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  1. Apr 2022
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  2. Oct 2018
  3. Apr 2018
    1. Themoreself-consciousonebecomes,themorecomplexone’srelationshiptoanobjectbecomes,physicallyandocularlyaswellaspsychologicallyandexperientially.

      If you become more self-conscious, what really allows one to become more connected to a certain object?

  4. Oct 2017
    1. The primary source reading, the first chapter to a book, discusses multimodality in multiple forms of communication and media.

      This reading was very easy to read and had information that was mostly already known by the average teenager, so this took a lot to delve into and find where to elaborate on. The reading, however, was easy to connect to the supplemental readings and showed its significance because of this relativity. With that said, I decided to include a text that correlates with the points made in this chapter. I'm using "Talking to the Future -- Hey, There's Nuclear Waste Buried Here!," by James Conca.

      In this article, Conco considers the future and the different forms of media that could be used to warn others of radioactive material. He thought about the material, like we do in our primary source descriptions, and the longevity necessary to make it worthwhile. Because of the uncertainty in how the human race will be in terms of language and concern for other humanity, Conco has a hard time deciding on what languages to use and which symbols to include, or if the warning sign is ultimately necessary. What Conco did focus on, though, was the conscious decisions that had to be made for this sign, because it needed to be believable and understandable.

      I also recognized the connection between Dr. Wharton's class discussions and rubric instructions with her projects in that multimodality is a great aid.

    2. No matter whether a text is created on a computer, on paper, or in some other technology, writer/designers can still use the multiple combinations of words, photos, color, layout, and more to communicate their information.

      Options are never limited even when the text is physical. We can consider a number of options and opportunities to switch the form of that communication.

      • A live speech or performance can be recorded and altered
      • A digitally typed paper can be printed out as a physical copy, like how a digital image can be printed out
      • A written paper, artwork, handmade posters, and even pictures of the real world can be taken and uploaded to the digital form

      When considering aspects of a speech or performance, we can think about the options involved in:

      1. the background/backdrop
      2. the tone of the speaker
      3. the pace of the speaker
      4. the clothing of the speaker
      5. the gestures of the speaker (gestural mode)

      When considering a paper, either handmade or digital, can have a multitude of options like those listed:

      1. choice of words
      2. syntax
      3. images
      4. colors
      5. design
      6. style of fonts
      7. size of each aspect

      This continuing theme of conscious decisions and options that are available in multimodal communication is shown in this excerpt and in the rest of the reading.

    3. These different strengths and weaknesses of media (video, writing, pictures, etc.) and modes arc called affi1rda11ces. The visual mode affords us the opportunity to communicate emotion in an immedi-ate way, while the linguistic mode a(fimfs us the time we need to communicate a set of detailed steps. Writer/designers think through the affordanccs of the modes and media available before choos-ing the right text for the right situation. Keep in mind that modal affordances largely depend on how the mode is used and in what context. In other words, the strengths and weaknesses of each mode arc dependent on, and influenced by, the ways in which the modes arc combined, in what media, and to what ends

      Here again the authors make the point, and give definition to, the strengths of certain modes with respect to their intended goals.

      The authors mention that the visual mode allows us to convey emotion, which connects to the previous page about a picture expressing a thousand words. Visual images give non-verbal expression the chance to be exposed and felt, along with videos, because many times we do not have the words to describe a situation like we have the empathy to feel it.

      It is important to note that these modes are all of equal importance until you come across the full situation and consider all aspects: the purpose, the media, the combined modes, etc.

    4. Different media use different combinations of modes and arc good at doing different things. We've all heard the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words."

      This seems like an obvious thing to say, that different media uses different combinations of modes, but it is sometimes necessary to say something like that to tie in all this information together.

      We know that it's best if we don't use printed essays with no pictures to appeal to children, or controversial posters to media-driven liberal teenagers. Pictures tend to be visually appealing and grab the attention of others faster than written words. Pictures also tend to describe the things that we can't so easily put into word. Humans tend to lose their imagination as they age, and they become more reliant on visual aids.

      The authors again mention that there are certain modes for projected purposes. Everything is done with a conscious effort of the intended goal. What works for one thing, however, will not necessarily work for the next.

  5. Sep 2017
    1. Computers that are “awake”

      Saying that computers are "awake," creates a relationship between deception and consciousness. When computers are turned on, one may personify them to be "awake," but they are not actually conscious; they are deceptively "waking up." This mirrors how the author sees human beings and technology, as one in the same.

  6. Jul 2017
    1. Dysfunctional relationships at work are as damaging to goal achievement as challenging children in the classroom.

      Social-emotiobal learning is more important than any other subejct taught in class

  7. Dec 2015
    1. The process of “observing” is the Conscious Function of Mind. That which is being “observed” is Mind’s Universal Function of being Conscious Being. In other words, Being—Mind—by being, projects or manifests Itself, and is the Observing of the Process. It is the projector, the image, and the observing of it. The more you learn to be out from Mind—rather than believing that you are some part of the image on the screen—the more you will become aware of the total harmony of the total process or function that constitutes your Being. What you apparently do, and what apparently is done to you, will become apparent as being totally harmonious. There will be no sense or experience of separation, lack, division, or opposition. The conscious experience of Being is all that is going on. The details, the drama, the story line, et cetera, are incidental to the whole Process.

      Description of Conscious Being.

  8. Nov 2015
    1. When observing them from the position of the image, we seem to be trapped into the story line. But, as we leave that position for the standpoint of being as Conscious Being, we apparently gain perspective. The story line appears to change and identify the Universal Harmonies of Being, which we could not see when we thought that we were one of the characters on the screen. It is in this process of leaving the basis of the image and uniting with and as the One Mind that the Reality of things begins to appear. This is why we have taken the last four weeks to effect this change of view. It is time for you to sop operating from the dimension of the image, and to begin functioning as Fourth-dimensional Man, being out from Mind. Until you thoroughly understand that nothing occurs at the point of the “image”—the three-dimensional frame of reference—until you realize that Cause does not reside at that point, out of habit you will be inclined to continue to try to rearrange things on the screen, to try to improve them, to try to make them more comfortable. And this will be a waste of time.

      This is a good description of Turtle Bay.

    1. Seeing out from Being is that perfect Awareness which Mind experiences of its own infinite Self-expression. All that actually happens is that the illusion, or misunderstanding, caused by conceptual thinking simply evaporates. One is left with a clear view of the Actuality of one’s own Being and the Harmony of it as one’s own experience.

      Description of the effect of seeing from Conscious Being.

    2. I recognize fully from my own experience that this is not an easy step to make, because it is not a head trip. Rather, it is a matter of being willing to be—without conscious thought processes being used for any purpose other than relating or describing what your Being is being. Fundamental to your being able to let go is going to be your willingness to trust what you already theoretically know. That the entire Nature of your Being is absolutely and totally constructive—that It is actually fulfilling Itself at this very moment in all Its completeness with absolute perfection. If you are able to trust that Fact, even though it may require some imagination, rather than some believing, you will find it easier to let go of any vestige of control that you think you ought to be able to exercise. As soon as you are able to do this, you will find the picture change, as we have talked about before. In effect, you will be seeing from the Center of your Being, rather than from the surface of your concepts.

      Being is all of Life, Conscious Being is the subjective experience of Being.

      It is not easy to stay in Conscious Being because it is not a head trip. It requires trust of what you theoretically know.

      With trust you will be able to let go of control - to allow. A shift happens when you are able to do this and you will be seeing from the Center of your Being.