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  1. Dec 2020
    1. Losing your self can set you free.

      Vague statement. I'd like to see this reformulated as something more disprovable; a more tangible claim.

      I know Eminem would agree. I'm not sure Jung would agree.

    1. Hi there!

      Hi from Hypothes.is!

      I'd love to see a more interactive web, where we can collaborate on knowledge through public web pages & comments. Hypothes.is facilitates this.

    1. Roam can’t host code or generate anything dynamic. You can’t build interfaces (yet) inside of Roam, or calculate anything. You can write LaTeX, but it’s clunky, and you can’t use code to generate LaTeX instead of writing it by hand.
      • idea: technical subsystem with good naming & versioning. Example: clojure code published as maven artifact. group+project+version+namespace+name == piece you can pull out.
        • We could layer a system like Roam on top of a technical knowledge base. We just need foreign linking to work.
        • ... but I accept the stronger statement of "backlinks are useful from the inside of code bases too". I just think it's really expensive to fracture in tooling. Literate programming can be amazing, but it's hard to get PRs for a repo where all your code is written as literate org-mode tangled into clojure, compiled into an artifact, with home-grown tooling.
    2. The original source for this style of working is Sönke Ahrens’s How to Take Smart Notes. I have 10,000 words of heavily hyperlinked notes on that book at this page in Roam. Give it a skim, and watch my note-taking style morph as I absorb the book.

      ‘It is a huge misunderstanding that the only alternative to planning is aimless messing around.“

      (from https://roamresearch.com/#/app/sritchie/page/Dnlb2ShjX)

      I agree so much with this statement. I've written similar things:


    3. I’m imagining a new style of “literate programming” that feels much more like working in a messy personal notebook, inside the graph of your own mind.
      • YES. This. I want this. I want the feeling of Roam's freedom working with programming systems.
      • I think dependencies and updates is the major challenge. Roam works great in a system where we can always depend on latest. The concepts are stable. In distributed systems, this becomes harder. I refer to something you have written. Then you change what you mean. What happens then?
      • I believe the reason why there's no "official" multiplayer [[Roam Research]] yet. They haven't figured out "stable dependencies / immutable references", and that needs to be in place before it really makes sense to connect your Roam database to mine.
    4. Every function will also be namespaced by its page, and accessible from other pages, not tied to an arbitrary directory structure.
      • If functions are namespaced by their page, and the page has a namespace, does that "double-layer" namespaces? Is there a difference betweeen "page without namespace", "page with namespace", function with namespace given by page"?
      • does this open for collisions between pages and functions? ref "lisp 1 vs lisp 2". does the page with namespace ns (page/ns) conflict with the function on page ns (page/ns)?
    5. Roam Research users are nodding along right now.

      That's right.

    6. dessicated
    7. I’m working on a prototype of what I’m calling a “Dynamic Notebook” that I think could provide an answer. The prototype I’m building is, concretely:

      Woah, that's a broad scope! Essentially, tackle all the hard problems at the same time. [[Rich Hickey]] did some work one "granular function dependencies", I recall. That was about providing stable references, though. Also related to the scope of [[Unison (programming language)]].

  2. Dec 2017
    1. Now reload the usual URL in your browser and repeat the above procedure by modifying the message to be printed in the browser console. As before you'll see that as soon as you save the core.cljs file the CLJS recompilation is triggered. This time, thanks to the boot-reload task, the page is reloaded as well. You can confirm this by seeing if the new message is printed in the browser's console.

      Remember to properly reload your browser. I first tried a normal F5 refresh. My browser didn't reload all the javascript files, which didn't give me the right websocket-port. Refreshing with Ctrl+Shift+R fixed this for me (Vivaldi 1.13).

  3. Oct 2017
    1. The most valuable insights are both general and surprising. F = ma for example.

      Why is this surprising? It is a definition. A force is what causes an acceleration.