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  1. Jan 2023
    1. I mean people suggested that you could replace  legal contracts with small contracts which are   programs that are built on the blockchain and  that's usually accompanied with the phrase coder's   law this is a smart contract and this is a legal  contract these two things aren't the same right   you can't have law be enacted by computer code  because law inherently requires third parties   to assess evidence intentions and a bunch of  other variables that you just can't Outsource

      Fundamental difference between legal contracts and "smart contracts"

      Legal contracts are subject to judgement of evidence and intention. "Code as law" can't do that.

  2. Oct 2022
    1. An oracle is a conventional program which runs off the blockchain and which periodically publishes information about the world onto the blockchain. The problem is trust. Using an oracle turns your clever blockchain program into a fairly pointless appendage to the much more important (and subjective) conventional program: the one which is interpreting the world and drawing conclusions.

      Almost all smart contracts require an oracle

      The oracle becomes the trusted centralized entity that advocates wanted to be removed. Can you trust the oracle? Can the oracle be subverted...even for just a short time needed to execute an encoded contract program on the blockchain?

  3. Aug 2022
    1. It was first unveiled during a multimillion dollar heist which led to a hard fork of Ethereum. Reentrancy occurs when external contract calls are allowed to make new calls to the calling contract before the initial execution is complete.

      Reenter attack - The DAO. Basically withdrawal calls before the end of initial execution.

  4. Jun 2022
    1. Open educational resources (OERs) are fungible functional units used in education by both educators and students

      OERs on Ethereum

  5. Mar 2021
    1. ransformative economic model for artists via NFT contracts. This is perhaps my favorite advantage of all — the ability for artists to automatically gain a percentage of every sale of their work in the secondary market in perpetuity. I mean, can you imagine!? Artists can evolve from getting ~50% of the initial acquisition price of their work in a gallery to a new world where they get 80%+ (depending on marketplace they use) of the proceeds on their initial sale plus 10–15% of every secondary sale forever! Imagine the families of artists anywhere receiving residuals for generations much like the world's greatest bands as their work continues to grow in value and trade hands. F----ng transformative.

      Agrees that it is the smart contract residual % payment royalty aspect that is the most powerful aspect of NFTs

      heard from some others though that you can do off chain transactions of the NFT to get around this ?

  6. Sep 2020
  7. Sep 2019
    1. Expert Smart Contract Development Guide for 2019

      What is a smart contract?

      For those of you who don’t know, a smart contract is a self-executing contract that digitally facilitates, verifies and enforces the agreed terms between two or more parties.

  8. Sep 2017