physical and functional conscious processes studied by scientists, such as global informational access. But there would be nothing it is like to have that global informational access and to be that zombie. All that the zombie cognitive system requires is the capacity to produce phenomenal judgments that it can later report.
      • for: AI - consciousness, zombies, question, question - AI - zombie
      • question: AI
        • is AI a zombie?
        • It would seem that by interviewing AI, there would be no way to tell if it's a zombie or not
          • AI would say all the right things that would try to convince you that it's not a zombie
    4. Phenomenal consciousness is only seemingly private because in order to measure it one needs to be in the appropriate cognitive frame of reference. It is not a simple transformation to change from a third-person cognitive frame of reference to the first-person frame, but in principle it can be done, and hence phenomenal consciousness isn’t private anymore.
      • for: relativistic theory of consciousness, question, question - shifting cognitive frames
      • question
        • How is this transformation done?
    1. the conjunction of those two claims the properties exist even when they're not perceived even when they're not measured and they have influences that propagate no faster 00:06:57 than the speed of light that's local realism and local realism is false
      • for: objectivism, materialism, question, question - materialism, question - objectivism, if a tree falls in the forest
      • question
        • How would Donald respond to the question:
          • If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear?
          • Does he hold the same view as modern consensus of quantum physics?
    1. how Minds can exist in the universe how they interact with their 00:04:08 bodies how Minds scale from the Primitive kinds of um metabolic and other competencies of single cells to the emergent mind of the of the body and then of the of the whole 00:04:21 organism in a behavioral sense and uh this the scaling embodiment and uh communication is is at the root of everything
      • for: research goal - Michael Levin, embodied mind
      • question: what is the main question that motivates Michael Levin's research?
      • answer: one fundamental question that he has been interested in since he was a child is the issue of embodied minds:
        • how minds can exist in the universe
        • how they interact with their bodies
        • how minds scale
          • from the primitive kinds of metabolic and other competencies of single cells
          • to the emergent mind of the of the body and then of the whole organism in a behavioral sense
        • This the scaling embodiment and communication at the root of all fields of biology
    1. The dualism of scientific materialism and its one-person psychologies are arguably complicit in much of the psychological and social damage we are now recognising.
      • for: dualism, dualism - psychology, unintended consequences, unintended consequences - dualism in psychology, progress trap, progress trap - dualism in psychology

      • paraphrase

        • The dualism of scientific materialism gives rise to one-person psychologies
          • and are arguably complicit in much of the psychological and social damage we are now recognising.
        • For instance, a good deal of the historical denial of the role of psychological and social trauma has been traced
          • back to the Freudian model’s almost exclusive focus on the internal world;
            • the actual impact of others and society has been, as a result, relatively ignored.
        • Modern psychiatry, which accepts the same philosophical model but changes the level of explanation, is just as culpable.
        • Likewise CBT, with its focus on dysfunctional thought patterns and rational remedies administered from the outside, also follows the same misguided philosophy.
      • question

        • what are concrete ways this has caused harm?
      • future work
        • perform literature review on case studies where Winnicott's approach has been a more constructive therapeutic one
    1. The proliferation of interconnected files is an attempt to answer the perennial and ultimately unanswerable question of why this incident happened

      Would it be wrong to say that the reason that we find these stories fascinating is because we hope to see them answer the question? Any answer to a related question seems like it would help to quell our own anxieties about sudden violence in our own lives. How broadly does this extend to any type of navigation and gathering of information?

    1. I want my poems to exist independently of me, to be new objects in the world, like paintings or sculptures, not expressions of myself or my intentions. Obviously my self, my feelings, my thoughts, and, yes, my intentions are part of the material that makes up those objects. But if the poem is successful, they are just that: artistic material

      .I wonder if this is the goal for all authors,

    2. Words, phrases, lines, and images come to me, though obviously I work and rework the material given to me. In many of my poems I am assembling and manipulating lines and phrases I've accumulated over a period of time that seem to go together: writing the poem is my way of figuring out how they go together.

      Could this statement tie into the timeless time aspect? I only know what I am writing once I get lost and it's complete. Some of my best essays emerge when I find the evidence and form my reasoning while writing—like thinking on the page.

    1. Just Energy Transition Partnerships, or JETPs, an attempt to catalyze global finance for emerging economies looking to shift energy reliance away from fossil fuels in a way that doesn’t leave certain people and communities behind.
      • for: Just transition, Just Energy Transition, Just Energy Transition partnerships, JETP
      • Question

        • How does JETP fit into the global transition in terms of:

          • speed
          • climate justice
          • decolonialism
        • Is net zero enough?

    1. The results of folic acid measurements vary depending on the assay method used. Decreased serum folic acid levels (less than 4 ng/mL [9 nmol/L]) indicate a folate deficiency anemia that may coexist with a vitamin B12–deficiency anemia. Erythrocyte folic acid levels are less variable than serum levels because they are slow to decrease in an acute process such as drug-induced folic acid deficiency and slow to increase with oral folic acid replacement. In addition, erythrocyte folic acid levels have the theoretical advantage of less susceptibility to rapid changes in diet and alcohol intake. Limitations with sensitivity and specificity do exist with measurements of erythrocyte folate. If the serum folate concentration is normal for a patient with suspected folate deficiency, then the erythrocyte folate level should be measured.

      what? i cant comprehend this paragraphhhhhh. well im not really trying but i need to come back to it later

    1. Different brain-imaging techniques provide scientists with insight into different aspects of how the human brain functions.

      The content here is scant. This is listed as a Student Outcome, so is there some additional content we need to supplement future assessment questions?

  4. Aug 2023
    1. near-term forecasts of this event were good, albeit underestimating the magnitude of the maximum temperatures.
      • for: weather prediction, climate prediction, Pacific Northwest heatwave, comment, question, question - Pacific Northwest heatwave
      • paraphrase
        • near-term forecasts of this event were good, albeit underestimating the magnitude of the maximum temperatures.
      • comment
      • question
        • could appropriate measures have been in taken, our were the predicted temperature so far off that appropriate measures could not be recommended?
        • in particular, with the mass dieoff from the marine heatwave of an estimate billion marines organisms due to:
          • low tide,
          • high surface air temperature and
          • elevated ocean temperatures,
        • could interventions have been organized such as:
          • increasing dissolved oxygen levels in parts of the ocean dense with sea life or
          • soaking shellfish exposed to extreme sea surface temperature?
        • what are the future impacts in terms of biodiversity loss and extinction?
    1. To err on the side of caution, are there phrases that can be used in lieu of a verbatim report of hadith when trying to reassure, remind or correct someone? For example, can one say "there is a hadith that says you shouldn't do this...,or you should do that ..., or you can't do this....or you can do that?" Is this permissible or prohibited?

    2. Alima Muhsina: Is it correct to conclude that it is more important to report hadith accurately than to know it or are they equally important?

    1. I have a few questions I have about these multiple organizations: Do you think if these neighbors look-outs were for a genuine salary, who it incentivizes more people to become active in their community to keep it safe?

      Another is, do you think there can be any improvements to these organization's operation on handling these cases? (ex: more partnerships with other organizations)

    1. It is not uncommon to hear talk about how lucky we are to live in this age of scientific and medical advancement where antibiotics and vaccinations keep us living longer, while our poor ancient ancestors were lucky to live past the age of 35. Well this is not quite true. At best, it oversimplifies a complex issue, and at worst it is a blatant misrepresentation of statistics. Did ancient humans really just drop dead as they were entering their prime, or did some live long enough to see a wrinkle on their face?
      • for: life expectancy, human life expectancy, life expectancy - myth, life expectancy - ancestors
      • paraphrase
        • It is not uncommon to hear talk about how lucky we are to live in this age of scientific and medical advancement
          • where antibiotics and vaccinations keep us living longer, while our poor ancient ancestors were lucky to live past the age of 35.
        • This is not quite true:
          • at best, it oversimplifies a complex issue, and
          • at worst it is a blatant misrepresentation of statistics.
      • key question
        • What happened?
          • Did ancient humans really just drop dead as they were entering their prime, or
          • Did some live long enough to see a wrinkle on their face?
    1. hat kinds of individuals or teams or communities or systems cognitively are like the early canary in 00:39:47 the coal mine that you think are ready to transform or somebody who like might hear something about a system they're involved in and think actually yeah that sounds like my organization or self might be at this sort of transition 00:39:58 point
      • for: early adopters, social tipping points, wide bridges
      • question
      • paraphrase
        • who are the envisioned early adopters?
          • there are numerous experiments going on everywhere
          • new digital currencies
          • new types of democratic systems
          • new kinds of economic system proposals
          • existing communities may have a few thousand members, but can be exponentially grown to hundreds of millions
          • lots of small prototypes being built right now, we find the optimal ones and scale those
    1. ActiveStorage has a different approach than what is suggested by @dhh here. The idea there seems to be to rule out a default and to explicitly set ActiveStorage::Current.url_options or by include ActiveStorage::SetCurrent. I don't understand why and asked about it in the Rails Forum. Maybe someone here can point out why we don't use a sensible default in ActiveStorage?
    1. the way we think about a decentralized city is that it's not all in one place um and so if you know you think about cities being built around the dominant technology of the 00:10:37 era uh for the past century that was cars we want to build cities around the dominant technology of this century which is the internet and blockchains and we think how that works is that people will be connected through this 00:10:51 mesh network online and through the dow but then they will actually live in you know physical locations that are spread out all over the world you can think of each of those as like a neighborhood in the city
      • for: definition, definition - decentralized city, decentralized city, network city, definition - network city, question, question - decentralized city, question - network city
      • definition
        • decentralized city
        • network city
          • a virtual city united by rules of governance for its members via the internet but with physical buildings and infrastructure all over the planet. Each physical location is considered a neighborhood of the decentralized or network city
      • questions
        • does this mean that each networked city is really only defined by its membership and virtual governance framework?
        • these physical settlements would still have to abide by the bylaws of the actual physical location (ie. ward or district of a city) they are located in
    1. sense of self is a construct a psychological and social construct it's something it's not something that 00:06:42 infants are born with it's actually something that develops as we grow up our caregivers look into our eyes give us a name that we learned to identify with and also basically we learn to see 00:06:59 ourselves as they see us we inte
      • for: self, constructing reality, constructed self, constructed reality, constructing the sense of self, self and other, nonduality, duality, insecurable, comment, question

      • paraphrase

        • sense of self is a construct
        • a psychological and social construct
        • it's not something that infants are born with
          • it's actually something that develops as we grow up
        • our caregivers look into our eyes
          • give us a name that we learned to identify with and
          • also basically we learn to see ourselves as they see us
            • we internalize that which is why we are so preoccupied with what other people think about
          • we learned to use language in certain ways
            • mine
            • you
            • yours
            • his
            • hers and so forth
          • that's all very essential to it
        • so we could say that the sense of self is being a construct
        • it's composed of mostly habitual ways of
          • thinking
          • feeling
          • acting
          • reacting
          • remembering
          • planning and
          • tending
        • it's the way that these mostly habitual processes work together re-enforce each other
        • but does that give us insight into what the fundamental problem is?
      • I think it does and here's what it is as I understand it
        • because the sense of self is a construct
          • because it doesn't refer it
          • doesn't depend on it
          • doesn't point back to a real self that has any self-reality or or self-identity
      • this sense of self by virtue of its lack of essence is inherently uncomfortable

        • we can say it's basically inherently insecure
        • in fact it's not only insecure but it's insecurable
      • comment

      • question
        • I agree with David's analysis but also have a question for him:
          • what about the biological, evolutionary definition of the self of a living organism. Is there a contradiction here?
          • reference
            • Major Evolutionary Transitions occur when a group of individuated living organisms achieve greater fitness by mutualism and begin to reproduce together as a new unit
              • How do we harmonize the claim of a psychologically constructed self with this evolutionary formation of new biological SELF units through MET?
  5. Jul 2023
    1. I wish there was a certain question 01:22:26 that was asked to people who wanted to wield immense amounts of power that is often not asked. And that question is this. What would it take for you to think that you are no longer necessary in power?
      • critical question for all top leaders
        • I wish there was a certain question that was asked to people who wanted to wield immense amounts of power that is often not asked. And that question is this.
          • What would it take for you to think that you are no longer necessary in power?
        • In other words, what is the goal that you want to achieve with your power,
          • that if you were to achieve it, you would think it's time to step down?
        • And the reason that question is so important is because
          • it would cause most politicians to freeze like deer in the headlights.
        • They've never thought about it.
        • For them, power is the goal.
        • It would expose them as having never thought about it.
        • And for those who do actually answer that question, they would put themselves on the record as what they think their power is for, such that if they actually achieve it, they can retire.
        • And I think that's something that would be a great screening mechanism to see how people answer that question.
        • Most power-hungry people in leadership positions think, "I am God's gift to power, and therefore I should inhabit this role as long as I can stay here,"
          • which is why dictators cling to power as long as they can.
    2. Why is it that despite incredible 21st century advances in every realm of medicine and science and so on, we still are stuck with all the wrong people in charge of our lives?
      • Key question
        • Why is it that despite incredible 21st century advances in every realm of medicine and science and so on,
          • we still are stuck with all the wrong people in charge of our lives?
    1. According to experts, time will increase the thousands of dead 500 times more than in Hiroshima.

      What are the benefits, limitations, and ethical implications of comparing catastrophes?

      You may wish to consider this note as you formulate your response.

      Please reply directly to this annotation.

    2. the doctor transplants     bone marrow to him, because he is a human.

      What might ethical scientific engagement look like in the aftermath of catastrophe? How do these poems represent science and medicine in relation to Chernobyl?

      You may wish to consider the following annotations, among others, to inform your response.

      Doctor Gale


      Is it the fault of science?

    3. from one problem to the next. We have the alphabet of death: N. P. S.

      Do you think that transnational catastrophes require us to reevaluate the limitations and possibilities of language and communication? In the face of the "alphabet of death," what can writers, artists, and scientists do to respond to catastrophes in a way that is productive but not reductive?

      Please reply directly to this annotation.

    4. One day after the destruction in Sweden they found, boundary radiation; the same in Finland as in Germany, too.

      How do these poems place Chernobyl within the context of international politics? How are catastrophes instrumentalized, and by whom?

      You may wish to consider the following annotations to inform your response:


      The radioactive cloud

      Hiroshima and Chernobyl

      Science versus humanity

      Please reply to this annotation with your response.

    5. Was all that existed to control such an explosion an Iron Curtain?

      Who has the right and the responsibility to write about and reflect on Chernobyl and other disasters? How do these poems complicate your understanding of the categories of victim, witness, and perpetrator?

      Please reply directly to this annotation.

    6. Why does he look exhausted         in the ward? Not for gold, not for a check. Because he shielded the     dear children         himself; because he is     a human. When     the robot could not         shut down the troubles, he stepped into the contaminated compartment.

      How is heroism represented across these three poems? Who is depicted as a hero, and what are the potential implications of these characterizations for our understanding of the Chernobyl catastrophe?

      You may wish to consider the following annotations to inform your response:

      They did not share it

      God is in . . .


      Doctor Gale / The man who flew into Russia

      Robots and liquidators

      Please respond directly to this annotation.

    7. I believe he will not die, he – the people, because he is a human.

      How does the ending of this poem fit into the focus on individual and collective accountability for Chernobyl that is developed throughout the rest of the text?

      Please reply directly to this annotation.

    1. changes in the institute with pass/fail types of things

      I wonder what new changes happened to pass/fail rule?

    1. we are left with questions of how to split the burden of collectively staying within the PBs. To know if e.g. a person or a company is absolute environmentally sustainable, we need to know that person’s or the company’s assigned SoSOS. How to determine a person’s or a company’s assigned SoSOS is not only normative, but essentially a question of distributive justice.
      • question
        • how to we split the burden of collectively staying within the PBs?
        • To know if e.g. a person or a company is absolute environmentally sustainable,
          • we need to know that person’s or the company’s assigned SoSOS.
        • How to determine a person’s or a company’s assigned SoSOS is not only normative,
          • but essentially a question of distributive justice.
    1. An intriguing possibil-ity suggested by the authors of the study and extendedby Iacoboni (2006) is that the failure to modulate thedefault network in ASD is driven by differential cog-nitive mentation during rest, specifically a lack of self-referential processing.

      Wonder if the "lack of self-referential processing" would imply a weaker sense of self/ego? Or maybe it's more related to the lack of internal (particularly bodily and emotional) awareness?

    1. fbs is added fbs prevents the replicating stem cells from committing suicide normally cells have a mechanism that tells them they're 00:06:29 growing in the wrong place and shuts it down this is normally a good thing and keeps different parts of the body developing properly but when cells are growing in a metal tank and not a body this warning system 00:06:42 needs to be turned off and for whatever reason fbs works almost completely universally when added to any type of cell
      • potential progress trap

        • in vivo, an animal body has a mechanism to turn off stem cells when they are growing in the wrong place in the body. This regulates the body to grow properly.
        • in lab grown meat, an artificial in vitro environment is created for the stem cells and they are encouraged to keep growing continuously (some critics compare this to cancerous growth)
        • for UNKNOWN REASONS, FSB seems to prevent the mechanism from turning off cell growth, no matter what animal food species.
        • the worrying thing here is that the scientific community does not know why FSB has this behavior.
      • Question

        • What are the views of the regulatory agencies that have passed Lab grown meat on this subject?
    2. there's one glaring problem here 00:05:11 with creating this animal-free meat it's not actually animal-free that special fbs serum i just mentioned that stands for fetal bovine serum which is collected from the dying fetuses of 00:05:25 slaughtered cows
      • potential progress trap
        • FBS
          • Fetal Bovine Serum
      • This is used for the growth of all kinds of stem cells, not just those from cows

        • We do not know the full implications of mixing FBS from cows with all other species
      • Question

        • What are the views of the regulatory agencies that have passed Lab grown meat on this subject?
    1. supervise the Board
      • Question
        • What does supervising mean? Give some concrete examples please.
      • Question
        • Is there any clauses for liabilities if kits or equipment we manufacture are incorrectly built or used, or not maintained correctly and an accident happens?
    3. 5.9 provide appropriate education and training and support to members, elected representativesand employees of the Co-operative;
      • Question
        • Could the cooperative also provide education to neighboring communities with the purpose of assisting other communities to form their own cooperatives and spread the cooperative model across the country?
        • Also, could the cooperative form partnerships or other business relationships that benefit the cooperative?
    4. Patronage dividend distribution according to how much each member has used the co-proportion” op's services, bears to the value of the transactions conducted by all themembers during the same period with or through the Co-operative
      • This definition is not so clear to JGW.
  6. Jun 2023
  7. viva.pressbooks.pub viva.pressbooks.pub
    1. -

      What are these hyphens for?

    2. sections below.

      Comments about the musescore example: There is a "T" in all the German terms but it's not defined. I'm guessing it means tonic, but it would be good to clarify that.

      Grade 2: The UFM, USM, LFM, LSM labels are all underneath the starting chord but it seems like it should be under the second chord. It currently looks like C major is getting a bunch of different names.

      What does the "M" stand for? Mediant? I thought it was Major, but then it also occurred for minor, but the disjunct category doesn't have "M" anymore.

      Might be better to break this example into three separate examples and place them in the appropriate section below. It's nice to have everything in on example, but it's also information overload.

    3. tonic

      Is this only limited to tonic chords? I though it was just about relationships between chord roots regardless of scale.

    1. I’ve heard-suggested that ActiveSupport, which does a ton of monkey-patching of core classes, would make potentially-nice refinements. I don’t hold this opinion strongly, but I disagree with that idea. A big value proposition of ActiveSupport is that it is “omnipresent” and sets a new baseline for ruby behaviors - as such, being global really makes the most sense. I don’t know that anyone would be pleased to sprinkle using ActiveSupport in all their files that use it - they don’t even want to THINK about the fact that they’re using it.
    1. Overall, Coler's efforts to imprint an agenda and a dynamic image on the agency and on the public mind appeared to meet with a favorable response from the press. On February 26, 1987, for instance, the Fort Lauderdiile News and Sun-Sentinel ran an editorial entitled "Coler's Initial Performance Good," applauding the new secretary for his quick action in dismissing HRS managers and in clearing up a backlog of unresolved food stamp cases.

      Coler's efforts to bring change and a positive image to the agency were well-received by the press. The Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel praised him for swiftly addressing issues within the agency, such as firing HRS managers and resolving food stamp cases. What were some other notable achievements or actions by Coler during his tenure as secretary?

    1. What's the structure of the URL of a shared link?https://chat.openai.com/share/<conversation-ID>

      I've never seen a website document something like this before... especially as part of a FAQ.

      How/why is this information helpful to people?

    1. How are these unsaturated when they have hydrogen atoms attached to the double bond. Down below in Cis or Trans Fatty Acids, they state: "hydrogenation is the process of adding hydrogen to the carbon double bonds, thus making the fatty acid unsaturated..."

  8. inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net inst-fs-iad-prod.inscloudgate.net
    1. authenticproblem solving

      This phrase caught my attention and I may need more guidance. How is "authentic problem solving" different from problem solving?

      I'm thinking about the context of this article. Since the title is "Real-World Learning Framework," my guess is that authentic has something to do with the real world.

  9. May 2023
    1. Requesting advice for where to put a related idea to a note I'm currently writing .t3_13gcbj1._2FCtq-QzlfuN-SwVMUZMM3 { --postTitle-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postTitleLink-VisitedLinkColor: #9b9b9b; --postBodyLink-VisitedLinkColor: #989898; } Hi! I am new to building a physical ZK. Would appreciate some help.Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/WvyNVXfI have a section in my ZK about the concept of "knowledge transmission" (4170/7). The below notes are within that section.I am currently writing a note about how you have to earn your understanding... when receiving knowledge / learning from others. (Picture #1)Whilst writing this note, I had an idea that I'm not quite sure belongs on that note itself - and I'm not sure where it belongs. About how you also have to "earn" the sharing of knowledge. (Picture #2)Here are what I think my options are for writing about the idea "you have to earn your sharing of knowledge":Write this idea on my current card. 4170/7/1Write this idea on a new note - as a variant idea of my current note. 4170/7/1aWrite this idea on a new note - as a continuation of my current note. 4170/7/1/1Write this idea on a new note - as a new idea within my "knowledge transmission" branch. 4170/7/2What would you do here?

      reply to u/throwthis_throwthat at https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/13gcbj1/requesting_advice_for_where_to_put_a_related_idea/

      I don't accept the premise of your question. This doesn't get said often enough to people new to zettelkasten practice: Trust your gut! What does it say? You'll learn through practice that there are no "right" answers to these. Put a number on it, file it, and move on. Practice, practice, practice. You'll be doing this in your sleep soon enough. As long as it's close enough, you'll find it. Save your mental cycles for deeper thoughts than this.

      Asking others for their advice is fine, but it's akin to asking a well-practiced mnemonist what visual image they would use to remember something. Everyone is different and has different experiences and different things that make their memories sticky for them. What works incredibly well for how someone else thinks and the level of importance they give an idea is never as useful or as "true" as how you think about it. Going with your gut is going to help you remember it better and is far likelier to make it easier to find in the future.

    1. Gold give us, God forgive us,And from all woes relieve us;That we the treasureMay reap of pleasure,And shun whate’er is grievous,Gold give us, God forgive us.

      Why did he asked for god's forgiveness? Does that mean that he admits his request are greedy and not inclusive?

    1. Devising a prompt (AKA a question) is the key to ChatGPT. I am still uncertain what a good question is in AI's "mind". It might be something "way strange" and "un-questionly".

    1. If spec.loader.create_module does not return None, then any pre-existing attributes will not be reset. Also, no AttributeError will be raised if triggered while accessing spec or setting an attribute on the module.
  10. Apr 2023
    1. We will spread ourselves across the Planet so that no one can arrest our thoughts.

      Is the internet just a parasite on the real world?

    1. One effect of this is that you get reproducibility. Note that this is not binary reproducibility, since it's still possible for the compilation of code to give different resulting binaries. But it is reproducibility within the context of Nix universe.
    2. No pinning isn't about which channels you get. Pinning pins to a content addressed commit hash of nixpkgs or any nixpkgs even your own fork. Channels is orthogonal and probably a mistake and should be removed.

      Wonder what the consensus on channels nowadays?

    3. What's "pinning"? Is this ever explained to a new user? Where? (Yes, I understand what it is now, but new users probably will not, meaning it doesn't exist to them.) Your packages never get bug-fix updates Your packages never get security updates Broken package expressions never get fixed. If you need to update one package, you must update them all. This can be seen as either consistency, or limitation. It depends on the use case.

      Again, the entire comment is great.

    4. You always have the option of adding missing versions of certain packages to your local database by means of an override as described in http://nixos.org/nixpkgs/manual/#how-to-create-nix-builds-for-your-own-private-haskell-packages. You can register aeson- in your copy of Nixpkgs without needing to change the Nixpkgs git repository at all.


    5. So what happens if I have to fix a bug in an old project that was using In that particular case, Nix won't help you and you are better off using a cabal-install sandbox or a stack build.

      Is this still the case?

    6. To be certain, you can just copy those by nix-copy-closure. Note that version numbers of direct dependencies don't contain all the information at all.
    7. We keep multiple versions in nixpkgs only when there's a good reason to. Nix is able to handle any number of versions/configurations, but on the other hand it's much more convenient when all (or most) use just a single one. It leads to better sharing of the effort in many respects: simplified maintenance, testing, sharing of the binaries, etc. It's what most distros do. (Only gentoo diverges from the big ones I know, and they pay a price for it.) When we do create more variants, we just name them (attribute paths), e.g. gcc48 and gcc49 or ffmpeg and ffmpeg-full.

      mull this over

    1. If so, then how is sending a link for password reset any more secure? Isn't logging-in using a magic link the same thing as sending a magic link for resetting a password?

      In my opinion: It's not any different or less secure.

    1. corpus of OSCE monitoring reports, the article analyses quarter of century of election monitoring in Europe and assesses the congruence of OSCE written assessments with expert views. We show that, overall, the OSCE monitoring reports are highly correlated and congruent with expert assessments. More importantly, the level of congruence between the two increases with time. However, we also identify various forms of biases rooted in strategic interests and institutional preconditions. Mainly, we show that OSCE has a strong and positive bias towards Russia and its allie

      I do not understand this

    1. The question now is, will we high-consuming few make (voluntarily or by force) the fundamental changes needed for decarbonisation in a timely and organised manner? Or will we fight to maintain our privileges and let the rapidly changing climate do it, chaotically and brutally, for us

      Question - Those is the big question!

    1. What does moral mean?

      I like this train of thinking.

    2. There is a sense of profound instability about these achievements of our race. Even those who enjoy, enjoy without security, and for the great multitude of mankind there is neither ease, plenty, nor freedom. Hard tasks, insufficiency, and unending money worries are still the ordinary stuff of life. Over everything human hangs the threat of such war as man has never known before, were armed and reinforced by all the powers and discoveries of modern science.

      We live in a materially better world but we still suffer in many ways, why is that?

    1. bộ Cẩm nang “Hiện thực Khát vọng Phát triển”

      Where can we find this document?

  11. Mar 2023
    1. assurons-nous qu’il y ait une place pour elle

      Oui! Mais comment?

    2. listes d’attente

      On se stationne où quand on est sur la liste d'attente?

    3. donc

      Vraiment? C'est la seule et unique solution envisageable?

    4. pour les ménages à faible revenu qui n’ont pas d’autres options de transport

      As-t-on calculé le coût de faire cette détermination pour chaque ménage?

    5. une bonification des services

      Quelle bonification? Pourquoi juste une?

    6. jusqu’en 2035

      Pourquoi 2035 exactement?

    1. se questionner sur la fonction du peintre (dans sa définition lacanienne de livrer à la vue le fantasme enseveli2) ou la fonction du spectateur (qui voit autant qu’il est vu par la peinture).

      Je me demande si cette phrase est véritablement nécessaire : c'est un point dans l'analyse du tableau mais cela n'est pas repris par la suite et comme cette intro est déjà un peu longue au démarrage...

    1. Art thou that Virgil, then, that fountain-headwhich poureth forth so broad a stream of speech?”

      Why does Dante choose Virgil?

    2. Thus they pleasantly passed the night until the morning, when the King went forth to his hall of judgment, and theWezeer went thither with the grave-clothes under his arm: and the King gave judgment, and invested and displaced,until the close of the day, without informing the Wezeer of that which had happened; and the minister was greatlyastonished. The court was then dissolved; and the King returned to the privacy of his palace.

      The king never sleep well. How can he still make the judgement?

    3. Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and toavert you from the remembrance of God and from prayer. So will you not desist?

      Why do intoxicants and gambling hinder people from remembering God and praying?

    4. She said, “That is the one about whom you blamed me. And I certainly sought to seduce him, but he firmlyrefused; and if he will not do what I order him, he will surely be imprisoned and will be of those debased.”33. He said, “My Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me. And if You do not avertfrom me their plan, I might incline toward them and [thus] be of the ignorant.”34. So his Lord responded to him and averted from him their plan. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Knowing.35. Then it appeared to them after they had seen the signs that he [i.e., al-Azeez] should surely imprison himfor a time.

      Why does he wants the lord to imprison him?

    1. do our fears cause us to perceive the world the way we do, and might someone experience the world differently if they were brave enough to face the thing we avoid most?

      Quote - do our fears cause us to perceive the world the way we do, and might someone experience the world differently if they were brave enough to face the thing we avoid most? key question - could we imagine a world where we are free of these fears?

    1. Which is

      Within this autobiography, the phrase "which is to say" is found at the beginning of practically every paragraph. What are your thoughts as a reader on the motivations behind Jose Antonio Rodriguez's decision to do this? It's possible he's trying to convey how deeply he thinks about topics while also demonstrating how rarely he shares those things with others. It's almost as if all of these thoughts are being expressed all at once. 

    1. Our test raises an ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception. We know that Rails has special handling to return a 404 status code in this case. However, the request spec still raises the exception.
    1. But now the queen, who fear’d for Turnus’ life

      Why the queen feared turnus' life? And why is the advice the queen gives to he?

    2. I sav’d thy brother, and the sinking state

      Why don’t stop her brother’s mind that perused the woman? Not only can saved her brother from died but also can find another girl that he like.

    1. I am a developer, and we are developing the app for the customer, that will not publish through the google play store. But when we distribute the app to the customer, customer get that error. I want to avoid that alert of the Play stored.I want to understand, exactly which security concern has been break by my app.
    1. Proof

      Why Cauchy when we already know that the sequence of the function is just the heaviside function at \(x = 1/2\)?????

      Because convering to some limit in the spaces never meant that the metric of the sequence can be Cauchy. The metric. To show that it's incomplete, we need to start with the \(d(x, y)\) metric first, and then show that the convergence of the sequence of piecwise linear function converges in metric and then show that the limit is not in the space. Just showing thta it's not in the space is not entirely valid. But we sure can make use of the fact that a converging sequence in metric should also be Cauchy yes.



  12. Feb 2023
    1. how technological changes will affect our tendency to fall into multipolar traps.


    2. how do you profit from an enslaved philosopher?

      Funny QUestion

    3. if everyone hates the current system, who perpetuates it?


    1. I am the despots Díaz                and Huertaand the apostle of democracy,                Francisco Madero.

      While Joaquin identifies with beloved figures in Mexican history, such as Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Maria Morelos, Vicente Guerrero etc, he also identifies with the infamous dictator of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz, who served as president for over 20 years until he was overthrown in 1911, during the Mexican Revolution. Why do y'all think Joaquin identifies with both the good and the bad of his people? Is it because he does not have a choice? I am not sure but I would like to know what y'all think.


  13. duncanreyburn.substack.com duncanreyburn.substack.com
  14. Jan 2023
  15. docdrop.org