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  1. Feb 2014
    1. either Bias of Priene or Pittacus of Mytilene (the story is told of both) came to Sardis

      1.27. In what is presumably an apocryphal story, one of the Seven Sages of Greek tradition visits Croesus (the fact that the story is told with both Bias and Pittacus makes it even more likely to be apocryphal).

    2. Then Mazares sent a message to Mytilene demanding the surrender of Pactyes, and the Mytilenaeans prepared to give him, for a price;

      1.160 Pactyes is finally traded back to his Achaemenid pursuers.

    3. they sent Pactyes away to Mytilene

      Pactyes is shuffled between cities and islands. He is sent to Mytilene who will eventually barter him to new captors. Mazares still wants him back to answer for his crimes and rebellion against Cyrus.