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  1. Sep 2018
    1. Within the context of this study, OER refer to free, open textbooks, which replaced previously adopted expensive, traditional, commercial textb

      suggests that OERs replace traditional textbooks or purchased resources, thus is there any relationship to any pedagogical change related to the use of OERs?

    1. Like the art industry, art history has not done enough to diversify its student and faculty demography. Few students of colour earn the doctoral degrees now expected by most museums for entry-level curatorial positions.

      How do we create piplines to encourage POC students to enter this profession? Eliminate internship and hiring practices that prohibit individuals with limited incomes from pursuing this career path!

    2. The power of that scene in Black Panther lies in its critique of Western museums as symbols and products of colonialism and repositories of empire’s loot.

      Distinguish the institution's culpability in colonialism and cultural appropriation, versus the individual's desire to share ideas, knowledge, and history--including (assumed) the critique of colonializing practices of the institutions.

    3. once the argument congealed around the question of a white woman being appointed to tell the story of African people, it ceased to be about curatorial diversity, and turned into a battle for African heritage, about ancestral claims.

      reflects cultural appropriation and telling stories that belong to others from white/european/male art historical perspective

    4. 2015 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation study which found that only four percent of curators in US museums are black
    5. (where I supervised her thesis)