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  1. Jan 2024
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    1. Der französische Konzern TotalEnergies fördert in den USA mit 17 00 Förderanlagen via Fracking Erdgas, das dann verflüssigt wird. Allein in der Region von Arlington in Texas sind dadurch 420.000 Menschen toxischen Emissionen ausgesetzt. Die Libération publiziert die Ergebnisse einer gemeinsamen mit Disclose durchgeführten Recherche. Das produzierte LNG wird auch nach Frankreich und Europa verschifft.


      Disclose-Veröffentlichung: https://disclose.ngo/fr/article/gaz-de-schiste-totalenergies-au-coeur-dun-scandale-sanitaire-et-environnemental-au-texas

  3. Dec 2022
    1. Or more directly

      Hack for pasting multiline Python scripts in a terminal:

      1. python
      2. exec('''<paste code>''')
      3. [ENTER]
  4. Nov 2022
    1. In summary, terminal input is weird.  It’s weird largely because there’s a character-only pipe sitting between the terminal and shell.  And going one step back, the weirdness comes from the whole historical division of terminal vs. shell, which is based on emulating a physical hardware setup that hasn’t been built since the 80s. 

      Summary of why the terminal input is so weird.

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    1. ncduncduis a disk utility for Unix systems. Its name refers to its similar purpose to the du utility, but ncdu uses a text-based user interface under the [n]curses programming library. Users can navigate the list using the arrow keys and delete files that are taking up too much space by pressing the ‘d’ key.

      Große Dateien finden

    1. To list files in a directory and sort them last modified date and time, make use of the -t option as in the command below:

      ls -lt

      Sort files by modified date ant time. If you want a reverse sorting files based on date and time, you can use the -r option

      ls -ltr

  8. Jul 2021
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    1. The role of the terminal emulator process is:

      Shows the relationship between a "terminal emulator" and a pseudoterminal, as alluded to in the intro:

      is a pair of pseudo-devices, one of which, the slave, emulates a hardware text terminal device, the other of which, the master, provides the means by which a terminal emulator process controls the slave.

    1. As far as the 'iSH' app is concerned: it seems that it merely emulates a virtual terminal.
    2. The virtual terminal process resides in kernel space (called the console).It reads from the "tty", say the output from the "ls" process and renders the text. It interacts with the VGA driver to do so.
    3. The (virtual) terminal (not the "tty") plays a central role here
    4. as you may have guessed, things get even more complicated when you start running pseudo terminals inside pseudo terminals, à la screen(1) or ssh(1).
  10. Feb 2021
    1. tabset makes life easier for iTerm2 users, enabling easy setting of tab and window titles, badges, and colors. If you have a lot of tabs/windows in operation simultaneously, tabset helps to visually distinguish them.

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    1. I don't know what then, I just remember somehow. Around the same time I install renoise, I also install vim. Then in renoise I go to Help>Show Preferences Folder.... Then I right click on Config.xml, then edit in VIM. Then I /search for showscr or something like that. Change false into true, done. On windows sometimes I'm lazy and I just modify the one shortcut that I use to have --scripting-terminal or something as an argument. Also: if you really do a lot of (re)installs I would advise to back up your Config.xml anyway, just like the KeyBindings.xml, TemplateSong.xrns, etc, it'll save you a lot of time right?

      How to enable Scripting Tools in Renoise Tools menu