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    1. Related concepts in other fields are: In natural language, the coordinating conjunction "and". In programming languages, the short-circuit and control structure. In set theory, intersection. In predicate logic, universal quantification.

      Strictly speaking, are these examples of dualities (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duality_(mathematics))? Or can I only, at strongest, say they are analogous (a looser coonection)?

    1. ssh-add <(echo "$PRIVATE_KEY")

      Does this have any advantage over simply saving that key to a key file under ~/.ssh?

      Like they do on https://stackoverflow.com/a/61944004/47185:

      mv "$DEPLOY_KEY_PRIVATE" ~/.ssh/id_rsa
    1. 1. Disabling concrete extension update. That's what I wanted! You can do this by editing the extensions manifest json-file on Windows: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\<EXTENSION-ID>\<VERSION>\manifest.json (find out the extensions ID by enabling developer mode in the extension settings page) on Ubuntu for Chromium: ${HOME}/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences In this file set "update_url" property to something invalid like "https://localhost" for example. For now according to given url updating of that extension is simply impossible.
  2. May 2020
    1. If you update your pages and push to github, people revisiting the pages who have already got cached copies will not get the new pages without actually cleaning their browser cache. How can a script running in a page determine that it is stale and force an update?
    1. Mojofication, Onion Souping, and the Network Service.

      What is Mojofication?

      What is Onion Souping?

    1. The consent provided by the user is saved in some cookies within the host page’s domain. By verifying the presence or the absence of these cookies you can determine whether the user has given their consent or not.

      But how do you check if they've given consent to a specific category??

    1. Protein:lipid~3:1

      this ratio is contrary to the quote 1:10 Lipitor get through the membrane through OATP1B1?



    1. Make it clear that signing up is optional. Consent must be “freely given”; you may not coerce users into joining your mailing list or make it appear as if joining the list is mandatory. For this reason, you must make it clear that signing up is optional. This is especially relevant in cases where you offer free white-papers (or e-books) for download. While the user’s email address is required for the delivery of the service, signing up for your newsletter is not. In such a case, you must not make it appear as if signing-up to the newsletter list mandatory and must make it clear that it is optional.

      Question (answer below)

      Are they saying that it's not allowed to make signing up for a mailing list a precondition/requirement for anything? This was surprising to me.

      So if you have a newsletter sign-up page that sends a digital bonus gift (like an e-book) to new subscribers, are required to completely change/repurpose your "newsletter sign-up page" into a "download e-book page" (that has an optional checkbox to also sign up for the newsletter, if you want)? That seems dumb to me, since it requires completely reversing the purpose of the page — which was, in my mind, primarily about signing up for the newsletter, with a bonus (an essentially optional one) thrown in for those who do so. Are you required to either repurpose it like that or remove the free bonus offer that would be sent to new subscribers?

      The irony of this is that it requires websites that have a newsletter sign-up page like that to change it into a "newsletter sign-up page" where the newsletter sign-up part is optional. Which make you look kind of stupid, making a page that claims to be one thing but doesn't necessarily do what it says it's for.

      Does this mean, in effect, that you may not lawfully provide any sort of incentive or reward for signing up for something (like a mailing list)? As long as it's very clear that some action is required before delivery of some thing, I don't see why this sort of thing should not be permitted? Would this fall under contract law? And as such, wouldn't such a contract be allowed and valid? Are mailing lists a special class of [service] that has special requirements like this? Or is it part of a broader category to which this requirement applies more generally?

      Why is requiring the user to provide an email address before they can download a digital reward allowed but not requiring signing up to a mailing list? Why isn't it required that even the email address be optional to provide? (To answer my own question, probably because it's allowed to allow a user to request a specific thing to be sent via email, and an email address is required in order to fulfill that request. But...) It seems that the website could just provide a direct link to download it via HTTP/FTP/etc. as an option for users that chose not to provide an email address. (But should they be required to provide that option anytime they / just because they provide the option to have the same thing delivered via email?)


      Looks like my question was answered below:

      Explicit Form (where the purpose of the sign-up mechanism is unequivocal). So for example, in a scenario where your site has a pop-up window that invites users to sign up to your newsletter using a clear phrase such as: “Subscribe to our newsletter for access to discount vouchers and product updates!“, the affirmative action that the user performs by typing in their email address would be considered valid consent.

      So the case I described, where it is made very clear that the incentive that is offered is conditional on subscribing, is listed as an exception to the general rule. That's good; it should be allowed.

    1. Ideally you should really test these parameters (by comparing to ab initio calculations for example) to ensure they are reasonable

      How to compare?

    2. C, N, O, S, P, H, F, Cl, Br and I

      GAFF only supports 10 elements?

    1. Regular Expression Functions There are three regular-expression functions that operate on strings: matches() tests if a regular expression matches a string. replace() uses regular expressions to replace portions of a string. tokenize() returns a sequence of strings formed by breaking a supplied input string at any separator that matches a given regular expression. Example:   

      Test question: how many are there regular-expression functions in XSLT?

    2. What’s the difference between xsl:value-of, xsl:copy-of, and xsl:sequence? xsl:value-of always creates a text node. xsl:copy-of always creates a copy. xsl:sequence returns the nodes selected, subject possibly to atomization. Sequences can be extended with xsl:sequence.

      What’s the difference between xsl:value-of, xsl:copy-of, and xsl:sequence?

    3. <xsl:variable name="date" select="xs:date('2003-11-20')"/>

      How to declare the date in the variable in XSLT 2?

    4. Types XSLT 2.0 allows you to declare: The type of variables. The return type of templates. The type of sequences (constructed with xsl:sequence) The return type of (user-declared) functions. Both the type and required type of parameters.

      What are the types that one can declare in XSLT 2?

    1.  <xsl:sequence select="1 to 16"/>

      How to create a sequence with range.

    2. <xsl:for-each select="1 to 32">  <!-- Do something useful here --></xsl:for-each>

      How to create a loop in XSLT?

    3. The new as attribute defines the data type of the variable, and the asterisk (xs:integer*) means that the sequence contains zero or more integers

      How is the @as attribute? Which values can it have?

    4. One of the major new concepts in XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0 is that everything is a sequence.

      What is one of the major concepts in XPath 2.0 and XSLT 2.0?

    1. relax ligand-receptor complexeswithout causing major alterations of their originalgeometry, or to perform a torsional scan on a selecteddihedral while relaxing the rest of the molecule.

      such functions are like Schrodinger MacroModel, how to implement them?



    1. I believe he will not die, he – the people, because he is a human.

      How does the ending of this poem fit into the focus on individual and collective accountability for Chernobyl that is developed throughout the rest of the text?

      Please reply directly to this annotation.

    2. Why does he look exhausted         in the ward? Not for gold, not for a check. Because he shielded the     dear children         himself; because he is     a human. When     the robot could not         shut down the troubles, he stepped into the contaminated compartment.

      How is heroism represented across these three poems? Who is depicted as a hero, and what are the potential implications of these characterizations for our understanding of the Chernobyl catastrophe?

      You may wish to consider the following annotations to inform your response:

      They did not share it

      God is in . . .


      Doctor Gale / The man who flew into Russia

      Robots and liquidators

      Please respond directly to this annotation.

    3. Was all that existed to control such an explosion an Iron Curtain?

      Who has the right and the responsibility to write about and reflect on Chernobyl and other disasters? How do these poems complicate your understanding of the categories of victim, witness, and perpetrator?

      Please reply directly to this annotation.

    4. One day after the destruction in Sweden they found, boundary radiation; the same in Finland as in Germany, too.

      How do these poems place Chernobyl within the context of international politics? How are catastrophes instrumentalized, and by whom?

      You may wish to consider the following annotations to inform your response:


      The radioactive cloud

      Hiroshima and Chernobyl

      Science versus humanity

      Please reply to this annotation with your response.

    1. MONN contains a pairwise interaction prediction module, which can capture the non-covalent interactions between atoms of a compound and residues of a protein with extra supervision from the labels extracted from available high-quality 3D compound-protein complex structures

      does that mean MONN can predict binding site

  3. Apr 2020
    1. from one problem to the next. We have the alphabet of death: N. P. S.

      Do you think that transnational catastrophes require us to reevaluate the limitations and possibilities of language and communication? In the face of the "alphabet of death," what can writers, artists, and scientists do to respond to catastrophes in a way that is productive but not reductive?

      Please reply directly to this annotation.

    2. the doctor transplants     bone marrow to him, because he is a human.

      What might ethical scientific engagement look like in the aftermath of catastrophe? How do these poems represent science and medicine in relation to Chernobyl?

      You may wish to consider the following annotations, among others, to inform your response.

      Doctor Gale


      Is it the fault of science?

    3. According to experts, time will increase the thousands of dead 500 times more than in Hiroshima.

      What are the benefits, limitations, and ethical implications of comparing catastrophes?

      You may wish to consider this note as you formulate your response.

      Please reply directly to this annotation.

    1. A company runs a memory-intensive analytics application using on-demand Amazon EC2 C5 compute optimized instance. The application is used continuously and application demand doubles during working hours. The application currently scales based on CPU usage. When scaling in occurs, a lifecycle hook is used because the instance requires 4 minutes to clean the application state before terminating.Because users reported poor performance during working hours, scheduled scaling actions were implemented so additional instances would be added during working hours. The Solutions Architect has been asked to reduce the cost of the application.Which solution is MOST cost-effective?

      should be A here, cause C5 is 40% cheaper than R5

    1. Is UFF a all atom force field?



    1. Mixed the plate thoroughly and incubated for one hour at room temperature. Then 5 μL development solution was added to each well and the plate was incubated for 1h at room temperature;

      the compound and kinase are incubated together for at least 2 hours. And 2 hours is enough for covalent adduct to form. if compound can form covalent adduct with FGFR1, why FGFR1 inhibition IC50 is so poor?

    1. Structure-Based Design

      which structure they used?

    2. 6NTS

      PDB code, but it is not available in PDB website yet



    1. What is a Function Expression?A JavaScript function can also be defined using an expression.A function expression can be stored in a variable:var x = function (a, b) {return a * b};After a function expression has been stored in a variable, the variable can be used as a function. Functions stored in variables do not need function names. They are always invoked (called) using the variable name.

      Test question: What is function expression?

    1. Writing an async function is quite simple. You just need to add the async keyword prior to function:

      Test question: What is the syntax of async function?

    1. Using objects as keys is one of most notable and important Map features.

      Test question: What is one of the most notable and important Map features?

    2. Map is a collection of keyed data items, just like an Object. But the main difference is that Map allows keys of any type.

      Test question: What is the difference between Map and Object in JavaScript?

  4. javascript.info javascript.info
    1. he basic syntax is: let promise = fetch(url, [options])

      Test question: What s the basic syntax of fetch(); ?

    1. Webpack is a most have to compile a complete JavaScript project.

      Test question: how do you pack the web extension?

    2. linter

      Test question: What is a linter?

      Answer (Wikipedia): lint, or a linter, is a tool that analyzes source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs.[1] The term originates from a Unix utility that examined C language source code.[2]

    3. This tool accepts both a configuration file and line parameters.

      Test question: How can you configure web-ext?

    1. A poised fragment library enables rapid syntheticexpansion yielding thefirst reported inhibitors ofPHIP(2), an atypical bromodomain

      what is the library? compound in the library can be expanded quickly by synthesis why they designed it this way? they did not find convincing hits from solution screen. They use crystallography as primary screening tech what assay they used for the screening? AlphaScreen competition assay as function assay



    1. Most pages aren’t very dynamic, and therefore won’t have any orphans. In these cases, the orphans tab will not appear.

      Question: What about to use archive.org when the page is dramatically changed?

    1. document.addEventListener(event, function, useCapture)

      Test question: What is the syntax of element.addEventListener() ?

    1. Square brackets hold arrays and values are separated by ,(comma).

      Test question: What are square brackets used for?

    2. JSON syntax is basically considered as a subset of JavaScript syntax;

      Test question: What is JSON syntax part of?

    3. name/value pairs.

      Test question: How is the data in json represented?

    1. Extensions for Firefox are built using the WebExtensions APIs, a cross-browser system for developing extensions.

      Testing question: How compatible are extensions among Web Browsers?

    1. The most interesting key here is content_scripts, which tells Firefox to load a script into

      Testing question: What part of "manifest.json" tells firefox where is the script to load?

    2. description is optional, but recommended: it's displayed in the Add-ons Manager. icons is optional, but recommended: it allows you to specify an icon for the extension, that will be shown in the Add-ons Manager.

      Testing question: What are the optional parts of manifest.json?

    3. The first three keys: manifest_version, name, and version, are mandatory and contain basic metadata for the extension.

      Question: What are the mandatory part of manifest.json?

  5. developer.mozilla.org developer.mozilla.org
    1. Never use eval()! eval() is a dangerous function, which executes the code it's passed with the privileges of the caller.

      Testing question: Should you ever use eval()?

  6. developer.mozilla.org developer.mozilla.org
    1. The popup is specified as an HTML file, which can include CSS and JavaScript files, as a normal web page does.

      Testing question: Of which files the popup consists of?

    2. Popups resize automatically to fit their content.

      Testing question: How is the popup resized?

    1. There are two ways to specify a browser action: with or without a popup

      Question: What are the ways in which the browser action can work?

    2. The only mandatory key is default_icon

      Question: What is the only mandatory key in the firefox "browser action" in the manifest.json file?

    3. Specifying the browser action

      Question: Where do you define the browser action? Answer: In the manifest.json.

    4. ommonly referred to as a browser action, this user interface option is a button added to the browser toolbar. Users click the button to interact with your extension.

      Question: What is a "browser action"?

    1. An extension is a simple collection of files that modify the browser’s appearance and behavior.

      Question: What is an extension?

    1. Your client’s CloudWatch Logs configuration receives logs and data from on-premises monitoring systems and agents installed in operating systems. A new team wants to use CloudWatch to also monitor Amazon EC2 instance performance and state changes of EC2 instances, such as instance creation, instance power-off, and instance termination. This solution should also be able to notify the team of any state changes for troubleshooting.
    1. Chrome first sends an encrypted, 3-byte hash of your username to Google, where it is compared to Google's list of compromised usernames. If there's a match, your local computer is sent a database of every potentially matching username and password in the bad credentials list

      Why do they only send password matches if username also matches?? A password should be deemed compromised and never used again if the password is found in a breach/paste anywhere, even if in connection with a different username/email.

    1. Over the years, many people have said "well, the data is public anyway by virtue of it having been breached, what's the problem if you now store the password in your system?" Here's the philosophical problem I have with that:
    1. Override Changes

      is this like a danger button?

    2. Changes are still received so the folder may become “out of sync”, but no changes will be applied.

      Bit confusing, when the previous line says changes will be ignored.

    1. We do notknow how the WIN site tethers WDR5 to chromatin.

      how the WIN site tethers WDR5 to chromatin?



    1. myc-TEAD1

      what is myc-TEAD1

    2. cking pose for compound 3.1.

      With AutoDock and 3kys, I can not reproduce the docking pose provided by this paper



    1. We did not use the YAP peptides containing residues in interface1 because it has been shown that interface 1 is dispensable forYAP binding

      this is strange, as the YAP interface 1 segment is a beta strand, which forms multiple Hbond with TEAD. So how could it be dispensable for TEAD binding?

    2. YAP peptide

      what is the sequence of the peptide? it might be the peptide 1 in Fig 1D, which shows the strongest binding to TEAD, ~ 200 nM. Peptide 1 contains just the alpha helix and omega loop, so it is possible that the FA binding will affect the beta strand part which is missing in peptide 1

    3. The central pocket of TEADs has an excellent druggabilityscore

      what is the score? calculated by which software the author probably used Schrodinger Sitemap, although they did not mention. but they used Schrodinger to calculated the strain energy and prepare the protein structure



  7. Mar 2020
    1. Using our privacy policy software implies having a third party integrate into your site. This post explains what kind of data is and is not tracked by iubenda.
    1. In the absence of insulin, the entry of glucose into skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle and other tissues is decreased (Figure 24–8). Glucose uptake by the liver is also reduced, but the effect is indirect. Intestinal absorption of glucose is unaffected, as is its reabsorption from the urine by the cells of the proximal tubules of the kidneys. Glucose uptake by most of the brain and the red blood cells is also normal.

      Q: Is this because it's not an issue with taking in glucose, it's an issue with letting go of all the glucose you have saved up?

      It's like the difference between generational wealth and binge/purge wealth. On a metabolic level. Oof.

    2. In the tissues in which insulin increases the number of GLUTs in cell membranes, the rate of phosphorylation of the glucose, once it has entered the cells, is regulated by other hormones. Growth hormone and cortisol both inhibit phosphorylation in certain tissues. Transport is normally so rapid that it is not a rate-limiting step in glucose metabolism. However, it is rate-limiting in B cells.

      Q: Why would you want to inhibit phosphorylating glucose, trapping it in the cell, when you are stressed out (cortisol)? Why would you want to inhibit it during growth and repair (growth hormone)?

      Are they trying to divert glucose to other tissues, selectively inhibiting glucose from being trapped in non-essential tissues?

    1.  Increased ketone uptake

      Q: Why would you take up ketones. Is this just the opposite of when you send out ketones during a glucagon state?

    2.  Increased K+ uptake

      Q: Why though. What do you need K for?

    1. You'll just need to access the port 9000 of the Docker engine where portainer is running using your browser.
    1. identification of resources; manipulation of resources through representations; self-descriptive messages; and, hypermedia as the engine of application state

      Where can I read more about these constraints?

    1. the average docking score increase

      top 50 molecules are selected. Although the average docking score increases, what about the average ligand efficiency



    1. select an origin

      It's interesting that under my site's origin it lists cookies for other domains. Are these considered 3rd-party cookies or 1st-party cookies written by a 3rd-party script? How is it allowed to set them on my site? Presumably because I loaded a script from their origin.

      Loading scripts from other origins allows them to set cookies on which domains? Only their origin? And which cookies can they read?

    1. is a statement not made by us only; although it may seem a sufficiently marvellous and incredible assertion to those who have a reputation as philosophers among Greeks and Barbarians, by some of whom, however, an idea of His existence seems to have been entertained, in their acknowledging that all things were created by the word or reason of God.

      I am not sure I understand perfectly what was said here, however, if what I believe it is being said is right I think this is a very interesting sentence. Son of God is a statement made by us, which is sufficient by itself but also by greek philosophers? As a reinforcement of this statement?

  8. Feb 2020
    1. But to us, who distinguish God from matter, and teach that matter is one thing and God another, and that they are separated by a wide interval (for that the Deity is uncreated and eternal, to be beheld by the understanding and reason alone, while matter is created and perishable),

      I would like to look at other texts to see how this compares because, while most writers agree that God is not physical, if they are including Jesus in their definition of God it becomes more complicated because of the Incarnation. I wonder why in this section the author doesn't reference the physical nature of God in the form of Jesus. If the idea of the incarnation was still in dispute at this point, maybe Athenagoras shared beliefs with Docetism?? Or maybe he is just discussing the immaterial God for the sake of supporting his argument that Christians acknowledge on God. What would he make of the father, son, and holy spirit? I will look for more on this further in the text.

  9. Jan 2020
    1. continuous rather than a discrete variable, a relative rather thanan absolute term

      try and understand this better. Ask about it in the synchronous meeting?


    1. Mining can include extraction of metals and minerals, like coal, diamond, gold, silver, platinum, copper, tin and iron. Mining can also include other things like oil and natural gas.

      How do you mine gas?

  10. Dec 2019
    1. The sodium-restricted diet group received a regimen aiming a maximum intake of 3 g of sodium per day (equivalent to 7.5 g of sodium chloride).

      That sounds incredibly high to me. 3000 mg is the absolute maximum intake that could ever be considered 'low' sodium. Under 1500 is usually considered ideal. Would, then, a diet aiming for half the sodium be twice as effective?

    1. You do need the double quotes in other cases, in particular in export VAR="${VAR1}" (which can equivalently be written export "VAR=${VAR1}") in many shells (POSIX leaves this case open).

      This doesn't make sense. Why are double quotes necessary?

  11. Nov 2019
    1. Astronomers are still trying to accurately measure the shape of the universe.

      Will their telescopes be able to see out that far?

    2. universe is determined by its density, which is the amount of mass per volume.

      why is that? how do we know for sure that will happen every time.

    1. nforced by moving the , hole population several miles in-land

      How was this executed? It must have been a logistical nightmare

    1. On a recurring basis,subscription listens would be tallied and payouts wouldbe made to artists by a transparent, auditable subscrip-tion system running on the Audius blockchain.

      What are the mechanisms of the system?

    1. Risk assessment◕Risk management strategy○Supply chain risk management◑

      okay, answer to previous question above.

    2. Risk assessment

      Note the differences between risk assessment and risk management. The project would look towards risk assessment and then migrate its focus to risk management potentially, but what then? and how will this transition be smooth/original?

    3. none of them analyzed the threat of, and vulnerabilities to, a cyberattack spanning all three interconnections.


    4. Problem definition and risk assessment

      nice nice

    5. Problem definition and risk assessment.Addresses the particular national problems, assesses the risks to critical assets and operations—including the threats to, and vulnerabilities of, critical operations—and discusses the quality of data available regarding the risk assessment.

      This is the crux of what I should be looking at I guess This is in regards to national strategies. Is this what I need to do?

    6. Further, federal agencies have performed three assessments of the potential impacts of cyberattacks on the industrial control systems supporting the grid.

      Risk assessment or assessment of impact?

    7. The electric grid is becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks via (1) industrial control systems, (2) consumer Internet of Things (IoT)45devices connected to the grid’s distribution network, and (3) the global positioning system (GPS).

      1) ICS 2) IOT 3) GPS

      worthwhile to assess one or all? Followed up question later

  12. Oct 2019
    1. 3. Letter Regarding the Northwest College Personnel Association Student Relocation Committee

      This is a remarkable letter from the Dean's office assigning responsibility to a young professor at OSU to head a committee to oversee the relocation of Axis-related college students in the Pacific Northwest and listing institutions that might accept Japanese American college students. Although Italian and German students are named, only the Nisei relocation is "imminent" (and, presumably, the only one that actually occurred). I wonder how the tuition arrangements were to be made, particularly for those who had scholarships, or were paying state school tuition but were being transferred to a private college?

    1. Let's make the example even easier. function convertDate<T extends string | undefined>(isoDate?: string): T { return undefined } 'undefined' is assignable to the constraint of type 'T' Means: What you return in the function (undefined), matches the constraints of your generic type parameter T (extends string | undefined). , but 'T' could be instantiated with a different subtype of constraint 'string | undefined'. Means: TypeScript does not consider that as safe. What if you defined your function like this at compile time: // expects string return type according to generics // but you return undefined in function body const res = convertDate<string>("2019-08-16T16:48:33Z") Then according to your signature, you expect the return type to be string. But at runtime that is not the case! This discrepancy that T can be instantiated with a different subtype (here string) than you return in the function (undefined) is expressed with the TypeScript error.
    1. const renderMapping: { [l in letters]: renderFunction<l>; } = { 'a': (a: 'a') => 'alpha', 'b': (b: 'b') => 'bravo', }; type renderFunction<l extends letters> = (letter: l) => string; function renderLetter<l extends letters>(letter: l): renderFunction<l> { return renderMapping[letter]; }
    1. The identity of a storyteller gives credibility

      is this why people tend to tell a personal story before giving advice? there have been countless times where i'll be in a weird space, and when i seek advice about X, they'll tell me about Y before laying the actual piece of advice on me.

    2. enhanced by choices they made through which they became “organizers’

      so does this mean that identity is the centre of story telling? i ask, because what i'm interpreting is that identity is shaped by agency and enhanced by motive.

    1. Warum ist überhaupt Seiendes und nicht vielmehr Nichts? Das ist die Frage. Vermutlich ist dies keine beliebige Frage. »War- um ist überhaupt Seiendes und nicht vielmehr Nichts?« — das ist offensichtlich die erste aller Fragen. Die erste, freilich nicht in der Ordnung der zeitlichen Aufeinanderfolge der Fragen. Der einzelne Mensch sowohl wie die Völker fragen auf ihrem geschichtlichen Gang durch die Zeit vieles. Sie erkunden und durchsuchen und prüfen Vielerlei, bevor sie auf die Frage sto- ßen: »Warum ist überhaupt Seiendes und nicht vielmehr Nichts?« Viele stoßen überhaupt nie auf diese Frage, wenn das heißen soll, nicht nur den Fragesatz als ausgesagten hören und lesen, sondern: die Frage fragen, d. h. sie zustandbringen, sie stellen, sich in den Zustand dieses Fragens nötigen. Und dennoch! Jeder wird einmal, vielleicht sogar dann und wann, von der verborgenen Macht dieser Frage gestreift, ohne recht zu fassen, was ihm geschieht. In einer großen Verzweif- lung z. B., wo alles Gewicht aus den Dingen schwinden will und jeder Sinn sich verdunkelt, steht die Frage auf.

      "Why are there beings at all instead of nothing? That is the question." Heidegger is probably quoting Hamlet.

    1. API keys are generally not considered secure; they are typically accessible to clients, making it easy for someone to steal an API key. Once the key is stolen, it has no expiration, so it may be used indefinitely, unless the project owner revokes or regenerates the key

      hmmm... what about client-API architectures where there are no username/pwd pairs?

    1. Then Balbuena argues that there would be no music were it not for poetry.

      Did Balbuena argue that music without lyrics was also descended from poetry, or did he just not take that into account? Is this answered later in the text?