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  1. Feb 2022
    1. efferen

      Efferent neurons, also called motor neurons, are the nerve fibers responsible for carrying signals from the brain to the peripheral nervous system in order to initiate an action. In other words, they are the neurons that tell your body to perform an action, such as removing your hand from a hot pan.

    2. afferen

      Afferent neurons, also called sensory neurons, are the nerve fibers responsible for bringing sensory information from the outside world into the brain. Sensory information may involve special senses, such as vision, hearing, smell, or taste, as well as the sense of touch, pain, and temperature. Afferent neurons are typically associated with specialized sensory receptors that are classified according to the stimuli they respond to.

    3. -indeed some physicists think the universe as a whole is a digital compute

      elon musk simulation looking asses

    4. . If you define 'machine' broadly enough, then terrestrial creatures including human beings could count as machines, and the question would be trivialized

      descartes looking ass

    5. Introduction

      Start of Turing

    6. burgeonin

      beginning to grow

    7. unctionalism,

      Functionalism is the doctrine that what makes something a thought, desire, pain (or any other type of mental state) depends not on its internal constitution, but solely on its function, or the role it plays, in the cognitive system of which it is a part.

    8. epiphenomenalism

      the view that mental states are caused by physical events in the brain, but have no effects upon any physical events.

    9. Hottentots

      Hottentot is a term that was historically used to refer to the Khoekhoe, the non-Bantu speaking indigenous nomadic pastoralists of South Africa.

    10. slugabeds

      One inclined to stay in bed out of laziness.

    11. 'nomological

      nomology refers to a "science of laws" based on the theory that it is possible to elaborate descriptions dedicated not to particular aspects of reality but inspired by a scientific vision of universal validity expressed by scientific laws



    1. Kviečiame padainuo visiems Vytautoi Kernagio dainą „MŪSŲ DIENOS KAIP ŠVENTĖ“

      Kviečiame padainuo visiems -sm. pause- Vytautoi Kernagio dainą „MŪSŲ DIENOS KAIP ŠVENTĖ“

    2. dirbai


    3. 7

      septintu, penkiuoliktu

    4. 1959

      tukstantis devinisimtai penkesdesimt deventuju spalio septiniuolikta d.

    5. klebonas prelatas Briška

      Brisk-a klebonas - priest

    6. 50


    7. r visi jie

      cheerfully as though "and all of them!"

    8. kamienas


    9. vedančiaisiais

      vedanciaisiais - soft e syllable

      harsher pronunciatiation on "ciai" in vedan-ciai-sias

    10. choreografė


    11. pradeda

      This is when we get on stage.

    12. padėka mokyklos direktorei Vidai Rupšienei

      teks apkabinti arba pabuciuot ant zando -turbut viskas beeiles ir iskarto kol dar pluoja zmones

    13. dirbi ir dirbsi savo darbą.

      Istarti puskitine sakni kiekvieno zodzio(ne-ra svar-bu, ko-kiais lai-kais, ko-kiems), ir taisingai istarti "dirbai, dirb, ir dirbsi"

    14. palikėjimus



    1. intertheoretic identity

      intertheoretic reduction occurs when a reducing theory makes predictions that perfectly or almost perfectly match the predictions of a reduced theory,



  2. Jan 2022
    1. inter alia

      among other things

    2. f polio had been present, but in which the virus had been absent, had turned out not to be cases of polio at all.

      oh i think weve heard this argument already... lets see

    3. names of diseases.

      ok, wierd one to choose, but im listening

    4. here is nothing to these so-called "mental" events and entities but certain processes in our all-too-material heads.


    5. concomitant

      naturally accompanying or associated.

    6. certainly to the advantage of the progress of scientific knowledge that these imitation jewels in the coffer of scientific problems

      jesus.. what a roast

    7. venerable

      accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character.

    8. This thesis frequently encounters a strong opposition arising from the idea that such analyses violently and considerably reduce the richness of the life of mind or spiri
    9. fortiori

      A Latin term meaning literally 'from [the] stronger'. Translated into English and used in the particular context of legal writing, the term often means 'from [the] stronger [argument]'.

    10. It is in exactly the same way that abbreviating symbols are introduced into the language of physics

      literal abbreviations XD

    11. hypothesi

      yo? my man hypothe.is ? (o (o )

    12. men can feign

      fake it

    13. he physical test sentences of which you speak are absolutely incapable of formulating the intrinsic nature of a mental process;

      Thankfully, we'll see our author argue a point I was hoping would be brought up

    14. evincing

      reveal the presence of

    15. n the case of your own states of mind (and unlike the case of states of your own brain), however, you are in a position to observe what no one else could observe-or at any rate, not directly observe. (Others might be said to observe your states of mind indirectly by observing effects of these on your behavior or on instruments scanning your brain.)
    16. A view of this kind worries materialists (or 'physicalists') who are skeptical of the existence of imma-terial Cartesian egos.

      In philosophy, physicalism is the metaphysical thesis that "everything is physical", that there is "nothing over and above" the physical, or that everything supervenes on the physical.