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  1. Jan 2016
    1. massive advances in Open Educational Resources

      Some may be surprised to hear about OERs in a post about proprietary technology, especially since this was before iBooks Author allowed the creation of ePUB3 books.

    1. The *.iba file is completely transparent and accessible.

      Oh? Knew it was somewhat similar to ePub in structure, but thought it was the Office-style “open but not quite” format.

    2. multi-touch format books

      Ah, therein lies the crux of the problem. “Multi-touch” is what sets iBooks apart from other formats (despite the fact that the ePub format allows for the same exact type of interaction).

    3. the iBooks Store can be thought of as a feature of iBooks Author

      Not so sure everyone thinks of it this way. Aren’t some publishers converting their stuff from other formats to iBooks without using iBA?

    4. deconstructed and re-created

      Sounds like a time-consuming process, but maybe there’s value in chunking the content to be adapted to diverse contexts.

    5. Deliver functionality allowing “backward-compatible” EPUB conversion of existing multi-touch format books. 

      May be challenging because of the restrictions placed on ePub, but it’s an interesting thought.

    6. a consistent high-end user experience for multi-touch format books created by iBooks Author

      aka ePub3?

    7. as the software that defines digital content creation for the next decade.

      Nostalgia for Aldus/LaserWriter phase of the DTP Revolution?

    8. unlike Adobe DPS, Inkling, or some other would-be competitors…it’s free.

      And unlike Calibre, it’s “free with purchase” and not “free as in speech” or even, really, “free as in beer”.

    9. was such a zealot that he single-handedly forced the shutdown of a would-be iBooks Author competitor.

      Oh? Sounds anticompetitive…