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  1. Sep 2022
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      This is true since I can relate to this because I once only cared about getting the question answered, the word count, sentences and correct grammar before submitting my written work. However, that has changed in me because know I feel that I can dig deeper with my writing and be able to connect to the audience I am addressing to.

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      Understanding your goal as a writer is really important. In order to so you have to know your audience, topic, your connection to the topic you're writing about and background research. Without these key pieces it would be hard to be a more reflective writer.

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      I agree because like trying to go to the gym daily to stay healthy and fit, writing in a way is similar because with practice you can get better with it. Without consistent practice there won’t be any beneficial progress for us writers.

  2. Nov 2018
    1. Educational Technology Leadership and Practice in Higher Education: The Emergence of Threshold Concepts

      This article explores how technology has become the new standard for higher education and this new standard has created a need to develop new concepts on how to view a subject. Additionally, methods to use educational technology resources are described. Rating: 5/5

  3. Feb 2018
    1. “A threshold concept can be considered as akin to a portal, opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something.” (p. 1)

      Definition of Threshold Concept

    2. They proposed the idea based on a round of interviews with economics faculty members.

      Does this then "infect" other Bounded Spaces with Economic concepts? In other words, this idea of "Threshold concepts" works for Economics, but maybe profoundly changes other disciplines into something other than what they are?