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  1. May 2022
  2. www.literacyworldwide.org www.literacyworldwide.org
    1. LiDA101 This page provides a great explanation of how the semantic differences of skills, and literacy and proficiency are experience in real life and why it is important to acknowledge the difference when it comes to teaching and learning goals and outcomes.

  3. Sep 2020
  4. www.literacyworldwide.org www.literacyworldwide.org
    1. Teaching digital literacy does not mean teaching digital skills in a vacuum, but doing so in an authentic context that makes sense to students. It means teaching progressively rather than sequentially, which helps learners understand better and more clearly over time.

      There should be gradual introduction of digital literacy in the learning process as students have different levels and means of understanding and translating and relating meaning. As living in the real world is not a linear process, living in the digital world and embracing its different literacy needs needs rather a continuous process of varying depth of understanding.

  5. May 2019
  6. Feb 2019
    1. Individuals who operate effectively in our culture have already been considerably "augmented."

      I suppose this is digital literacy. Some individuals are more literate than others - more augmented than others - but society as a whole has been augmented as well. Man and his tools.

  7. Aug 2018
    1. Digital Fluency

      Another version of the most ambiguous element of our modern edtech lexicon. Fluency, literacy, what do we want to call it and how is it defined? Not to get morbid, but people dying is likely our hope towards this concept stabilizing (surely just in time for something equally confusing to crop up).

  8. Apr 2017
    1. These events transpired while algorithms and echo chambers may have ensured that individuals did not read the same information as their next door neighbor

      Micro-targeting is the way of the future for advertising anything - how do we push back?

  9. Mar 2017
  10. Oct 2016