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  1. Nov 2018
    1. Create opportunities to apply knowledge immediately after a video.

      I really liked this idea and I have already applied it to my upcoming online lesson plan for an online course.

  2. Feb 2017
    1. A reflective writing technique that encourages personal reflection, provides opportunities for all voices to be heard, and leads to deeper, more thoughtful conversations

      Shared Writing: This seems particularly useful for online conversations that are asynchronous, as it is based on reading statements, commenting on them, and passing the comments around.

    2. Hatful of Quotes

      Like this one, particularly if quotes are well-chosen, especially in a larger group that otherwise has not done much reading/thought about questions of privilege, discrimination, and marginalized experiences.

    3. circLE oFobJEcts

      I like this activity if the aim is to make personal connections and get to know the individuals involved in a learning group. As a result, probably best for a small group. Requires some preparation as participants have to be asked to bring an object to the meeting.

    4. 80Identity Groups

      Interesting activity. Question: Is this useful in a larger group, or only in a smaller group? The calling-out portion enables people to participate without talking, which accommodates larger numbers; but the exposure can be intimidating – particularly for students, who then may just stay put. Maybe start with "easy" identity groups – sports team supporters? – that people are willing to show? Or would this undermine what the conversation should be about?

      The discussion portion may get out of hand in a larger group; may need subgroup formation.