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  1. Jun 2017
    1. Last full screen image within project narrative should not animate. Currently they slide in. Please update across all projects.

  2. www.sblm.com www.sblm.com
    1. Please add font-weight:900 to every text item on the website. Current stroke is too thin.

  3. May 2017
  4. www.sblm.com www.sblm.com
    1. Create SEO Plan with new Marketing Director

      • Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to each page
      • Distinguish former website data from new website data
      • Submit Sitemap to search engines once content has been vetted for SEO
    2. SBLM People Ideas Work Contact

      On Hover animation should fade in, not swipe from top

    3. Implement Radio Button's

      • Stop slideshow when clicked, resume after 5 seconds
      • Simulatenously, change Studio H2 opacity to 1.0 and reveal H3 as inline element stacked right, maintaining height dimension of H3 ( background:white, color:black)
      • H3 A element is project name and allows user to jump directly to project