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  1. Feb 2014
    1. they sent Pactyes away to Mytilene

      Pactyes is shuffled between cities and islands. He is sent to Mytilene who will eventually barter him to new captors. Mazares still wants him back to answer for his crimes and rebellion against Cyrus.

    2. The men of Cyme, then, sent to Branchidae to inquire of the shrine what they should do in the matter of Pactyes that would be most pleasing to the gods; and the oracle replied that they must surrender Pactyes to the Persians.

      1.158 the Cymeans consult the oracle at Branchidae before they decide whether or not to give up Pactyes, their prisoner and suppliant, back to Mazares and the Achaemenids.

    3. he sent messengers to Cyme demanding that Pactyes be surrendered.

      Mazares sends a message to the Cymeans to negotiate the return of Pactyes the rabble-rouser.