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  1. Apr 2018
    1. The visual mode refers to the use of images and other characteris-tics that readers see.

      I believe this may be the one of the most, if not the most, comprehensible form of multi-modal text. It can easily convey a message or share an emotion with others of different cultures who have different ideas.

    2. Writers choose modes of communication for every text they create.

      Even works of art can convey a message (i.e. soft/thin lines can convey a more peaceful image than hard/thick lines on an image)

    1. These works of art took some planning to execute — requiring a light source, the preparation of pigments, and a decision about where to place the painting.

      Maybe these ideas of paintings were shared among groups or witnessed in other cultures.

    2. A red hand stencil. A series of lines that look like a ladder. A collection of red dots.

      All these are forms of art that prove some sophistication because these marks were not left randomly and there surely was a purpose and/or meaning behind them.

    1. Atthecruxofthisbook,underlyingeachcontributionandinformingthecollectiveenterprise,liesasharedconcernwiththearticulationofhistoricalsignificanceanditsproduction.

      The history of an object is very important when considering the culture of it. Knowing the history and production will connect to many ideas and thoughts of the creator.

    2. Themoreself-consciousonebecomes,themorecomplexone’srelationshiptoanobjectbecomes,physicallyandocularlyaswellaspsychologicallyandexperientially.

      If you become more self-conscious, what really allows one to become more connected to a certain object?

    1. Perhaps music and language both evolved out of the need for early humans to communicate their emotional state to other members of the group.

      Were our modern day languages created out of a singled shared language or did each separate group express themselves in different ways that lead to multiple languages today?

    2. music and art were important in helping those early modern humans forge a sense of group identity and mutual trust that enabled them to become so successful.

      Forging those group identities helped set up a strong base for creating different cultures.and also set up future pathways for ideas and theories among these groups.

    1. Crystal meth and ecstasy are the drugs of choice for these “instant parties” because of their psychotropic effects, and in the case of crystal meth, their ability to help people stay awake well into the night and prevent ejaculation during sex.

      This is an underlying secondary cause for the spread of HIV/AIDS. The sharing of these psychoactive drugs allows this disease to pass from individual to individual easier. For a while, society assumed it was only caused by sex among gay men. This allowed society to become more vulnerable because of their misinformation, allowing needles shared between individuals to disperse HIV/AIDS.

  2. Jan 2018
    1. The find, together with another scraped ochre stone, found nearby, also described in the paper, add to a growing understanding of the lives and culture of the hunter-gatherers who spent time on the shores of the ancient lake.

      The culture of the hunter-gatherers was better understood and able to leave their impressions and thoughts in ways that many others will try to comprehend. Art has evolved in many ways and can be found to hold many important thinjgs.