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  1. Sep 2020
    1. and

      (And ) is used in this sentence to tell us that our sleep can influence our eating habits and waistlines.

    2. our

      It is an antecedent which refers to the our eating habits

    3. A study published back in 2013 found that just five days of shortened sleep can lead to weight gain. In that study, people were allowed to sleep for just five hours for a five-day period.

      I do not agree because it depends on the type of body, there are bodies that accept obesity quickly and there are bodies that do not accept obesity quickly during sleep

    4. It seems we humans are timekeeping machines. And we require regular sleeping and eating habits to keep our body clocks in sync — and our health in check.

      This is true because I went through a period when I did not have regular eating and sleep habits and my health was a bit deteriorating.

    5. Jowan Osterlund holds a microchip implant in Stockholm in 2017. His company, Biohax International, is a leading provider of the devices in Sweden.

      This shows that it is credible because we can see that the company and Jowan actually exist also sites that end in ".org" are usually credible.

    6. They also can be used to store emergency contact details, social media profiles or e-tickets for events and rail journeys within Sweden.

      This Is cool but I also think it is dangerous because unlike money and credit cards if someone wants to steel them from you they can take them without harming you. But the chip is in your hand so you will be harmed.

    7. also

      (Also) is used in this sentence to tell there is more to know; that the chip can be used for more things.

    8. he

      Proper noun use for Jowan Osterlund who is getting help from other medical professionals to ease his workload.