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  1. Jul 2021
    1. Wikilinks are great because they allow for very easy linking: you just [[link it as you go along]], then the link either works (because someone wrote that node/article/resource already) or you can click through and backfill it. I call this procedure link-driven writing. Whenever there is more than one [[node]] with a given wikilink in an Agora (typical use case: notes kept on a certain topic by different users), the Agora will surface all of them when resolving the wikilink in question.

      What if browsers could allow the user to click and choose the resolving resource for a wikilink in much the way that they allow one to choose their search provider? Then one might have the option to choose between the [[agora]] or their own personal wiki for the search?

  2. Mar 2021
    1. I gave a talk back in Oct 2019 about #opensource licensing evolution.A good time to reflect about what you want from your software and your licenses.

      the style [[entity]]: url could help to make the reader aware of the canonical entity for the talk. this makes it easier to remember/share. That's what I'm thinking of using more often when linking general urls.